Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cheap funerals


This article was a hoot.  I made my comments, and all the comments are hilarious.

I MADE 'GUARDIAN PICK'!!  Waited a long time for that.

Here's my famous comments and other comments.

hasmis 4h ago
 Guardian Pick

Do we need a coffin? The new trend may be to haul the body off in a sack, cremate with others in an environmentally green manner, and then have a party. I want that.

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adonister  hasmis 3h ago

Ecco bags have been out for a while now. Not sure about the U.K.?

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SallyFourth  hasmis 3h ago

Before my mum dies two years ago, she's left strict instructions that we were give her the cheapest funeral possible. We did have a coffin but it was the cheapest, least grand one going. At £900 for the funeral/cremation and £150 for the wake she would have been very pleased. The funeral director seemed to relish the challenge of doing it as cheaply as possible, he was full of great money-saving ideas.

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SallyFourth  SallyFourth 3h ago


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starlingnl  hasmis 3h ago

> cremate with others in an environmentally green manner

Cremation is bad for the environment by definition.

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hasmis  starlingnl 3h ago

A decomposing body produces methane. Perhaps the next step is to grind the bodies up for our giant dog poop composting plants? Capture the methane to make plastic...

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hasmis  SallyFourth 1h ago

I just looked it up for Toronto. The 'whoosh away' option is $1500 cdn. They don't call themselves 'Uber Dead', more's the pity.

Final death of Big Nuclear


Japan was the last country making the big steel reactor vessels.  But if you read the stories, they were all old men working.  They have died of over-work.

We, the old nuclear guys, are turning over in our graves, or munching cannabis, whatever.  The whole nuclear thing went Big Bureaucracy, with total idiots in charge.  Wait until you see the Darlington bill for a 'reduced scope' of nothing.  But everybody in Ontario will be happy because it's all written by the PR department.

Nuclear was good stuff, but we don't need it in Canada, once the carbon balloon blows up.  Burn carbon for the cities, and generate lots of money with giant Coca greenhouses by the hydro plants up North (replacing bitcoin miners).  No need to lose all the energy with long transmission lines.  A brave new world.  :)

ps.  wait until you see the medicinal effects of Coca Tea!

Pacific plumes are still giving us one day thaws

They are still being generated in the west Pacific and coming over us.  However, they are getting weaker and weaker.  The sea temps are showing a slight uptick in the Gulf of Mexico, but I don't how reliable these things are now.  Ocean currents are still unavailable.

The UK is enjoying Siberian weather, since the plumes are now going straight up.  The Arctic is extremely cold and not melting.

ps.  Yeah, the snow is finally covering up those huge rocks in Scotland.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Gods of Global Warming - Michael Bevis


He is a fine gps guy.  He measures gravity and uplift.  He has worked on faults and plate tectonics.  Now he's into doom and gloom.

However, doom and gloom is not his remit.  I expect the PR department wrote all this to plug the University.  That's why we are in all this non-physics trouble.  PR people have taken over everything.  Anyway, students should go to his university, very glamorous.  

Nice and cold there right now.  And he's not saying anything new.  We have come off a warm cycle and the Arctic ice volume went down the toilet.  That was so yesterday!  I wish people would get off the pot.  :)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ozone hole starts to grow again


The hole in the ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September and October was slightly above average size in 2018, but smaller than expected for the weather conditions. Colder-than-average temperatures in the Antarctic stratosphere created ideal conditions for destroying ozone, NASA and NOAA scientists said, but declining levels of ozone-depleting chemicals prevented the hole from growing as large as it might have been 20 years ago.

Nasa is defending itself.  The ozone hole is growing but 'not as big as it could have been'.  When 'we da north' get a lot colder, they will say 'not as cold as it could have been without carbon'.

The satellite temps show nothing is happening in Antarctica, yet they are saying 'colder than usual' while all the press says that the place is melting.

This is the fun of going without physics, you just have to make up more and more stories.

I was inspired to look by this article.

