Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Current list of Grand Stupidities


I am inspired by the above article.  You just don't do that!  You may know something but you don't get picked up by the main media.  It is best to stay in a tiny world, away from the main powers.

That is why I munge things up for the search engines, and remain vague on many things.  Penny always asks me for clarification, and I muck that up, as well.  I am a satirist, never believed, and I have fun.  Satirists have always survived due to the fact that the Big Thugs don't have any brains, and rely on the brainless media to tell them that somebody is threatening them.

I've decided to stop here.  I'll just list them vaguely, like those fantasy authors who always throw in a confusing prophecy to show how smart they are to know the ending of their own novel.

Grand Conspiracies - nope, only grand stupidities
Trash the air conditioners - ozone
Breathing will kill you -carbon warming
Refurbishing bad physics - Darlington
Injecting frack waste - Oklahoma earthquakes
You can survive with zero tax - The US being funded by China
Elect a Russian agent - Putin's joke
Kill all the billionaires - The Guardian's joke
Dump nuclear waste in karst - Bruce deep waste

ps.  forgot Toronto Housing Market - dead
Toronto Commercial Market - millions of warehouses

pps Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere - stagnant

more:  as to 'reduced scope', it is common practice on big disasters to suddenly set the bar a lot lower (like the ground) and declare a great victory.

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