Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Time to start your Cannabis plants

So, in the new year, we have to think about the summer.  Order your souvenir package from Crop King Seeds.  You can't order legal cannabis seeds, because they aren't available.  The package is a nice bubble with lots of good artwork.  Inside are seeds that you can string on a bracelet.

I order 'Hash Plant' because it's 12% thc and 4% cbd.  I find that makes a good mix for an oil, and everybody likes it.  Puts you right to sleep without any pain from bad knees, shoulders, whatever.

Put the decorative beads into a small jar and begin the magic transformation to cannabis seeds.  Vigourously shake the jar, that's supposed to introduce small cracks.  Soak the seeds in water overnight.  Then put them on a wet paper towel and put that into a ziplock.

That's where I am now.  we'll wait until the sprout is an inch long, and place them into the hydroponics for the microgreens.  Soil never worked for me because of fusarium wilt, which is everywhere.

These plants will be the basis for clones.

ps.  3 out of 3 successful germinations after a year -- that's good.

pps.  put them into the hydroponic beads, but put on a bit of plastic for a while.


Penny said...

Hey Mr Geo!
Just stopped by to catch up- saw the Happy Arctic Ice post
which made me simply have to ask....

The Polar Vortex is about to split and it's all because of the alleged warming atmosphere

"How it works: The possible changes are being triggered by a sudden and drastic warming of the air in the stratosphere, some 100,000 feet above the Arctic, and by a resulting disruption of the polar vortex — an area of low pressure at high altitudes near the pole that, when disrupted, can wobble like a spinning top and send cold air to the south. In this case, it could split into three pieces, and those pieces would determine who gets hit the hardest."

The POSSIBLE changes.... meaning this is all wild speculation or computer models which is the same anyway..

.....Interested in what you might think about all this?

Penny said...

btw: thanks for the gardening tips :)

Harold Asmis said...

I think it's just wild speculation. They'll probably go all winter blaming the polar vortex for the cold. But a vortex needs energy. It's the same with the jet stream, as a thing. It's not. Start your plants!