Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gods of Carbon Warming -- True PR expertise

“Scientists speaks science,” Thompson said. “Society does not.”

Wow, read this bio.  Such power, she teaches PR.  I believe every word she says, until I find I'm hungry again. 

I've done so many of these now because everybody is out in force for the cold weather.  Their basic point is that this cold is a short term blip caused by Arctic warmth chasing out the cold air and spilling it over us.  In a few days, we'll have the global temps, and this will be ignored.  Anyway, I can sleep happy, knowing that such people are in charge.  :)

Ocean currents - Jan 30, 2019

Ocean currents are the super-long term forecast of warmth and weather.  Oceans carry 99% of the heat energy around the world.  The hot, moist air plumes are generated by ocean heat, and give the North a smattering of heat.

The big news will be the ocean water temperatures, which are affected by ocean currents.

This may have not been adjusted in the south, since the fed strike.  But we can still see the big heat blob in the south Atlantic.

I can see a lot of the warm water breaking south, but it might only be 50%, or less.  I would expect it to be 80% for a major ice age.

The Gulf Stream is being cut up by the powerful northern current, produced by increasing ice volume.  You can see the little stub on the temp chart.  The UK weather performers still haven't mentioned this.  They are obsessed with a dancing jet stream.

The Pacific has lost the upper return current and all heat energy is moving south.  I can see a lot of hot water diving south.

This all has the fun result that we can expect a cold N. Hemi. for the next year or two.  More likely 20 years.  These ocean currents can turn on a dime, but they set up for long periods of time.

ps.  I've been writing a bit too much lately.  It's because of the cold and all the desperate attempts to laugh it off.  The warmies are going into new territory, namely going against the physics that is freely available.  Before, they just stopped any new physics being done.  If the cold continues, I can't wait to see the new stories.

Arctic Ozone 'Hole' exactly the same since 1979


There is still time yet for it to be worse, as with the Antarctic, but we have to wait for the annual summary.  Then they will say 'it could have been a lot worse' if we didn't trash all the air conditioners for a trillion dollars.  Melting all that steel in China, boosted air pollution and killed millions more than just leaving it alone.

So, the exercise for readers is to look at the January averages since 1979, and see if there is any difference.  I generally expect it to get a lot bluer as the Arctic ice becomes thick.  Then it will officially be 'the worst ever', but 'not as bad as it could have been'.  :)

Gods of Global Warming - Cold is the new Warm


Yeah, another 'explanation' on why we are freezing our collective rears, while in reality it's getting warmer.

You have to read this, I couldn't.  It's another 'just so' story, spun out by a great writer.  It seems different than the others, but it has a common thread of no measurements.  I just got the new ocean currents, but I'll wait for today's.

ps.  Here's the nasa imagination.

And here's reality.

The Arctic is happy at -30, which it has been for a while now.  Freezing ice keeps it at -25 to -35

pps, oh and I had to add this Grand Stupidity.

As you know, I'm pushing for Canada to lead the world with methanol fuel cells and super-capacitors, but, unfortunately, no brains in the place.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The fun use of trends


I just saw this, with a dramatic headline.  I was looking at the current ice report.

Isn't that headline scary?  Now, look at their trend.

Holy crapola, batman!  That's a horrible downward trend!  This year will pump it up even more.  Everybody should be so sad.

ps.  Yeah, we are getting ice age references.

Make your house healthy for the ice age

I had a nice UV air filter and we were healthy.  Then the stupid ballast burned out and we became sick as dogs this year.  Isn't that a great correlation?  Don't you just absolutely believe it?

But I am serious about UV C on titanium oxide.  That makes a house smell like fresh sunshine on white sheets.  Lots of papers on how it removes viruses and fungal stuff.  I think it has good physics.

But these home air filters are made like a Tesla3, no quality, and they are unfixable.  I made a couple of attempts to get the bulb going again, but failed.  Then I found a 13W UV sterilizer compact fluorescent bulb on Ammie.  I'm not going to give any more hints than that, because these things are dangerous.

