Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Drama on the street again

 We get more drama on our street because there is the chance of big drug operations across the road.  Everybody parks here.  Even the police conducting raids.

In today's soap opera, a very skinny girl has an argument with this guy, and in a flash of action, she snatches away his car keys.  Then she dangles them in front of him and walks calmly down the road.  Please note that the wind chill is -5C, and she has bare stork legs.  

He then chases here in the world's slowest chase since OJ.  He looks a bit 'under the weather' and he drops a hockey puck.  She may have had reason to snatch the keys.  I am not looking to see who comes back alive.

ps. right now, the police were leading the werewolf away in handcuffs.  I assume the pixie got away.  This was far away for my old eyes.

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