I made a comment, but haven't looked at all the hate yet.  :)

ps.  extreme cold over Antarctica is melting it.  We now move to the North Pole and find that on the coldest day, that the ozone hole is larger than ever.  Formed in extreme cold.  But the Arctic is melting.

pps.  comments in the guard about how the ozone thing went so well.

hasmis 8h ago

I will agree that this was the blueprint for subsequent climate action. Scientists noticed that something was happening with satellites, they came up with a mechanism on the blackboard and then pushed it. No testing of the mechanism under realistic conditions was required. It was all settled and air conditioning became a lot more expensive.

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thebowsie  hasmis 7h ago 

Scientists noticed that something was happening with satellites, they came up with a mechanism on the blackboard and then pushed it.

Incorrect. Unlike the link between CFCs and the ozone layer, the mechanisms for today's global warming were discovered in the mid-19th century. By the dawn of the 20th century we already had papers outlining exactly what would happen based on these mechanisms. These projections were proved correct.

No testing of the mechanism under realistic conditions was required.

It is difficult to understand what kind of testing you have in mind in order to justify action, both for a mid-80s planet facing an expanding hole in the ozone layer, or today's contemporary planetary warming crisis. Typically so-called skeptics fall into a domain error of demanding one particular type of hypothesis testing as being the only kind of hypothesis testing, e.g. some kind of lab-controlled experiment. These are identical to attacks made on the testability of evolution by creationists and fundamentally misunderstand how scientific endeavours in the natural sciences take place.

Meanwhile, we have tested the theory of global warming in all kinds of ways: the Earth has warmed over 1C in a century or so since we started increasing levels of a well-known greenhouse gas, with the current rate at nearly 2C per century. To give this context, it took 5,000 years for the Earth to gently cool 1C. There are thousands of lines of evidence linking this extraordinary warming to increases in CO2, from direct observations of more longwave radiation staying in the planetary system at CO2-specific wavelengths (something of a smoking gun), to CO2-specific warming fingerprints such as nights warming faster than days, and Polar Amplification.

Indeed, 30 years ago, climate scientists projected almost exactly how much warming would occur up until present day, and they were correct.

It was all settled and air conditioning became a lot more expensive.

We listened to the state-of-the-art science at the time, stopped the growth of the ozone layer hole, and subsequent evidence showed the state-of-the-art science to be correct and the decision to act on it prudent.

You appear to be insinuating that we should demand more evidence from a far better supported and mature theory before taking action, because healing the ozone layer increased your air conditioning bill?

Is your argument that we should only take action with total information when waiting to have total information would render action useless, or that we should only take action when there is no cost whatsoever in the cost-benefit analysis?

Seems puerile to me.

Linux - KDE out for 2 days

If you are on the bleeding edge, such as the latest kernel and Debian Sid, then expect kde to be out for a while.  Just happened to me.  Some update wants to remove all of kde, then I go for it.  Trying to reload kde yields tons of error message.  Then, this morning it's all clear.  Yeah!

I have xfce all ready for these things.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

All quiet on the Northern Heat Front

Thanks to the trumpyfit, we can now say we are getting no data from the ocean floaters.  No currents and no temps.  We are only getting the warm air plumes and hopefully the monthly global temps, along with the Arctic ice volume.

If we had any data, we might see that we are in full ice-age mode.  All warm water is flowing to the south.  Remember that the Earth still has a lot of heat to get rid of.  Major ice advances are totally a Northern Thing.  No continental ice sheets south of the equator.  

Our 10-20 thousand year ice advance cycle is forced by isostatic sinking and uplift.  No orbit changes or sunspots.  The ice advance starts with year-round snow on the highlands, which are still sunk below the critical elevation.  Thank God! 

However, that doesn't mean Good Old Earth can't have a laugh and give it a try on our 3-600 year cycle.  The time period on this isn't fixed in stone, it's fixed in chaotic ocean currents.  That means it could come upon us at any time.

When this happens, which could be now, we'll have a mirror-image Gulf Stream, and Northern Pacific current.  These are the two main heat pipes that have been keeping us warm.  The flip version has all heat energy going south, and should stay stable for a few hundred years.

If that has happened, we will forget all the silliness about global warming and go back to clean coal, nuclear, and natural gas.  Tesla will finally go bankrupt.  The lefties will sulk and think up some other global crisis that forces veganism on everybody.

