Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Death claims the caterpillars


There's a totally buggered Pixel panorama.  The oak trees all have little buds.  All catties have succumbed to the plague.  Not one is alive and no cocoons.  Yeah!  It probably was the intense cold and rain, and very weird weather.  The pine trees are very thin, but shouldn't die.  We have young pine trees completely stripped, and we'll see.  

ps.  the weather is nice, but I am surprised how little traffic there is on the lake.

AI generates meaningless slogans by the fistful


Along with collapsing buildings and 'climate change', the modern era gives us an endless source of slogans to march to.

I remember the great slogan "The Medium is the Message".  That was so trendy at one time.  We had a first-edition paperback that had the title "The Medium is the Massage".  I wonder which was the most meaningful.  

Continental Extreme Summer Heat


This is the time for extreme summer heat on the dry land mass.  If we have active ocean plumes, then there is some moderation.  But the Pacific plumes have totally stopped, leaving the mid continent in stagnant air.  This is sometimes called an air dam, or heat block.  

We have cold blocks in the Winter.  I think the physics supports that they are objects, since there is a very dense air mass.  These things can descend and part the ocean breezes.

However, I think the heat block is merely the absence of breezes.  I can't see it as an object since the air is less dense.  That's some good physics to explore there.  When we have a short or long ice cycle (age), we can always count on a hot summer.  The breezes stop, and we have pure solar heating.  That's when being near the Great Lakes is a benefit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Physics of Building Collapse

 We shall follow the Scientific Method.  It will terminate at the hypothesis stage with possible Method.  Nobody will fund this because the SM always challenges power structures based on belief.


All building collapse is caused by fatigue due to live loads or previous major loading events.  As the building softens, it accumulates more fatigue.

Definitions and Assumptions

We are following all known physics laws.  Fatigue is something that can be experienced by all materials.  Basically, any material can be loaded to a point beyond elasticity.  As long as a material is elastic, it is only stretching atomic bonds, and can be loaded in this manner forever.  Think of your grandfather's hammer that was only used for cracking nuts.

Once the material is loaded into the fatigue zone, there are irreversible changes, such as micro-cracks or crystal boundary shifts.  The material can be loaded for thousands of cycles, but once it is cracked through and through, it fails catastrophically.

Concrete has the added complication of ageing.  Aggregate can slowly react.  Salt can come out of the stones, etc.  We had dams that expanded excessively, and had to wire-saw them.  This usually does not affect the overall strength, but it is a factor.


The hypothesis has been formulated in such a manner that it can be tested and failed.  This is unlike most philosophical tenets of the 'Philosophy Science' followers.

You cannot go to the material after collapse, since it has been shattered.  You do not have a record of the progression of fatigue.  There is some good physics that can be done, but that requires funds from people who have an interest in remaining ignorant.  It's best to say that it is all 'God's Work' or 'Climate Change', which are equivalent.

Giant Soft-Storey Condos Come to Burlington


There's something wrong in the physics of engineering, as I have always said.  This is a common state, since we always learn something new with every big collapse.  Might as well say the Sun will rise.

However, this collapse really exposes the mismatch between perception and reality.  All the pre-damage they were talking about is classic surface rebar corrosion of the Gardiner Expressway type.  Nothing that would lead to the collapse.  There has to be some more physics here.  

All buildings have a built-in seismic capacity, which is defined as what it will take to damage the building in terms of peak ground velocity - PGV.  As the sc approaches zero, you will get static collapse.  So, we know that old Florida buildings have a very low seismic capacity.  Apparently, they claim that Hurricane Andrew raised the building standards.  Perhaps they are up to 10 cm/s, since wind loads and seismic loads are similar.  I tend to doubt it, but there are only sinkholes in Florida, and no earthquakes.

Buildings should not collapse with an earthquake, hurricane or sink hole.  People should be able to get out.  We saw this with the big Chile earthquake, the buildings tilted, and in one case tipped over, but they were intact.  You only had to worry about your Grand Piano rolling over you.

Unfortunately, Chile exposed the dangers of the latest trend in condos - soft storeys and transfer slabs.  For Toronto, a rock foundation solves many problems, but these Burlington towers are right on the Hamilton fault.  I've written the scenario for this fault.  It let go with an M7 a few thousand years ago, and has the usual 1 in 10,000 per year of going again.  The history is written in the topography, and the disturbed sediments in Lake Ontario.  Nobody cares.

These towers are to be built on the hanging wall of the fault.  The pgv is expected to be a record-breaker of 1 m/s, and nothing can withstand that.  But, in world without physics, we go on living memory, and stories from our grandparents.  No earthquakes there.

