Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Gods of Global Warming -- Jennifer Francis

She's a pure satellite image reader.  She has lots of papers on the Arctic.


Some scientists—but by no means most—see a connection between human-caused climate change and difference in atmospheric pressure that causes slower moving waves in the air.

"It's a complicated story that involves a hefty dose of chaos and an interplay among multiple influences, so extracting a clear signal of the Arctic's role is challenging," said Jennifer Francis, a climate scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center. Several recent papers have made the case for the connection, she noted.

"This symptom of global warming is counterintuitive for those in the cross-hairs of these extreme cold spells," Francis said in an email. "But these events provide an excellent opportunity to help the public understand some of the 'interesting' ways that climate change will unfold."

She is the #1 pusher of 'Carbon Warming Causes Cold' hypothesis.  We all love her for that...

Her basic point is that warm air pushes out the cold air, and that right now the Arctic is warm, because we have the cold.

Not true, Arctic is very cold right now.

ps.  gotta go out to shovel now.

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