Saturday, April 20, 2024

Arctic temperatures descend back to below the 80's

 And maybe the 40's.

All the big pulses of heat are gone, and the Arctic descends to 1940.  However, if you want hope for heat, seek the influencers.  

We must all switch to cold gardening.  I'm planting lots of peas this year.  The tomatoes go under crop covers.  No peppers.  Lots of kale.  A good chance for the apples to fail.

We are now in an ice cycle.  These temperatures are going down fast, so the question is whether we get colder than the 70's, which was our last 'cold decade cycle'.  I am generally inclined that we are busting through this and going to the '300 year cycle'.  In that cycle, the Pacific and Atlantic belts turn off.  

We won't read about the cold in the media, except maybe Australia.  This summer, the media will continue to go after 1 day heat waves.  Always lots of those.  And flash floods, like Dubai.  All good influencer reading.  I'm going to need to chop lots of wood for the summer hut.

ps. it's snowing in Toronto right now.  Big snowstorm coming in May....

ps.  going with the influencers will give you hot and cold, drought and flooding.

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