Sunday, April 28, 2024

Iceland - warmest April in a long time

 Yeah, for Iceland.  It is surrounded by warm-ish water of the Gulf Stream.  This warm water is retracting rapidly, just look at the UK.

My young folks have just returned from a trip to Iceland.  They have cheap flights out of Hamilton that are sucking in the super-cheapo tourists.  Not so fun when they get there.  Prices are 3-4 times of Canada.  These kids had fun in BC with constant rain, but Iceland got them sick with cold, high winds and rain.

I would wait a bit before going there.  They have a ton of automatic fines to catch tourists.  Instead of erecting huge walls at famous view spots (like Japan), they use cameras to charge for parking at them.  Those spots are fairly empty, so it is working.

Large outdoor swimming pools heated by hot springs, no chlorine and they give tourists infections.  Not the greatest trip for them, and they are now very sick.

All the countries are going full anti-tourist.  I really wonder where to go next.

ps.  the kids got Covid #12

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