Monday, January 28, 2019

Gods of Global Warming -- Logic Flaw!


"The last century of warmth is likely greater than any century prior to this going back 120,000 years," said study leader Simon Pendleton, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado, Boulder's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. [See Stunning Photos of Baffin Island Glaciers]

We have established that our little warming cycle was nothing compared to the Middle Ages warming.  Nobody has been recently planting grapes in Greenland.  Yet, here is a bold statement.

40K years ago we probably had a super-warm interglacial.  period.  We know these things brought Florida weather to Toronto.  That's when these plants had a heyday.  Then they got covered with ice.  We will accept those facts.

Since the last big ice advance, we have been getting warmer, yeah!  Who wants big ice sheets in the backyard?  Look at my driveway right now.

Am I allowed to be happy we're only getting a couple of feet of snow?  Anyway the above findings depend on the rate of retreat, which they cannot determine.  That ice has been retreating for 5,000 years.  During big warming periods, it retreats faster, and it has retreated for this warming cycle.  So, the fresh salad is exposed.  Can you make any other statement?  No, yet they do, just to get in print.  Once again, the PR department is in this, boosting the university.

ps.  this guy is only a phd student, so he does not ascend to a god.

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