They can burn your eyes out, but they take about 5 minutes to warm up, so you can be careful.  I put this inside the air filter and it works great.  All these air filters have expensive super-thick filters that are useless.  I substitute with a single layer of electrostatic filter cloth, sold as a hammock filter.

Now I'm doing another filter.  Take out the ridiculous huge filter.  Buy some 'titania white' acrylic paint from ammie and coat the inside.  Titanium oxide is the best UV filter and will protect the paint.  I just use a pig light bulb socket and put in a new cord.  That way I don't have to blow the air filter to pieces like I did with the other one.

This will give you beautiful air.  You can just breath it in all day.  There may be a bit of ozone produced, but that's produced, as well, on a sunny day.  I wouldn't go all nuts about it like some people do.  You can tell if there's ozone, it crinkles the nose.  Heavy ozone is deadly, but a touch is quickly consumed by dirt.  It a balance between ozone or fungus.  blah.

ps.  Explanation for Tesla3 joke.  If the quality inspectors are there to put in loose screws, you have a problem.

pps.  No, I am not giving a detailed explanation, this for Super-Master-Fixers.

add:  Funny, I've received two new bulbs and each one burned out right away.  The original bulb is still working fine.

Polar Vortex Sold as a One-Time Thing

Ah, the fine story of the Polar Vortex:  Once upon a time the mean old PV was spinning around the North Pole causing a low pressure zone, and extremely cold temperatures.  He was independent from carbon warming, no carbon got up there, and everybody said it was a warm paradise.  He laughed at the fact that no measurements whatsoever confirmed his existence.  After all, it was a story.

He knew that the World laughed at the concept of "What cannot be measured does not exist."  Wasn't that guy proven wrong with Quantum Mechanics?  If entanglement existed, then he did too.

But as spun his invisible spin, he got dizzy.  Then he tilted over and spilled cold air all over North America.  What the heck?  All the carbon warming people said it was a one-time thing just like earlier years.  It would soon be warm again and lakes wouldn't freeze.  Natural gas speculators certainly believed it.

Since Mr. PV was a creature of fantasy, he was happy, and the world was happy.  No need for physics.

ps.  Fantasy is a powerful force in today's world.  You can't talk anybody out of it, but it eventually destroys the economy, and makes people build things that don't work, like a nuclear power station.  Some computer companies force their young wage slaves to work down in bible country because the rent is cheap.  The place is full of failed enterprises, where all the bright people ran away screaming.  Wage slaves aren't very bright, but they are warm bodies.  Thus, the entire bible belt is emptied of intelligence.  The Big Hair ladies don't care that there are no jobs, they still bother the remaining young people, who are trapped.  Climate fantasy has cost the world economy trillions, but there no hard effect yet.  This fantasy has caused all the US natgas to drain out, so there will be an effect when it stays cold.  Europe is a basketcase with all the climate backlash.  Russia is smiling, so fantasy does have an effect.

pps.  This is a different explanation of Polar Claus, and his gift.  I've read about 5 of them, since it has never been measured, it's fair game for everybody.  The previous explanation stated it was the Lower Polar Vortex, and this one states upper.  Who knows? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mental Illness - Depression

Yeah, we have a big 'Let's talk' thing in Canada.  My experience is with depression, which is just one of the many varieties of mental illness.  Depression is simply diabetes of the mind, with brain serotonin being in short supply.

It has a huge hereditary component, with perhaps 1 in 3 of your kids getting it.  It is often associated with brilliance.  I call myself an 'intellectual depressive', and our family has brilliant people in the same boat.

If you are an IP, then you will a brilliant 20's and mostly 30's.  You will have brainstorms at night that can solve any problem.  You can design the spaceship to Mars.  At 40, however, the brain burns out, and you become angry and violent.  You may start drinking, hitting your kids, etc. 

