Tuesday, April 30, 2024

South Asia heat wave - hear today, gun tomorrow

 This is amazing, the CBC reads me!  I was making fun of them, only doing day-long heat waves, and they responded by putting 'weeks long' in their headline.  Wow!

They sure got me!  Now, would they want to look at the specific physics mechanism of this heat wave?  or just do the usual 'clange'.

If we want to do mechanisms, I will relent that this is a major heat wave, even though they are brushing shoulder to shoulder with the equator.  It gets hot.

Just look at this sucker!  They got 'Greenland White' but it's on the other end of the scale.  And India, too, a narrow band, when everybody else is cooler.  Can clange, like God, go down to such resolution?  Aren't they both looking at us 'From a Distance"?

Yes people, Clange aka God, has initiated a specific mechanism to achieve this oddity.

The wind is rolling in a narrow band right over the Great Red Hot Spot.  It zooms right over the ocean and hits SE Asia and India.  Indonesia is getting cool air.  So, Indonesia got the 'one-day' treatment.

Luckily, this is a ridiculously narrow wind channel.  It was heavier over Asia this morning.  This is very unstable, and I suspect it will be gone tomorrow.  Nice to know that Clange (god) works through physics.  Even though the CBC reads me, they won't publish this.  If the heat leaves, then all the media leaves.  On to the next one-day heat wave.

ps. this is very hard evidence, and the best I can get with the whole 'no physics boycott', of the groupthink.  I believe the guy is going to produce continuous video of the wind stream, and we can all watch the heat wave.  Unless, they get to him.

ps.  about the title.  I only have one reader who will appreciate the pun.  We hear about it today, but when it is gone tomorrow, they'll use the gun to kill the story, and we'll never hear about it again.

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