In the meantime, we have the fun of watching how the Guard can keep up the philosophical essays on how we are all going to die of heat.  Nasa can continue to refuse to northern atmospheric physics.  The weather people can go on about how the Northern Vortex is eating everybody.  May we live in interesting times!  :)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Warm air plumes cut low -- Winter is upon us

Cold is the absence of heat.  There's no Polar Vortex trying to kill us, it's just that our 'default' weather is now at 20 below.  Up North it's -40.  In Australia right now, it's 48.  Such is the fun of latitude temperatures.

The clockwork plumes that have been keeping us warm the last month or two, have run out of energy.  They are low.  That gives snow storms to the US midwest and cold for us.  The UK is as cold as Labrador.  Perhaps seals will start running down their roads.

I did warn everybody, so I hope you all have sweaters.  The UK can stay warm by clapping their hands and believing in fairies. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Australian Stagnant Air

This year has seen many temperature records broken due to stagnant air.  The basic idea is that landlocked temperatures can zoom in the hot sun.  Ocean breezes can moderate this.

You can see that Oz is in stagnant air right now.  This is probably due to the general weirdness in ocean currents right now.  Nevertheless, hot summer temperatures are always used in the Guard to reinforce the idea of global warming.  Extreme cold is ignored.

ps.  if you engaged in any debate, or a comment on the guard you would have this thrown into your face.  Debate artists use massive charisma and selected facts to win.  Mere mortals do not have a chance.

pps.  In Toronto today at -12 on the dog trail.  Canadians are a tough lot.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

No such thing as a Polar Vortex

Ha, I give up!  Let there be 3 or 10 of these things.  It gives the warmies a bit more time if they say the mean old Polar Vortex is attacking us, fooling us into thinking it's cold, when it's really warm.

Gods of Carbon Warming -- John Abraham

He has caught my attention with this recent article.

So, looking it up this guy is a mechanical engineer.  He knows heat transfer, but on the small scale.  I looked at his early papers.  He made his fame as a debater.  He saw one debate where the guy tore apart global warming, and then produced a rebuttal where he tore this guy apart.  Nobody suggests more physics, it's all brute force.

He suggests that water temperatures are more important than air temps.  But does he know how they get the global temps with satellites?  He seems to have no clue, since the oceans at the surface are always the exact temperature as the air.  And the satellite measures this.

He is a great debater.  He uses the famous 'hotter than ever', when temps have been flat as a pancake.  Maybe you can find a tiny smidge over than the year before.  But the gap between 'a scenario' and reality is getting bigger and bigger.  They should plot that!

He's making all his money now from silly 'carbon free' schemes.  Good for him!  You have to make money somehow.  I totally bow to the force of his debate, and shall say no more.

It's snowing in Scotland!

I'm so happy for the ski resorts.  I watch their webcams every day. 

That's the last of the regular plumes.  But there is this weird one that is turning the other way.  These tend to go straight into the Arctic, but it could come and melt all the snow.  For Toronto we are going into -20 weather, and I hope the same for Britain.  Without these plumes they would already be there.

Gods of Climate Change - Rob Jackson

“God help us if 8.5 turns out to be the right scenario,” Jackson told me. Under RCP 8.5, the world’s average temperature would rise by 4.9 degrees Celsius, or nearly 9 degrees Fahrenheit. “That’s an inconceivable increase for global temperatures—especially when we think about them being global average temperatures,” he said. “Temperatures will be even higher in the northern latitudes, and higher over land than over the ocean.”

Highly quoted with the whole 'Oceans Warming' thing.  Just a soil scientist turned alarmist.  No physics here.

US East earthquakes start up again

Oklahoma and Kansas are having some m4's.  But I like this m5 out off-shore.

By themselves, these are just rare events, but there is physics behind the fact they could be related.  We expect the deep basement to go into fits and starts.  The coast is sinking, partly due to left-over ice age stuff, and partly due to a cooling passive margin.  These things put on strains.

None of this actually means anything, but I expect some more regional activity for a while.  Get your seismometers made!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Last Atlantic plume curls around Britain

This is probably the very last warm plume to Britain for the winter.  The weather guys never talk about them.  It's always 'fronts' and the 'jet stream'.  Oh well, they have to protect their jobs with jargon.  Heaven forbid that anyone would understand 'Weather Latin'.  The last plume curled around the UK and dove in to bury Germany with snow.  Britain was in a 'fools paradise'.  That was then.