Drinking is the worst because it destroys serotonin in the brain.  However, you are also hit with great anxiety, and the drinking seems to relax you.  At this point, see a doctor.  A very tiny amount of pills can set you up to be comfortable.  Don't rely on your brilliance any more, and this is what destroys a lot of people.  Go into management.

Some people just want to go to the end, which is suicide.  If you notice this, try to be an intervener.  Men are generally hopeless because they get violent, but women may listen.  With a women, you may have a failed suicide attempt, and she can get help.  Men rarely fail at their first attempt at suicide.

Once somebody is fully addicted to alcohol, cocaine and opiods, I don't give them much hope.  Just cutting off that stuff will kill them.  Don't get to this stage.

Best of luck.

Earthquakes - Noise Testing


Yeah, people are picking up on my idea of noise testing.  However, as usual with engineers, they got the physics wrong.  They are claiming they can add information on the safety of the building 'after the fact', with no pre-testing.  That's bogus.

You need a noise test before and after the big earthquake.  Then you can see if the building has softened.  You get no new information by just testing afterwards.  I'm sorry, people.

Gods of Global Warming - Tail Wags the Dog


I'm glad I found him, the most important missing link.  He is a climate modeler, taking the straight line and putting into computer models.  These are the people that nail together the whole thing.  All his papers have been on how global warming affects the atmosphere in a feedback loop.

Now, he is the authority on how carbon warming is now affecting the ocean currents.

Liu and Chengfei He, a graduate student in Ohio State's atmospheric science program, analyzed model simulations to illustrate how heat is expected to be transferred by the oceans and atmosphere in the near future. The researchers compared the models with historical temperature data from the oceans themselves to paint a clearer picture of how climate change is shifting and will continue to shift these patterns in this century. Their study appears online today (Jan. 28, 2019) in the journal Nature Climate Change.

This is as good as the weather affecting earthquakes and volcanoes.  I can't wait to see how this argument will play out.  I have predicted they will use this to 'explain' global cooling on the charts, and I have dubbed it 'Global Warming Causes Global Cooling'.  It's amazing what you can do with computer models!

ps. More detail for Penny.  I use physics to make a hypothesis that it has been ocean currents all along, that give us these big warming and cooling cycles.  A drop of water contains 4,000 times the heat energy of a drop of air.  The oceans contain millions of times more heat energy than the atmosphere.  Thus, tail wagging the dog.  In order to survive, I have predicted that these people will have to stretch their concept of physics to a ridiculous point.  They must use their super-debaters (not master) to argue that carbon warming causes a false appearance of global cooling.  That the heat is just going deep into the oceans, and will come back 'any day now'.  They will not be bothered that they must change the laws of physics, and assume warm water sinks into cold.  They can argue eloquently that all the physics was done in 1790.  I predict they can hold this position for at least another year.

pps.  OMG, that was a solid 3 feet of snow in the driveway.  My single-throw 6 hp Honda was chugging.  I had to break up the drifts by hand.  The neighbours say that now they will go out and buy a snowblower.  Good luck with that.  Smart people listened to me and got their snowblowers when the stores still had them.

Gods of Global Warming -- Jennifer Francis

She's a pure satellite image reader.  She has lots of papers on the Arctic.


Some scientists—but by no means most—see a connection between human-caused climate change and difference in atmospheric pressure that causes slower moving waves in the air.

"It's a complicated story that involves a hefty dose of chaos and an interplay among multiple influences, so extracting a clear signal of the Arctic's role is challenging," said Jennifer Francis, a climate scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center. Several recent papers have made the case for the connection, she noted.

"This symptom of global warming is counterintuitive for those in the cross-hairs of these extreme cold spells," Francis said in an email. "But these events provide an excellent opportunity to help the public understand some of the 'interesting' ways that climate change will unfold."

She is the #1 pusher of 'Carbon Warming Causes Cold' hypothesis.  We all love her for that...

Her basic point is that warm air pushes out the cold air, and that right now the Arctic is warm, because we have the cold.

