Thursday, January 3, 2019

Weather misconceptions that led to the whole climate change thing

I'm not denying anything.  The term 'climate change' is as valid as 'Santa Claus' and the 'Gatwick Drone'.  These things all 'exist' because you can't prove they don't.  Without any physics, the carbon hypothesis was set up as a straw dog, and they dared anybody to knock it down.  All attempts, such as sunspots, etc, were fought off.  If you think this is the way to run the world, then I don't deny that you exist.

If you want to use physics, then you must think in terms of energy and mass.  That goes for kinetic and heat energy.  A physical object is something that retains its own mass and energy and can act on other objects, like a hammer.  These are 'things'.

But in weather jargon there are many 'things' that are not objects.  Perhaps they were originally 'concepts' but they became objects over years of use.

The biggest 'thing' that is not a thing, is the Jet Stream.  Here's the typical description:

This causes the polar jet stream to meander north and south instead of making a beeline around the planet. The meandering causes the cold air of the polar vortex to wobble, and, like a toupee that goes askew, it can slip south off of the Arctic over the United States, Europe, or Asia. 

It is accompanied by these sorts of pictures.


I cannot deny that this article exists.  They have made 'concepts' into objects, but these phony objects have no independent existence, and cannot 'act' on our world.  The jet stream is merely a phenomenon that happens when the cold Arctic air meets the warm mid-latitude air.  It is a thermal vortex on its side, and does not act as a current around the world.

Jet planes can 'sail' a segment of it, like a sailboat going against the wind.

If the Jet Stream doesn't 'exist', then neither does the Polar Vortex.  It cannot be measured or imaged.  Perhaps there is some motion in the upper atmosphere, but the air is thin and cannot carry energy.  It is merely a zone of cold, which the absence of heat energy.

These things are the ghosts of the world.  True energy is carried by ocean currents, and the warm air plumes that come off the ocean heat.  If a big hunk of warm, moist air hits the Arctic then it may bloop out cold air, simply by displacement. 

So, this explanation is for Penny.  The next time you read that the Polar Vortex is going to get you, or the Jet Stream is going to slam you, think of the Boogey Man.  I don't deny that he exists either.  :)


Penny said...

thanks Mr Geo
I read through it all- checked definitions I was unclear on in order to get a better understanding of what you were saying and well, I get what your saying!

"The jet stream is merely a phenomenon that happens when the cold Arctic air meets the warm mid-latitude air."

The jet stream as a phenomena is not a "thing". It's an occurrence. Under the right conditions in varying forms or strengths. That's my interpretation of what your saying.
Therefore.. the jet stream, like the Polar Vortex does not exist at all times, in the same form anyway- therefore it cannot split up and come hunt me down in my neighbourhood

More or less?

Harold Asmis said...

The jet stream is a boundary effect. It can only live at the edge of warm and cold. It is the tail on the dog. It cannot move air masses, it cannot 'cause' anything. It does not move air around the world, since it is a continuous diagonal spiral. However, you can sail the vector component towards the east. Mostly the jets just enjoy the general movement of air from west to east.

Then I thought, what is a storm exactly? It is also a boundary effect of cold and hot air masses. On the larger picture, it is the tail on a dog because it can't move the air masses, and has a fraction of the total energy. However, within the storm you can be smashed. So is it a 'thing'? That's where it gets tricky.

So, weather people will say 'a big storm is coming' rather than 'the boundary between the hot and cold air is coming'. :)

Harold Asmis said...

So, the semantics of weather set us up for 'climate change'. They pratter on about the jet stream affecting us, and somebody says co2 is killing us. No need for physics because it is a world without physics. All semantics. Nobody can prove that Santa doesn't exist. Wonderful.