Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Pacific hot spot is a giant organ pipe

 This is physics at its finest.  It should be splashed all over, but won't be.  The tiniest bit of 'myth busting' physics blows the whole groupthink.  

We have huge pulsing of the Great Red Spot, and it shows on the charts.

We can see this in the video of April.

During the month, the spot goes from mild to heavy a few times.

This is due to an incredible organ pipe feed.  Organ pipes, like whistles, have an air stream flowing over a knife edge.  The biggest physics mistake that the old company made on the 'fuel channel organ pipes' was to just look at the resonance.  They tried to 'detune' the pipes.  However, the severe effects, such as a very loud sound from the pipe or whistle, is due to the feedback of the knife edge.  It wobbles back and forth due to the back pressure, and tunes with the resonance.

We have it here with the ocean currents.  The knife edge is a formation of islands.  Right now, we have a full scoop of the return current into the red spot.  A little back pressure and the scoop stops.  This will all end with a little reconfiguration, due to the seasonal change.  Enjoy it while you can.

ps.  this is an original insight.

ps.  in a previous post, I noted how the Australians and the BBC were debunking the 'el no-no' cycle.  Did you notice how Australia is now off the map?  Did you see any more articles?

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