Not true, Arctic is very cold right now.

ps.  gotta go out to shovel now.

Monday, January 28, 2019

US natural gas scrapes bottom on forecast of warm February

So, I would ask what is the physics that gives us a warm February?  The physics that gave us a warm December was those regular hot air plumes, generated like a steampunk mechanism in the west Pacific.  Amazing.  I suppose those things could start up again, but we have a heat energy problem.

I won't say anything until all those US gov't employees get off being Uber drivers, and start plotting my ocean currents again.  But I will say something subtle:  NO FRIGGIN' WAY!  No warmth for February.  But, who knows?  The mean old Vortex Split will go away, and everything will be sunshine and roses.

ps.  I'm just slipping this video in here, for no particular reason.  Put up the volume and use it as a screen saver.

Gods of Global Warming -- Logic Flaw!


"The last century of warmth is likely greater than any century prior to this going back 120,000 years," said study leader Simon Pendleton, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado, Boulder's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. [See Stunning Photos of Baffin Island Glaciers]

We have established that our little warming cycle was nothing compared to the Middle Ages warming.  Nobody has been recently planting grapes in Greenland.  Yet, here is a bold statement.

40K years ago we probably had a super-warm interglacial.  period.  We know these things brought Florida weather to Toronto.  That's when these plants had a heyday.  Then they got covered with ice.  We will accept those facts.

Since the last big ice advance, we have been getting warmer, yeah!  Who wants big ice sheets in the backyard?  Look at my driveway right now.

Am I allowed to be happy we're only getting a couple of feet of snow?  Anyway the above findings depend on the rate of retreat, which they cannot determine.  That ice has been retreating for 5,000 years.  During big warming periods, it retreats faster, and it has retreated for this warming cycle.  So, the fresh salad is exposed.  Can you make any other statement?  No, yet they do, just to get in print.  Once again, the PR department is in this, boosting the university.

ps.  this guy is only a phd student, so he does not ascend to a god.

Cornering the rental market


This has happened, for sure.  The interesting thing is how it will play out.  The rents in a hole like Grimsby are ridiculous, and all the properties are vacant.  I remember that a downtown luxury condo was mostly empty.

Cornering means that you have a monopoly on a commodity.  It is a billionaires wet dream.  Just like diamonds, it is worth it to take rental units out of the market.  Then you can choose the rent.

These guys get clean money through rent, but also in price increases.  If prices fall, then they might want to get out, and sell to the banks.  Rents can become so high as to destroy the economy, and then there are no rents.  The big threat to 'cornering' is a huge influx of new units, that they can't buy out.

I'm predicting this will crash like Japan.  We are looking at a 50% fall in prices and rents.  It's ironic that they are afraid of this happening, and, thus, don't increase interest rates.

ps.  local wannabe rich types are thinking of buying from the laundries and just using Airbnb.  However, this train has left the station.  Everybody and their dog will be doing it, which knocks down the fees, and brings up serious gov't and condo-board involvement. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Gods of Global Warming - Dr. Dann Mitchell

He is a pure chartist.  His publications are all 'impact of global warming'.  I have noted him because of media comments.  I really want people from Leeds, but Bristol will do.

Dr Dann Mitchell, at University of Bristol, said a large proportion of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere remains "for thousands of years", and the repercussions of the Met Office forecast "will also be felt for tens of generations".

I especially like the fact he was in on naming the 'Vortex Split'.  That's original thinking!

Mitchell, D, Gray, L, Anstey, J, Baldwin, M & Charlton-Perez, A, 2013, ‘The influence of stratospheric vortex displacements and splits on surface climate’. Journal of Climate, vol 26., pp. 2668-2682

Absolute brilliance.

ps.  brilliance with charisma and semantics.  Anybody who debated with him would be torn to shreds.  And we all know that debates and consensus are the way to scientific truth.

pps.  wow, 6 to 8 inches of snow.  Had to go to the airport this morning with the Camry, and the snow tires were worth the money.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cannabis Progress Check

Two cannabis plants are hiding in the funny grow lighting.  They are now barely showing up over the microgreens.  These will be used as stock for cuttings, which will go directly into soil, with the rooting hormone.  Latest studies show you will save a fortune on Valium. 