Anyway, with the Great Toronto Real Estate Collapse upon us, I doubt the towers will be built.  No need for more 'coin laundry' empty suites.  :)

ps.  all buildings that have collapsed passed inspection.  Even the most horrible exposed rebars are fixed by plastering on a new coat of concrete.  Is there something wrong here?  The most famous is the Churchill NZ collapse, totally passed inspection, and a pile of rubble the next day.  These buildings die of fatigue from previous loads, be it storms, parties, or earthquakes.  Totally invisible damage.  Expect to see more of this.

pps.  lots of identical buildings about.  Will they accept the phoney assurances of inspection?


I think that nobody cares for these people.  The first building inspector is using the 'Stupidity Defence' of not remembering anything.  No inspectors or engineers will undermine this defence in the US, since they sue anybody and their dog.  And the new buildings will use the 'That was then, and this is now.' defence.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Ocean currents - same old


Not much in ocean-land.  The current is stuck in the middle, and it is not doing any heat energy work.  Everything is cold.  I'm just doing this for a reference.

Climate stories confined to Western North America


Now, we are buried by the fish wrap of climate stories.  But, there is only one warm spot on the map, and all the stories are coming from there.  Everywhere else, it is freezing.

The Pacific Ocean has no heat energy.  The heat machine is broken.  All that western heat is from stagnant air.  Without ocean breezes, the default is hot, hot, hot.  The heat in Toronto is also mostly a stagnant air thing.  

The big question is what stupid thing they will do now, to fight natural cycles.  In Canada, we just pile on more taxes.  In the US, they can't get enough tax to fix crumbling infrastructure.  If they let buildings collapse, just wait for bridges.  

ps. yeah, we found the new stupidity thing 'Energy Justice'

pps.  totally stagnant dryish air.  No lakes to moderate things.  I wonder if there actually is a physics limit on how high things can get.  When it's in the mountains you also cut down on clear-air convection.


omg!  a perfect solar furnace.  One temperature in the world surely confirms climate change!

LInux - The fun of Zoneminder


Zoneminder has allowed me to get a very cheap no-name starlight camera and use it as a monitor.  I have it on continuous record with a flush for events more than one day old.  It labels each video section with a 'score' on how much action there is.  It's great for seeing raccoons at 2 am.  

On Linux, it has gone merrily for years, but once in a while there is a big 'storm'.  Then it craps out, and there is no way to get it working again.  I had it off for 2 weeks, while I tried everything.  Like all of Linux, it suffers recurring bugs on updates.  Everything I had, I could find off and on in the old posts, all ending with 'a new update fixed it'.  

Finally, I flushed everything.  When you use Debian Unstable, you must keep the operating system on a separate ssd, and everything important on other disks.  Then it worked again, like magic.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

LInux - the 76 person zoom call

 I put zoom on my tiny little linux media computer.  It ran for 2 hours before the graphics blew.  A hard reset was needed.  I think the little fan wasn't enough.  And you have to think what it goes through to run zoom.  All in all, I was impressed.

Summer has set in


Our summer is defined by a 'heat lock'.  That's when the Pacific plumes can't get to us.  The West coast has that now.  The only weak Pacific plume is going north and zooming down, in a more winterish pattern.  However, right now our heat is from Collapsed Miami.  In July we should have our own heat lock and sweat.  I couldn't even take the dog walk this morning.  blah.

The UK hasn't had much summer yet.  Without the Gulf Stream, they are enjoying being Labrador.  They should go into a July heatlock soon, and then we'll hear again from the warmie press.  

Don't forget that in the winter we get the 'cold lock' .  This is all a result of a cold Pacific.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Everything any engineer says about Miami will be in a lawsuit


There's more money pouring in for lawsuits than was every used to fix this building.  This engineer had nothing substantial to say.  Apparently, everything in the report is typical for the area.  All the buildings are corroding due to sea salt.  Neat.  

And the mayor was saying there was no sign of foul play because there was no bomb.  Could there be foul play in the construction?  Maybe not because the building was up for 40 years.  But that concrete crumbled like sand and the rebars pulled out smoothly.  Was that normal construction for 1981?

I may have said something before, but now I retract it.  This was a perfectly normal building for the area.  Nothing abnormal caused the collapse.  The regular inspections are perfectly fine.  This has no bearing on how US buildings would perform in an earthquake.  Nope.  

Now, if we lived in a world with physics, we would assume it was a comment on all the buildings.  The Scientific Method would tell us that the assumed physics is wrong.  We would put accelerometers on the buildings and look how they softened over time.  There would be accurate measurements of displacements and cracking noises.  The building would have actually have been evacuated before the collapse.  People and owners would have paid attention to the physics.  But, that's a story for another universe.

