Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Tinkerboard GPIO

The tink fit into the r3 case.  For general programming, I'm not noticing any heat.  If you were setting this up as a streaming box, then you might need a little fan.  But I would just use a generic android tv box, since they produce those by the billion, and a fan is ridiculous. 

The real reason for this type of board is the connection with other things.  Here, I am using 4 pins to connect with my adxl355 breakout board.  The 355 and 345 came out at the same time, but the 355 is the space-age expensive one, meant for more scientific things.  You don't read much about it.  The 345 with 16 bits is a tiny fraction of the cost.  That's why I was looking at putting a bunch of them together in an array, but that was cumbersome.

I've gotten the I2C working, and now I am programming the registers.  Luckily I found a Python driver, and I'm learning more Python.  What a great hobby for an old man.  :)

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