Saturday, April 27, 2024

Antarctic Ozone Hole larger than ever


We do have a funny situation.

Here, we show that the ozone hole is larger than ever, and they say the penguins are getting sun burn, or maybe cataracts.  Such horror!  Doom for all!

Does this mean they were totally wrong about their first 'explanation'.  I've said that all along, that their vaunted reaction cannot take place.  Now, this would be a time for them to go back to the drawing board, and say 'My Bad'.  But no, they can never say they were wrong.  It would destroy them.

Instead, they are coming up with a totally new explanation that it was Australian wild fires.  Unfortunately, this explanation won't work next year (because the place is now a swamp).  The fires are good, because then they can claim it's all due to climate change.  When the Arctic hole is bigger than ever, we can blame Canadian wild fires.  They burn every year.

Nobody in the world complains when they make up this stuff.  It's all 'oooh and aaaah!".  I am happy for them, and I won't debate them on this point.  The world thinks that debate is the ultimate guide for truth, and I won't debate that.  

So, contribute to the Gofunnyme fund for sunglasses for penguins.  Why not have protests at universities?  This is great stuff.

ps. and so, the Truth descends on the people:  "We can have many explanations, they are all true."  And the people saw that this was good.


Anonymous said...

So true and so depressing! De Peter

Anonymous said...

Hummin P— agreed-science is not debate!