Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Polar Vortex Sold as a One-Time Thing

Ah, the fine story of the Polar Vortex:  Once upon a time the mean old PV was spinning around the North Pole causing a low pressure zone, and extremely cold temperatures.  He was independent from carbon warming, no carbon got up there, and everybody said it was a warm paradise.  He laughed at the fact that no measurements whatsoever confirmed his existence.  After all, it was a story.

He knew that the World laughed at the concept of "What cannot be measured does not exist."  Wasn't that guy proven wrong with Quantum Mechanics?  If entanglement existed, then he did too.

But as spun his invisible spin, he got dizzy.  Then he tilted over and spilled cold air all over North America.  What the heck?  All the carbon warming people said it was a one-time thing just like earlier years.  It would soon be warm again and lakes wouldn't freeze.  Natural gas speculators certainly believed it.

Since Mr. PV was a creature of fantasy, he was happy, and the world was happy.  No need for physics.

ps.  Fantasy is a powerful force in today's world.  You can't talk anybody out of it, but it eventually destroys the economy, and makes people build things that don't work, like a nuclear power station.  Some computer companies force their young wage slaves to work down in bible country because the rent is cheap.  The place is full of failed enterprises, where all the bright people ran away screaming.  Wage slaves aren't very bright, but they are warm bodies.  Thus, the entire bible belt is emptied of intelligence.  The Big Hair ladies don't care that there are no jobs, they still bother the remaining young people, who are trapped.  Climate fantasy has cost the world economy trillions, but there no hard effect yet.  This fantasy has caused all the US natgas to drain out, so there will be an effect when it stays cold.  Europe is a basketcase with all the climate backlash.  Russia is smiling, so fantasy does have an effect.

pps.  This is a different explanation of Polar Claus, and his gift.  I've read about 5 of them, since it has never been measured, it's fair game for everybody.  The previous explanation stated it was the Lower Polar Vortex, and this one states upper.  Who knows? 

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