Double Whammy of Cold

We've never seen this, mainly because these maps weren't around in the 70's.  Two 'ice cream scoops' are curling at the top of North America and scooping cold air down on us.  This is physics in action!

Right in the middle is our Arctic ice cream.  Enjoy the crisp air, everyone!

And now, I'm off to read how this is all due to soda pop fizz.  Bye...


Wow, -3!!

Friday, January 25, 2019

A fantasy of Space

Let's imagine that the Big Boss of a space company says:  "I had a hallucinating dream of a big spaceship from my childhood.  Make it work.'  Now, the guy who knows physics, says: 'No friggin way!' and is soon gone, or munching cannabis, who knows?

The others say "Yeah, Boss, it's inspired!'.  And the boss proclaims "My girlfriend says we should stand it up in Texas tornadoes, so that all may admire it.'  "Yeah, boss!"

And such is life.  There is a thin edge between brilliance and stupidity.  And we never know how the coin toss went, until years later.

ps.  I say it's absolutely brilliant!  Please leave me alone....

pps.  clarification for youknowwho.  In some places such as the above, there is a super physicsguy or girl.  They aren't narrow, they need broad talents to convince money to stick to physics.  This is very rare, one in a zillion.  However, they are passionate, and I hope he has good drugs.  I saw 'The Silver Thing' and said there was no physics here.  I've said the same to many things, but it takes 20 years for the failures.  So sad.

A cold snap of historic intensity


Model predictions for the intensity of the cold snap range from historic and record-breaking to rather run-of-the-mill for midwinter.

Yeah, these guys are great.  The cause is the polar vortex attacking us.  This is air at 60,000 feet, near vacuum, coming down to thick soup air, and freezing us.  The notorious jet stream is also involved.

As I have said, these villains are ghosts, having no energy themselves, yet they plot nice.

If, for some reason, you believe that only energetic objects can hit us, then there is a another explanation:  no heat in the N. Hemi.  That just makes us all generally cold and sometimes, super cold.

Following energy, as a good physics person would, we find that there is a hot, warm 'super plume' hitting our cold mass of air.  That jiggles it out of place and we find ourselves at 50 below.

If we break records, then we have more confirmation we are in an ice age.  If we still want to go with global warming, we can say that carbon is bringing down the polar vortex and jet stream upon us.  Fantasy is a big seller.

ps.  I'm thinking of ice cream in a bucket.  It sits there until the scoop comes along...

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Big Pacific Plumes Pound Us

The plumes are getting mucky.  This big one about to hit the coast has two combined.  It should hit high and bring down a nice snowstorm.  Since we have no ocean current maps, I don't know what's going on, but they are very weak now hitting the UK.  They should have lots of snow.

ps.  looks like we'll get a flash freeze in Toronto.  Normally, cold air dries up the ice before it freezes but not today.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Current list of Grand Stupidities


I am inspired by the above article.  You just don't do that!  You may know something but you don't get picked up by the main media.  It is best to stay in a tiny world, away from the main powers.

That is why I munge things up for the search engines, and remain vague on many things.  Penny always asks me for clarification, and I muck that up, as well.  I am a satirist, never believed, and I have fun.  Satirists have always survived due to the fact that the Big Thugs don't have any brains, and rely on the brainless media to tell them that somebody is threatening them.

I've decided to stop here.  I'll just list them vaguely, like those fantasy authors who always throw in a confusing prophecy to show how smart they are to know the ending of their own novel.

