Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gods of Global Warming - Cold is the new Warm


Yeah, another 'explanation' on why we are freezing our collective rears, while in reality it's getting warmer.

You have to read this, I couldn't.  It's another 'just so' story, spun out by a great writer.  It seems different than the others, but it has a common thread of no measurements.  I just got the new ocean currents, but I'll wait for today's.

ps.  Here's the nasa imagination.

And here's reality.

The Arctic is happy at -30, which it has been for a while now.  Freezing ice keeps it at -25 to -35

pps, oh and I had to add this Grand Stupidity.

As you know, I'm pushing for Canada to lead the world with methanol fuel cells and super-capacitors, but, unfortunately, no brains in the place.

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