Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Declaring buildings fit for use after earthquake

 This will be Taiwan's greatest problem.  The tilted buildings are obvious, they have to be demolished.  But what about the buildings just outside that zone?  Are you going to let the people back in?  All those tilted buildings look undamaged, and the non-tilted buildings would look better.

This is the big problem with earthquake engineering, which has drifted from physics, through fantasy.  That's because the shake table was 'verified' through a series of assumptions treated as legal facts.  This is exactly the same as clange.  

This earthquake has exactly the same ground motions as Chile, and Christchurch, and nothing has been learned for application.  Nothing will be learned from this earthquake.  The designs for the tilted buildings was perfect for a shake table test.  Too bad that is the wrong physics.

I'll go quiet on this now.  I won't work through the Taiwan numbers, like I did with the others.  The influencers will go on influencing.  There is big money in that, but no money for the Scientific Method.  Sad.

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