Grand Conspiracies - nope, only grand stupidities
Trash the air conditioners - ozone
Breathing will kill you -carbon warming
Refurbishing bad physics - Darlington
Injecting frack waste - Oklahoma earthquakes
You can survive with zero tax - The US being funded by China
Elect a Russian agent - Putin's joke
Kill all the billionaires - The Guardian's joke
Dump nuclear waste in karst - Bruce deep waste

ps.  forgot Toronto Housing Market - dead
Toronto Commercial Market - millions of warehouses

pps Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere - stagnant

more:  as to 'reduced scope', it is common practice on big disasters to suddenly set the bar a lot lower (like the ground) and declare a great victory.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cheap funerals


This article was a hoot.  I made my comments, and all the comments are hilarious.

I MADE 'GUARDIAN PICK'!!  Waited a long time for that.

Here's my famous comments and other comments.

hasmis 4h ago
 Guardian Pick

Do we need a coffin? The new trend may be to haul the body off in a sack, cremate with others in an environmentally green manner, and then have a party. I want that.

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adonister  hasmis 3h ago

Ecco bags have been out for a while now. Not sure about the U.K.?

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SallyFourth  hasmis 3h ago

Before my mum dies two years ago, she's left strict instructions that we were give her the cheapest funeral possible. We did have a coffin but it was the cheapest, least grand one going. At £900 for the funeral/cremation and £150 for the wake she would have been very pleased. The funeral director seemed to relish the challenge of doing it as cheaply as possible, he was full of great money-saving ideas.

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SallyFourth  SallyFourth 3h ago


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starlingnl  hasmis 3h ago

> cremate with others in an environmentally green manner

Cremation is bad for the environment by definition.

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hasmis  starlingnl 3h ago

A decomposing body produces methane. Perhaps the next step is to grind the bodies up for our giant dog poop composting plants? Capture the methane to make plastic...

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hasmis  SallyFourth 1h ago

I just looked it up for Toronto. The 'whoosh away' option is $1500 cdn. They don't call themselves 'Uber Dead', more's the pity.

Final death of Big Nuclear


Japan was the last country making the big steel reactor vessels.  But if you read the stories, they were all old men working.  They have died of over-work.

We, the old nuclear guys, are turning over in our graves, or munching cannabis, whatever.  The whole nuclear thing went Big Bureaucracy, with total idiots in charge.  Wait until you see the Darlington bill for a 'reduced scope' of nothing.  But everybody in Ontario will be happy because it's all written by the PR department.

Nuclear was good stuff, but we don't need it in Canada, once the carbon balloon blows up.  Burn carbon for the cities, and generate lots of money with giant Coca greenhouses by the hydro plants up North (replacing bitcoin miners).  No need to lose all the energy with long transmission lines.  A brave new world.  :)

ps.  wait until you see the medicinal effects of Coca Tea!

Pacific plumes are still giving us one day thaws

They are still being generated in the west Pacific and coming over us.  However, they are getting weaker and weaker.  The sea temps are showing a slight uptick in the Gulf of Mexico, but I don't how reliable these things are now.  Ocean currents are still unavailable.

The UK is enjoying Siberian weather, since the plumes are now going straight up.  The Arctic is extremely cold and not melting.

ps.  Yeah, the snow is finally covering up those huge rocks in Scotland.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Gods of Global Warming - Michael Bevis


He is a fine gps guy.  He measures gravity and uplift.  He has worked on faults and plate tectonics.  Now he's into doom and gloom.

However, doom and gloom is not his remit.  I expect the PR department wrote all this to plug the University.  That's why we are in all this non-physics trouble.  PR people have taken over everything.  Anyway, students should go to his university, very glamorous.  

Nice and cold there right now.  And he's not saying anything new.  We have come off a warm cycle and the Arctic ice volume went down the toilet.  That was so yesterday!  I wish people would get off the pot.  :)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ozone hole starts to grow again


The hole in the ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September and October was slightly above average size in 2018, but smaller than expected for the weather conditions. Colder-than-average temperatures in the Antarctic stratosphere created ideal conditions for destroying ozone, NASA and NOAA scientists said, but declining levels of ozone-depleting chemicals prevented the hole from growing as large as it might have been 20 years ago.

