Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mental Illness - Depression

Yeah, we have a big 'Let's talk' thing in Canada.  My experience is with depression, which is just one of the many varieties of mental illness.  Depression is simply diabetes of the mind, with brain serotonin being in short supply.

It has a huge hereditary component, with perhaps 1 in 3 of your kids getting it.  It is often associated with brilliance.  I call myself an 'intellectual depressive', and our family has brilliant people in the same boat.

If you are an IP, then you will a brilliant 20's and mostly 30's.  You will have brainstorms at night that can solve any problem.  You can design the spaceship to Mars.  At 40, however, the brain burns out, and you become angry and violent.  You may start drinking, hitting your kids, etc. 

Drinking is the worst because it destroys serotonin in the brain.  However, you are also hit with great anxiety, and the drinking seems to relax you.  At this point, see a doctor.  A very tiny amount of pills can set you up to be comfortable.  Don't rely on your brilliance any more, and this is what destroys a lot of people.  Go into management.

Some people just want to go to the end, which is suicide.  If you notice this, try to be an intervener.  Men are generally hopeless because they get violent, but women may listen.  With a women, you may have a failed suicide attempt, and she can get help.  Men rarely fail at their first attempt at suicide.

Once somebody is fully addicted to alcohol, cocaine and opiods, I don't give them much hope.  Just cutting off that stuff will kill them.  Don't get to this stage.

Best of luck.

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