Monday, April 29, 2024

Northern Hemisphere -- cold and miserable

 I just mentioned pneumonia-land out in the northern ocean, but Toronto is just as bad.  

All the UK papers have the headlines - "Why is it so cold and miserable?" and the papers respond with the best AI-written stuff you can get.  That AI makes life so much better!  All the young people are using it to fill pages for old men to read.  They don't read.

My MIMIC charts are mucked because they don't want people to see that we have no Pacific tropical plumes doing anything.

We are going into another big plunge with the tropics.  That wonderful surge of heat from last year is gone, and the black line will go under it.  We could always get another one, you never know.

If you go by the influencers, then 'El no-no is fading'  Ha!  This parrot is dead!  They'll call all the blue on the Pacific equatorial belt a new La Ninny, but, in reality, those old cycles are have gone to cycle-heaven.  

That phoney el-nono was just a very little return stream that was only a few metres thick, enough to fool the sat view, like a Russian turtle tank.  In physics-reality speak, we have entire Antarctic ocean pouring in a quenching the Pacific.  This is an ice cycle.

But, keep following the influencers, and don't go outside.  You'll shiver to your bones.

ps.  I'm frozen for standing outside.  Here's a chance to find the asperagus!

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