Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ocean currents - Jan 30, 2019

Ocean currents are the super-long term forecast of warmth and weather.  Oceans carry 99% of the heat energy around the world.  The hot, moist air plumes are generated by ocean heat, and give the North a smattering of heat.

The big news will be the ocean water temperatures, which are affected by ocean currents.

This may have not been adjusted in the south, since the fed strike.  But we can still see the big heat blob in the south Atlantic.

I can see a lot of the warm water breaking south, but it might only be 50%, or less.  I would expect it to be 80% for a major ice age.

The Gulf Stream is being cut up by the powerful northern current, produced by increasing ice volume.  You can see the little stub on the temp chart.  The UK weather performers still haven't mentioned this.  They are obsessed with a dancing jet stream.

The Pacific has lost the upper return current and all heat energy is moving south.  I can see a lot of hot water diving south.

This all has the fun result that we can expect a cold N. Hemi. for the next year or two.  More likely 20 years.  These ocean currents can turn on a dime, but they set up for long periods of time.

ps.  I've been writing a bit too much lately.  It's because of the cold and all the desperate attempts to laugh it off.  The warmies are going into new territory, namely going against the physics that is freely available.  Before, they just stopped any new physics being done.  If the cold continues, I can't wait to see the new stories.

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