Thursday, April 4, 2024

Taiwan aces the earthquake


I can't find any details, so we'll have to go with that.  They did a great job, la la.  That is always the conclusion when they hide everything.  Taiwan was my hero with their Chi-chi earthquake -- so much information.  This one is closed like Japan's nuclear plants.

Do they do this on purpose?  Is there a security issue with China?  Who knows.  I think they did a terrible job with mass destruction at 40 cm/s.  But I'm the only one in the world.  On the other side of the island, it was only about 20 cm/s, and they go on about their damper system for tall buildings.  Please.

Since the M9 does not want to rip up the rest of the coast, I shall say good-bye to this story.  We didn't learn a thing.  On to the next earthquake!

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