Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Media finally declares the Death of El Nino


This is a refreshing article.  They even use the charts that nooa fears to use.

But now, perhaps quicker than expected, El Niño is gone.

A nice quote.  They are being polite.

US researchers recently said there was 60% chance of a La Niña developing between June-August, and an 85% chance of this happening by Autumn.

But the Australian Bureau say such statements such be treated with caution. They expect neutral conditions to last until at least July.

That might indicate that the record temperatures experienced over the past year were something of a mystery, and not evidence that the world has moved into a more rapid phase of warming.

Wow, this is the most powerful statement that the media has made.  Are they tired of the 'Never-ending Story"?

ps.  I am so impressed.  Perhaps this is the start of a campaign to fund physics, to look at the 'mystery'.


Anonymous said...

De hummin Peter

Harold Asmis said...

You didn't say anything. I am so happy the Australians are coming on board. They can launch balloons and put the 'two n's' in their place...

Harold Asmis said...

Of course, they are so damn polite, like Jane Austen. We realize, Sir, that you may be incapacitated with your intellectual faculties.