Friday, April 5, 2024

Earthquake M5 -- New Joisey


Yeah, I'm going there next month!  Let the earthquakes rattle!  

What people don't realize with that giant bridge collapse is that earthquakes are a dime a dozen on the East Coast.  We just haven't had them for a while.  Maybe the earthquake fairies are coming back?  Neat, just as I tire of of clange.  That bridge was a classic earthquake collapse, simulated by a ship.

The story of eastern earthquakes is a pathetic one.  This was my job once, looking at the earthquake hazard (and risk) of earthquakes for nuclear plants.  There was once a lot of money, and the us-gus stayed out of the whole area.  That left it open for the mom&pop operators.  Then, there was no money.

That's why this only deserves a single digit rating on magnitude - no coverage.  Especially no strong ground motion.  When we put in Ontario seismic monitoring, I insisted on wide-band coverage, so we would have some good velocities (pgv).

We'll get nothing on this earthquake, and the us-gus still doesn't have a clue about our earthquakes.  That's why I was in such a clash with them on the fracking Okie earthquakes, if an ant can bother an elephant.

Lots of good doomer stories coming with this earthquake.  Everybody wants money.

Don't bother to look for any more posts on this earthquake - no information.

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