Nasa is defending itself.  The ozone hole is growing but 'not as big as it could have been'.  When 'we da north' get a lot colder, they will say 'not as cold as it could have been without carbon'.

The satellite temps show nothing is happening in Antarctica, yet they are saying 'colder than usual' while all the press says that the place is melting.

This is the fun of going without physics, you just have to make up more and more stories.

I was inspired to look by this article.

I made a comment, but haven't looked at all the hate yet.  :)

ps.  extreme cold over Antarctica is melting it.  We now move to the North Pole and find that on the coldest day, that the ozone hole is larger than ever.  Formed in extreme cold.  But the Arctic is melting.

pps.  comments in the guard about how the ozone thing went so well.

hasmis 8h ago

I will agree that this was the blueprint for subsequent climate action. Scientists noticed that something was happening with satellites, they came up with a mechanism on the blackboard and then pushed it. No testing of the mechanism under realistic conditions was required. It was all settled and air conditioning became a lot more expensive.

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thebowsie  hasmis 7h ago 

Scientists noticed that something was happening with satellites, they came up with a mechanism on the blackboard and then pushed it.

Incorrect. Unlike the link between CFCs and the ozone layer, the mechanisms for today's global warming were discovered in the mid-19th century. By the dawn of the 20th century we already had papers outlining exactly what would happen based on these mechanisms. These projections were proved correct.

No testing of the mechanism under realistic conditions was required.

It is difficult to understand what kind of testing you have in mind in order to justify action, both for a mid-80s planet facing an expanding hole in the ozone layer, or today's contemporary planetary warming crisis. Typically so-called skeptics fall into a domain error of demanding one particular type of hypothesis testing as being the only kind of hypothesis testing, e.g. some kind of lab-controlled experiment. These are identical to attacks made on the testability of evolution by creationists and fundamentally misunderstand how scientific endeavours in the natural sciences take place.

Meanwhile, we have tested the theory of global warming in all kinds of ways: the Earth has warmed over 1C in a century or so since we started increasing levels of a well-known greenhouse gas, with the current rate at nearly 2C per century. To give this context, it took 5,000 years for the Earth to gently cool 1C. There are thousands of lines of evidence linking this extraordinary warming to increases in CO2, from direct observations of more longwave radiation staying in the planetary system at CO2-specific wavelengths (something of a smoking gun), to CO2-specific warming fingerprints such as nights warming faster than days, and Polar Amplification.

Indeed, 30 years ago, climate scientists projected almost exactly how much warming would occur up until present day, and they were correct.

It was all settled and air conditioning became a lot more expensive.

We listened to the state-of-the-art science at the time, stopped the growth of the ozone layer hole, and subsequent evidence showed the state-of-the-art science to be correct and the decision to act on it prudent.

You appear to be insinuating that we should demand more evidence from a far better supported and mature theory before taking action, because healing the ozone layer increased your air conditioning bill?

Is your argument that we should only take action with total information when waiting to have total information would render action useless, or that we should only take action when there is no cost whatsoever in the cost-benefit analysis?

Seems puerile to me.

Linux - KDE out for 2 days

If you are on the bleeding edge, such as the latest kernel and Debian Sid, then expect kde to be out for a while.  Just happened to me.  Some update wants to remove all of kde, then I go for it.  Trying to reload kde yields tons of error message.  Then, this morning it's all clear.  Yeah!

I have xfce all ready for these things.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

All quiet on the Northern Heat Front

Thanks to the trumpyfit, we can now say we are getting no data from the ocean floaters.  No currents and no temps.  We are only getting the warm air plumes and hopefully the monthly global temps, along with the Arctic ice volume.

If we had any data, we might see that we are in full ice-age mode.  All warm water is flowing to the south.  Remember that the Earth still has a lot of heat to get rid of.  Major ice advances are totally a Northern Thing.  No continental ice sheets south of the equator.  

