Monday, April 1, 2024

When large companies contract out - Part 1

 Something came out on the old company, and I have to write this to purge it from my mind.

Large companies like Boeing get 'old company disease'.  This only matters if you don't have a total monopoly like apples.  The main symptoms are that everybody gets 'tired'.  You have a commie union, and the bureaucracy has deformed to accommodate it, mainly by getting bloated.

Then, some bright power-monger decides that the solution to all their problems is to contract out.  I think that works well for garbage collection, but not things that require thinking on your feet.

The main problem is that the internal technical staff have a culture that is undocumented.  And the power people treat that as being 'troublesome'.

--to be continued (maybe)

ps.  ha, purged too quickly from my brain.  It's basically a story of corporate stupidity and who needs more of that?

ps abstract of 'loose bolts in an airplane'

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