You might recall that for the last 2 months or so, the west Pacific has been generating narrow vertical plumes like clockwork.  This is the fun of chaotic systems, you think you've got the pattern, then boom!  the pattern dissolves.  No more nice plumes that bring warmth to Toronto from the Gulf of Mexico.  We are getting a bit of snow from a plume that has gone in at the Yukon. 

I suspect that the ocean currents have changed suddenly, but I'll never know for the next year, while trumpy holds his breath and turns blue. 

So for Britain, expect that the plume will crash, bringing cold air but maybe no snow.  Sucks for the Scottish ski hills, but they can make snow.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Adxl355 accelerometer chip passes the seismometer test

That just means I've got it mounted on the concrete slab and it is giving the general noise of the house.  I can do very light taps on the floor and it registers them as a surface wave.  You don't bother with more sensitivity in the city.  If we had any earthquakes, it would register them.  But I don't.

Next effort is to get a continuous velocity screen, which is more like a seismometer.  Right now, that running squiggle is acceleration.

In a world with physics, we'd be using a lot of these to stop earthquake deaths.  But we don't.

ps.  I've now got continuous velocity.  Sensitive to a tap anywhere in the house.

Natural gas price responds to cold

I did predict this.  Did you make money?  The US NE price is very unstable.  If it's a tiny bit colder than they are expecting, it goes up a lot.  I'm predicting a heck of a lot colder.  And Oklahoma had its first m4 earthquake in months, but I don't see where that's from.

The Pacific plumes are coming down low at the knees, which I what I thought would happen.  For Toronto, we may have a desert-dry winter, because I don't see where moisture is going to come from.  The ski hills will be happy with artificial snow, but I hate skiing on that.  But I don't ski any more because of my tendency to have ridiculous falls on the easy sections.  :)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Linux -- kernel 4.20.1 seems stable for ryzen5

I'm settled on a good kernel.  I'll finally have headers!  I might not go to 5.0 until it's 5.1...

ps.  as expected 5.0 rc1 is still a loser

Last warm plume hits the UK

The Gulf of Mexico has no more warm water.  The Gulf Stream is going south.  This is probably the last speck of warmth for the UK.  The Scottish ski hills will be happy.

These guys have been wrong for months now.  But first time's the charm.  :)

These Scottish ski hills really need some snow, but they say they'll get it later today.

ps.  This would be the world's greatest investment!  20 years of no snow,  they want to sell it in despair.  All of the UK thinks it will never have snow, and we'll go swimming at the North Pole.  Word to the wise, say no more.....

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Life without physics - hot dry rock geothermal


Have fun watching this as something that cannot work.  I've been looking at this for years, and I have to assume they are in the granitic basement.  The fundamental physics problem is that although the rocks are hot (temperature), there is no heat energy because of the low specific heat.  Then add the problem of low heat conduction.

They still have to drill larger holes for injection and withdrawal.  They will attempt to frack the rock and join the holes, which is a big risk.  The final nail is the high mineral content of the rock, which will quickly clog the cracks.  They might even get earthquakes when they frack the rock.

Most people have given up on this.  I'm glad Trudeau is happy....

ps.  they will find they cannot introduce horizontal fractures in that rock, but that's for another day...

Friday, January 11, 2019

Natural gas ticks up

Once we get the headline "Gulf of Mexico Coldest in 30 Years', then it will zoom.  There's a glut of natural gas but none in storage.  So, if the demand is over the current flow in the pipelines, then it goes up.  Just for the NE US.  In Canada, we have storage, and pipeline capacity.  We are just going back 20 or 30 years.

(I hope).

Snow in the world back to the 70's

As I've been saying we'd be lucky if we only go back to the 70's. 

The Guardian, last defender of warmth, has nice world snow pictures.

"Such quantities of snow above 800m altitude only happen once every 30 to 100 years," said Alexander Radlherr from Austria's Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics.