Ozone story gets no traction


Electroverse brought this up, but when I looked at the news sources, I couldn't find it.  Probably unbelievable even for the warmies.  

This is just standard story-making after the fact.  nasa started this story, and it was so successful that they went on to the greenhouse gas story.  They made out like bandits.  Now the ozone hole is bigger than ever, and the apologists come pouring in.

The ozone hole is purely a temperature thing, and has no impact on anything, since it has done its thing for all time.  The scare was a product of measuring something you couldn't measure before.  la la.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Getting from Nowhere to Nothingville in no time, and no chance


Going from the non-physics of Miami, we enter this la-la land.  Physics has been banned from the world because it is a wet blanket on dreams.  We must simply wait for disaster upon disaster.

The physics for this is bad.  However, it is cute.  I can't wait to follow it for a few years, until it rolls up and dies.

UK coldest June on record


Just had to put this in.  They've had the coldest months on record for the whole year so far.  They are going for the coldest year on record.  Yet, is anybody asking for the physics here?  Nope, it's just a 'cold snap' soon to be over.  :)

Miami Condo Collapse - Engineering


This was a total pancake to dust.  It's like the old Soviet blocks in the Armenian earthquake.  No building code allows this to happen, so we have to make some criminal assumptions.  Don't forget that all drug cartels launder money through these towers.  And Toronto.

I have said that all cities have the same seismic risk of destruction, because the low zones become really slack.  This is a collapse with no earthquake, the ultimate slackness.  Had the building been monitored, it would have shown a lot of displacement before the collapse.  Would the building owners have done anything? 

So, we are probably looking at sandy concrete, and a lack of steel.  For Toronto, this is what will happen with a big earthquake in Hamilton, at about 1 in 10,000 chance per year.  We, most likely, won't have total dust pancakes.

ps.  as contrast, the big earthquake in Chile had most of the condos tilting, and some fall right over.  No dust pancakes.

pps.  I hope the remaining buildings are closed.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

More cold blobs


We're getting one day of warmth, and then it's cold and rainy for a week.

The ocean currents map still shows the Pacific half organized, but no heat.

If you want to know where the next 'heat wave' story is coming from, just look at the anomaly map.  The big western heatwave that filled the presses last week is gone.  No comments from the climate gods, since this was supposed to last 'forever',  They could go for Russia, but nobody cares.

ps.  cold stories still outnumber warm stories by 10 to 1.  But you never read the cold stories on the media.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Climate Gods Running to Tenure


This is what I would do.  It's the best.  Secure long-term jobs while you're at the top.  This will ensure that nobody ever uses the Scientific Method again.  They can block all physics to show how wrong they were.

As the world cools into an ice age, they can just clam up and never say anything.  It is best to let all these disasters fade away.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

STEM is now STEAM learning

 Grumpy Rant:

I hated the concept of stem learning.  They leave out the Scientific Method, and go for 'consensus'.  Blah.

But it's okay now, because we've added The Arts and now it's STEAM learning.  That's everything, and they might as well go back to just 'Learning'.  What could they add?  Sports?  STEAMS learning?  

Or 'HOT STEAM' and throw in 'climate change'.  

Monday, June 21, 2021

Cottage report - cold air comes


I won't mind a couple of days of Winter June if it kills the caterpillars.  Cold and wet should bring out the plague for them.  

We're ready for a big storm.  If the power cuts out, we'll go home.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Peak Caterpillar

 The gypsy moths have eaten everything.  They are making their cocoons.  blah

The small pine trees may be the worst off.  The oaks will recover.  They are making cocoons high on the oak trees, so I can't scrape them off.  I'm just hoping for their plague.

ps  soooo many of them!

Cold air gets shoved over


The Pacific is finally generating some plumes that hit North America.  This is fine Pacific warmth that gives the West some moisture.  

The UK is seeing cold, rainy weather.  Poor them.

Friday, June 18, 2021

RSS global temps stay down


Yeah, rss came through.  Very late, but appreciated.  The new result just skids along the bottom

The continental US has taken a huge dive.  We'll just call that a 'cold snap' shall we?

Another air glacier descends


This could stunt the tomatoes and cucumbers, but mostly for the mid-continent.  I have faith that our Great Lakes can stop it.

Electroverse has his usual take on it.  He puts in a lot more effort than I ever do.  He is on a mission, and I just want to fish.  

One point he makes that I always do as well, is the funny scene of warmies explaining this.  To them, it's just another 'cold snap' brought on by warming.  They've given up on 'dancing jet stream', and 'polar vortex fairies', and have just gone with ignoring it all.  

nasa has taken their usual option of stopping time at 2019

ps.  the heat wave will be very short.  They'll ignore the cold wave.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Earth is Venus


40 years ago nasa was in a pit of despair.  They started the ozone scare to pump things up.  Unfortunately, their own atmospheric physicists pooh-poohed that with lab experiments.  nasa got rid of them by closing the Venus efforts, and transferring all venus guys to the earth department.  Mr. Venus became the head.

