Wednesday, April 17, 2024

State of the Oceans - April 17, 2024 -- Heat pulses settling down

 The big news is that seasonal change is killing our big 'Heat Pulsar' south of the equator.

The sneaky 'undercurrent' seems to be cutting off.  

The big red blob is slowly giving up pulsing a deeper red, which jacks up the world temps, and makes the warmies happy.

The southern season is peaking.  You can see the effect the blob had on our weather last year.  The blob is in its death throes. 

The pulses of the Arctic correlate exactly with the 'heartbeat pulses' of the blob, and now everything is settling to being darn cold.  

I can see with the ocean currents that the Gulf Stream wants to wander back to Spain.  However, the ocean temperatures are not yet reflecting this.  They take quite a while to change.  The UK can look forward to much cooler temperatures.

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