So, global warming is dead, and we are only in the minor ice age.  The big cycle of 600 years, I've decided to call the major ice age.  Major ice advance is another thing entirely.

When they can finally find the Alps glaciers, they'll find they are advancing.  :)

Gulf of Mexico drained of heat

This map only updates once a month for the south Atlantic, but I am assuming the Gulf is up to date.  There is no more heat to warm Toronto.

Wow, I just went out for the dog walk with a strong wind and wind chill of -22.  There are no flurries on the radar, so this might mean an extremely dry wind.

The UK is still fine with those big Atlantic plumes, but not for much longer, since the Gulf is not reinforcing them.

ps.  no more swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

pps.  had we the ocean currents map, we'd see that there is no more warm water flowing in.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Linux -- fail on hpallinone

The hpallinone is a disaster.  This is win computer with everything in the monitor.  In order to get it to work hip did some amazing work, with 3 drivers for audio, and a bizarre wifi setup.  Come the next win update, and no sound!

Cleaning up the audio drivers didn't work.  And then, in desperation, I used the Debian Buster installer with all non-free firmware.  It didn't even see the wifi.  Then I remembered how Debian is having trouble with wifi lately.  So, really no hope.

The realtek wifi relies on closed binary blobs.  I think all the drivers in the hp are the same, so don't get this thing.  The old guy will just have to take it back.  :(

ps.  apparently when using non-free blobs you have to turn off secure boot.  I'm going to try a live disk first to see if it can figure out all the drivers.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Linux - fixing the Phaser 6125 printer

This is the best Linux colour laser printer ever made.  It can use the cheapest fake toners, and all the scrapings are in the toner cartridge.  But mine pooped out the other day with 'CTD scanner error'.

I read everything, and ordered a new fuser.  That's because all the ink was smudging when you touched it.  New fuser went in, but the same error message.

The sensor is on the bottom.  You can get lots of instructions, but I couldn't see it.  I just wiped everything nearby with a toilet wipe.  I got a bit of black toner, and then everything worked.

The ink stays on the page now.

The Physics of Evolution - Part 1

I was talking to the old man at lunch and he said I should write something on this.  I have been explaining that many of our problems with air conditioning and carbon dioxide come from the fact that nobody does physics any more.  When I was a kid, physics was king, Mr. Physics ruled the airwaves, and tons of books about 'The physics of baseball', etc.  That's because we lived in a tactile world.

Now everything is on a screen.  So if you draw a line on a screen, then it's as good as actually going out to experience it.  The only physics is 'game physics', about what your bullets do when they leave the gun.  That can drift to unrealistic things, and you get 'Cartoon Physics'.

Hollywood and books don't help here.  All the physics is wrong there, and nobody cares.

Physics represents law and order.  You can't actually go out and break the laws of physics.  My time with the nuclear plants showed that you could plot and design weird things, but the hammer hit the toe when it came to building and getting the thing to run.  Ask about the famous 'Maple Reactor'.  If you stay in a world without laws, then there is no limit to behaviour.

Take US politics before Trump.  Totally corrupt, with things like gerrymandering.  Once you are no longer constrained by law, then you get Trump.  The only thing that resets this world is a big 30's depression.

So the discussion went to evolution.  The old guy believed that once the environment changed, then the plants and stuff would adapt.  I said, no, that evolution is all death and destruction.  He shook his head, and said 'Evolution is good'.

-to be continued.

ps.  Nah, I won't continue.  Biologists are too powerful. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Linux - new 5.0rc1 - major regression with Ryzen5

Blah.  Two steps forward, one step back.  The new kernel hangs up when I tried to do this blog, saying it all worked.  Well, it didn't work, and I went back to 4.20 rc7.  4.20 doesn't work at all.

My general experience is that it will not work for the whole series (5.0).  We'll have to wait for 5.1.  But I shall erase this, as if it never happened.

Massive Warm Water Bleed to the South -- The Ice Man Cometh

My ocean currents map is stuck at Christmas, thanks to trumpypants.  And they aren't throwing out new floaters for the temperature.  I find the Southern Hemisphere only seems to update once a month.

But what an update!  It looks like the entire Atlantic belt has just dumped south.  The current map would have confirmed that the main current suddenly went south of the nose-deflector and is gushing arterial blood.

