Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Gods of Climate Change


I have to do this series before, you know, what might happen.  I was too late with 'Gods of Toronto Real Estate', or 'Gods of Bitcoin'.  But there is still time for 'Gods of Toronto Warehouses', if I can find them.

These people are magnificent.  They've got charisma pouring out of every pore.  I love them.  She's even pushing major protest.  Gives something for our young people to do, especially arts majors.  What can go wrong?

She's a Canadian, and probably has a hotline direct to Trudeau.  Graduated Astronomy UofT, which is as artsy as you can get.  Earliest papers were all about trend plotting.  She's the best at that.


Penny said...

Hey there Mr Geo:
Was saying to my hubby just the other day, after Environment Canada had forecast sunshine and warm temps for Niagara (saturday), and it turned out to be so cloudy it was foggy all day that if environment canada can't get the weather right within a 24 hour period- how realistic is it to project 50- 100 years into the future and say you've got it all figured out.

I mean they were showing full sun and it was cloudy and foggy.
Our weather station was correct on forecasting the weather, from the previous day, but, not environment canada? Weird. Of course once it became soooo... obvious the weather wasn't lining up with their forecast they changed the forecast. Too late!

Harold Asmis said...

It was sunny on the right side of the lake... Sucks for you on the lake armpit. :)

Anonymous said...

well her pic is proof. she is - out standing in her field ! climate change canada is not in the forecasting business they are in the skewing the actual's to fit the policy business. oops thermometers are liberal and conservative after all.