Our 10-20 thousand year ice advance cycle is forced by isostatic sinking and uplift.  No orbit changes or sunspots.  The ice advance starts with year-round snow on the highlands, which are still sunk below the critical elevation.  Thank God! 

However, that doesn't mean Good Old Earth can't have a laugh and give it a try on our 3-600 year cycle.  The time period on this isn't fixed in stone, it's fixed in chaotic ocean currents.  That means it could come upon us at any time.

When this happens, which could be now, we'll have a mirror-image Gulf Stream, and Northern Pacific current.  These are the two main heat pipes that have been keeping us warm.  The flip version has all heat energy going south, and should stay stable for a few hundred years.

If that has happened, we will forget all the silliness about global warming and go back to clean coal, nuclear, and natural gas.  Tesla will finally go bankrupt.  The lefties will sulk and think up some other global crisis that forces veganism on everybody.

In the meantime, we have the fun of watching how the Guard can keep up the philosophical essays on how we are all going to die of heat.  Nasa can continue to refuse to northern atmospheric physics.  The weather people can go on about how the Northern Vortex is eating everybody.  May we live in interesting times!  :)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Warm air plumes cut low -- Winter is upon us

Cold is the absence of heat.  There's no Polar Vortex trying to kill us, it's just that our 'default' weather is now at 20 below.  Up North it's -40.  In Australia right now, it's 48.  Such is the fun of latitude temperatures.

The clockwork plumes that have been keeping us warm the last month or two, have run out of energy.  They are low.  That gives snow storms to the US midwest and cold for us.  The UK is as cold as Labrador.  Perhaps seals will start running down their roads.

I did warn everybody, so I hope you all have sweaters.  The UK can stay warm by clapping their hands and believing in fairies. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Australian Stagnant Air

This year has seen many temperature records broken due to stagnant air.  The basic idea is that landlocked temperatures can zoom in the hot sun.  Ocean breezes can moderate this.

You can see that Oz is in stagnant air right now.  This is probably due to the general weirdness in ocean currents right now.  Nevertheless, hot summer temperatures are always used in the Guard to reinforce the idea of global warming.  Extreme cold is ignored.

ps.  if you engaged in any debate, or a comment on the guard you would have this thrown into your face.  Debate artists use massive charisma and selected facts to win.  Mere mortals do not have a chance.

pps.  In Toronto today at -12 on the dog trail.  Canadians are a tough lot.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

No such thing as a Polar Vortex

Ha, I give up!  Let there be 3 or 10 of these things.  It gives the warmies a bit more time if they say the mean old Polar Vortex is attacking us, fooling us into thinking it's cold, when it's really warm.

Gods of Carbon Warming -- John Abraham

He has caught my attention with this recent article.

So, looking it up this guy is a mechanical engineer.  He knows heat transfer, but on the small scale.  I looked at his early papers.  He made his fame as a debater.  He saw one debate where the guy tore apart global warming, and then produced a rebuttal where he tore this guy apart.  Nobody suggests more physics, it's all brute force.

He suggests that water temperatures are more important than air temps.  But does he know how they get the global temps with satellites?  He seems to have no clue, since the oceans at the surface are always the exact temperature as the air.  And the satellite measures this.

He is a great debater.  He uses the famous 'hotter than ever', when temps have been flat as a pancake.  Maybe you can find a tiny smidge over than the year before.  But the gap between 'a scenario' and reality is getting bigger and bigger.  They should plot that!

He's making all his money now from silly 'carbon free' schemes.  Good for him!  You have to make money somehow.  I totally bow to the force of his debate, and shall say no more.

It's snowing in Scotland!

I'm so happy for the ski resorts.  I watch their webcams every day. 

That's the last of the regular plumes.  But there is this weird one that is turning the other way.  These tend to go straight into the Arctic, but it could come and melt all the snow.  For Toronto we are going into -20 weather, and I hope the same for Britain.  Without these plumes they would already be there.