Naturally, I will say this is 'unprecedented'.  As you can see, the warm water is curving around and may engage the 'lock' that I said was possible.  If it hooks in, then we are in for a major ice age.

Stay tuned, and hope the current maps are out soon.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch of air plumes, the Atlantic plumes are still going straight up, leaving the UK.  New ones are still being generated.

And if you've got nothing else to do, this is a laugh.

ps.  this is reality

caused by the incredible rapid attack of ice along Labrador

Appendix:  As usual, I'll add some more for Penny and the old guy.  The temp charts show that this whole up and down thing is confined to the Northern Hemisphere.  When I mentioned to the Guardian readers I got a hilarious account of 'English Major Physics'.  Nevertheless, these guys are the masters of semantics and fb hate mail, so I generally hide.  Our northern cycles consist of a 40 year (full wave) cycle that gave us the 70's freeze.  We also have a 600 year (full wave) cycle, where we can only dream of the mechanism.  But that cycle is 150 years quarter rise, and we have come to the end of that.  We don't know how rapidly that drops, but it's happening now.

My hypothesis is that the 40 year cycle is the Pacific building up and dumping heat energy, which involves the total volume of water, down to some reasonable depth.  For the last few years I have observed the Atlantic current getting close to tipping over the nose of South America, but it has always pulled up.  I speculated that it could totally tip to the south.  What a dream!  or nightmare.  Who could have such imagination?  When the Pacific and Atlantic sync, we get ice cubes.

It turns out the s. hemi water temps chart has been frozen for over a month.  And now, it's my dream in full technicolour reality.  Wow.  I hear the US dept of energy is throwing in money to fight nasa.  Good luck with that.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Pacific warm air plumes continue

I've never seen anything like this, but it goes on and on.  Plumes are generated at the west end of the Pacific, and they go all the way to Europe.

In Toronto they are giving us super-cold one day and then warmth.  They do the same for the UK.  But they are ephemeral.  I've said it can't go on, but still it does.  Driving me nuts.

That's the fun of Chaos, or chaotic motion.  Anything can happen.  I'm predicting, with my lousy record, that they will go lower and lower, and anything above 45 deg lat, will soon become a place where spit freezes before it hits the ground.

The big money will be made by using my prediction and speculating on US NE natural gas at the Henry Hub.  HA!  Good luck with that!  Don't come whining to me if you lose your shirt.  :)

ps.  if you do make the big bucks, I like good scotch.

pps.  It seems that my ocean current map is closed due to the trumpfit.

The Gods of Climate Change


I have to do this series before, you know, what might happen.  I was too late with 'Gods of Toronto Real Estate', or 'Gods of Bitcoin'.  But there is still time for 'Gods of Toronto Warehouses', if I can find them.

These people are magnificent.  They've got charisma pouring out of every pore.  I love them.  She's even pushing major protest.  Gives something for our young people to do, especially arts majors.  What can go wrong?

She's a Canadian, and probably has a hotline direct to Trudeau.  Graduated Astronomy UofT, which is as artsy as you can get.  Earliest papers were all about trend plotting.  She's the best at that.

Germany hit by bouncing plume, UK in fool's paradise

Lots of stories about Germany and the huge amount of snow.  Good skiing except you can't get there.  This moist-air plume went straight north and then bounced back, keeping the moisture, but getting cold.  When it hit the Alps, then snow-bam.

Meanwhile the UK missed all this action.  They are in a big bubble.

Toronto Housing Crash

We have to call this a crash.  House prices down 22%.  Condos down.  Everybody is waiting for Spring.

ps.  You can't 'deny' the squiggles!  But there is good physics behind this, as well.  These bubbles are always created by the tremendous need to launder money.  If a guy from the Red Army wants to settle in the world, he can say all his money came from Toronto real estate, and not slave labour.  If you look north of Toronto, you can see hundreds of cookie-cutter warehouses under construction.  Do you think we'll need them in the age of ammie?  No, they'll be empty forever, but right now they are flipping furiously.  Where will this money go next?

pps.  Look to them getting out of the market by bribing the media to push the 'hot market' of warehouse investments.  :)

more:  look to everybody and their dog listing rooms on homestay.com, like me.

