Saturday, January 19, 2019

All quiet on the Northern Heat Front

Thanks to the trumpyfit, we can now say we are getting no data from the ocean floaters.  No currents and no temps.  We are only getting the warm air plumes and hopefully the monthly global temps, along with the Arctic ice volume.

If we had any data, we might see that we are in full ice-age mode.  All warm water is flowing to the south.  Remember that the Earth still has a lot of heat to get rid of.  Major ice advances are totally a Northern Thing.  No continental ice sheets south of the equator.  

Our 10-20 thousand year ice advance cycle is forced by isostatic sinking and uplift.  No orbit changes or sunspots.  The ice advance starts with year-round snow on the highlands, which are still sunk below the critical elevation.  Thank God! 

However, that doesn't mean Good Old Earth can't have a laugh and give it a try on our 3-600 year cycle.  The time period on this isn't fixed in stone, it's fixed in chaotic ocean currents.  That means it could come upon us at any time.

When this happens, which could be now, we'll have a mirror-image Gulf Stream, and Northern Pacific current.  These are the two main heat pipes that have been keeping us warm.  The flip version has all heat energy going south, and should stay stable for a few hundred years.

If that has happened, we will forget all the silliness about global warming and go back to clean coal, nuclear, and natural gas.  Tesla will finally go bankrupt.  The lefties will sulk and think up some other global crisis that forces veganism on everybody.

In the meantime, we have the fun of watching how the Guard can keep up the philosophical essays on how we are all going to die of heat.  Nasa can continue to refuse to northern atmospheric physics.  The weather people can go on about how the Northern Vortex is eating everybody.  May we live in interesting times!  :)

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