Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Last Atlantic plume curls around Britain

This is probably the very last warm plume to Britain for the winter.  The weather guys never talk about them.  It's always 'fronts' and the 'jet stream'.  Oh well, they have to protect their jobs with jargon.  Heaven forbid that anyone would understand 'Weather Latin'.  The last plume curled around the UK and dove in to bury Germany with snow.  Britain was in a 'fools paradise'.  That was then.

You might recall that for the last 2 months or so, the west Pacific has been generating narrow vertical plumes like clockwork.  This is the fun of chaotic systems, you think you've got the pattern, then boom!  the pattern dissolves.  No more nice plumes that bring warmth to Toronto from the Gulf of Mexico.  We are getting a bit of snow from a plume that has gone in at the Yukon. 

I suspect that the ocean currents have changed suddenly, but I'll never know for the next year, while trumpy holds his breath and turns blue. 

So for Britain, expect that the plume will crash, bringing cold air but maybe no snow.  Sucks for the Scottish ski hills, but they can make snow.

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