The dog was in the other room.  :)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ocean plumes keep us warm for a while

The general global temperatures are flat, but the northern mid latitudes are up a bit.  That postpones the deep freeze that I predicted.  As usual, I'm wrong, but that doesn't stop me.  :)

The plumes are being generated in the west Pacific again.  That big storm didn't do much.  For us in Toronto, the plumes are hitting North America at our latitude and zooming the heat straight along the latitude line.  Then they go off and warm up the UK.

My general thought was that this couldn't go on, and yet here it is.  But the UK plumes are going right to the pole and may jiggle down some cold air.  The headlines of the tabloids think so.

ps.  I collect these headlines, and one day they will be right.

Friday, January 4, 2019

MS Comedy Act

I'm watching this loose biopic of joanrivers on prime, and it's a great show.  One thing it showed me is that you can vent about your ridiculous problems that nobody else thinks is a problem, and it's funny.  So here's my act.

So, I'm helping this old guy with technology.  He's 86 and went into a home because he was practically dead.  Surprise!  He popped out of the chute to the grave, and is running around.  They don't what to do with him, since everybody leaves that place feet first.  ... (ha, ha, laugh)

One thing I did was to choose things that wouldn't bother me too much.  I went for a pixel phone, and a pixel book.  He loved the phone, but hated the laptop.  "I want what I had at home." he groused.  I told him I could set up a big monitor and keyboard, and use a chromebox, or just the computer in the tv.  "No!  I want a messy or a fruit!".

NOOOOOOOO! I shouted.  That's like choosing between Hell or High Water!  They are horrible and I can't fix them.  You're in a bloody home, you can't go traipsing down to the Ungenius Bar.  I closed my eyes and covered my ears.  LA LA LA.  I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

But he ordered directly from HP, the total evil of my working life, and got a pavilion.  First week, he couldn't turn it on, after a messy patch.  I looked it up for an hour, and spent two hours doing the five things that 'could' work.  Now, another patch, and there is no volume, so he can't watch Prime.  That's all he does, movies and email.  I did the standard reboot and everything looked perfect.

I'm not researching what this horrible patch has done.  I just told him they'll fix it.  Just keep trying every hour.  LA LA LA.  I CAN'T HEAR YOU!  ... laugh, throw money.

ps.  when I was at work, I was into Sun Microsystems and Unix.  Then Compaq bribed the top, and this was attacking me.  Then hp bought compaq and bribed the top to use their horrible zeon unix machines, which were crap.  It finally went to the point where nothing worked, which was fine, because at that point nobody was doing any work, and that went on for 10 years.  So, I hate all these guys.  :)

pps.  The pixel phone has a black time screen that's on when idle.  Old man asks me "What's this bright orange circle now?"  I said it means it's sunny out.  "Oh".  We haven't seen the sun this winter in a long time.

more:  I finally looked into it.  As I expected, the update screwed up the audio driver, and there are half a dozen bizarre ways that may work.

Plants suffer from oxygen pollution


This is a funny thing and related to real climate change over billions of years.  A few billion years ago our atmosphere started out as carbon dioxide and methane at 20% with the usual nitrogen.  Our temperature was shirt-sleeve as always.  Bacteria lived, eating the methane.

But, there was this great opportunity with the co2.  A molecule formed from mutation, and could trap co2 and do something with it, by hitting it with a photon.  The method of photosynthesis evolved in high co2 and has never changed since.

These early bacteria, and then plants had a heyday.  They chugged away eating co2, and leaving oxygen as pollution.  Why did we settle at 20% o2?  Because the plants were stewing in their own juice.  They couldn't handle that o2 and photosynthesis started to get screwed up.  The molecule was picking up o2 as easily as co2.

The plants handled this by dying.  But they evolved a kludge tack-on mechanism that cleansed o2, through respiration.  With this they could probably go up another few percent of o2.

That respiration mechanism was picked up by animals who could live with o2, and eat plants.  Yeah!

But now scientists can fix the kludge and increase production by 40%.  Can we see a problem with that?  We can drive down co2 and increase o2 percentage.  No unforeseen consequences here!  :)