That's when the famous climate-gate people started with their spurious correlation, but they needed a mechanism.  Mr. Venus said "Earth is Venus, because that's all I know."  And he invented the term 'Greenhouse Gas" for Earth.  The mechanism was impossible because the Earth's atmosphere was highly convective.  But they stopped looking at convection.

Now, we are getting cold again.  The physics points to ocean current instability as the cause for cycles, but the stories can support sunspots, and I'm fine with that.  Who needs the Scientific Method when we have stories?  So, nasa is running back to Venus, so they won't face the Earth music.  When we all freeze, they'll just say "That's so yesterday, let's look at Venus!"

We have no action from the Pacific.  Last year, we still got some plumes hitting us from the 'Heart of Warmness', the far west.  This year, they are so weak, they don't hit us.  The 'Great Pacific Heat Engine' is dead.  All our warmth and rain is coming from the Atlantic Belt.  Sucks for the West.

ps.  the Antarctic is at record cold, and I suspect the ozone hole is bigger than ever.  It depends on temperature and nothing else.  However, they've obscured the historical trends, and I suspect that's what they will do in the future.  Rewrite history.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Europe is Texas


Funniest story of the week, thanks to Electroverse.  If you like Philosophical Science by stories, check him out, and pay the poor guy.

So, a long time ago, Pootine funded the euro-left out of his own Panama Pockets.  He felt sorry for them, and they closed all the perfectly fine nuclear plants.  Now, he trickles out natgas to keep them from freezing.  This allows him to have all sorts of fun, invading countries.  If Europe says anything, they freeze.

Right now, all the gretas are huddling over their coal fires, the only thing left to them.  They pay a huge tax, which comes back as subsidies.  A wonderful life.

ps.  since none of these protesters are employable, they must live off welfare, or get money.  I'm thinking of a 'Protest Portal' where you shove in bittycoin.  The first line you get to choose - "Left" or "Right".  The left is for pootine, the right is for the cokey guy.  Trumpyguy is broke.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

All global warmth gains wiped out since 1997

 If you recall, I have stated that the 1997 El Nino was the start of the Great Pacific Heat Dump, when we exited from the 70-90's cool, and went to a 'hockey stick' of warmth.  If you remember your Grade 9 math, which is beyond the warmies, you will know that all sinusoids have an exponential growth for a short while after the bottom.  This is then followed by a linear section, and then the 'Great Fall'.

If we magnify and use the noaa smoothed curve, then we have plunged below the peak of 1997.

In Toronto today, you are experiencing 'Winter June'.  Very nice.  Luckily, the hot Gulf air is coming in fast.  Such a war between the two.

Our global temps are plunging so fast that it resembles the start of the Little Ice Age, which is only captured in diaries.  But, it came very fast, and the whaling islands north of Holland became iced in during the winter.  This was a great surprise to them, and it happened this year.

I am happy to report that the Pacific current is trying to get up off the ground.

This is starting to give us a warm line on the sea temps anomaly plot.

The Pacific Belt is a giant heat engine, and when it is going full blast, it gives us a warming cycle.  If the 'restart' goes well, then we'll 'bottom out' in just 20 years, and go up again, like the 70's.  If it fails to start then the probability is increased for a major ice age cycle.  Remember that I define the cycles as extreme cold, but no continental ice advance.  That only happens every 10,000 years when the isostatic rebound is complete, and the ice zones are highlands again.

Please note that I have never 'denied' the dogma of the warmies.  They control the world, and are happy to do what they want.  Let's give more power to China and Russia.  They are nice people, and they paid for all the wonderful 'anti' movements.  

The bidenarmy is bogged down, and Texas is happy to get another big freeze.  Our lefties have killed a lot of people, but these people don't buy the things that support the media.  

ps.  no amount of freezing will stop the warmies, there is just too much money and power at stake.

pps.  the warmies are happy in that Addendum #32 to the original assertion states that 'Cold is Warming', or that any extreme cold is due to 'climate change'.  We will soon have 'Addendum #33', that global temperature curves can plunge due to carbon dioxide.  If people love 'Science by Stories', then everything is golden.

more:  it's a bit sad that rss has left the building.  They make no money releasing the global temps, and they probably get a lot of hate.  noaa has to release results, but they hide the results in their PR statement.  But rss is always the same as noaa, and spencer shows a blip up, which might be because of the Pacific renewal.

Falcons on the lake are happy

 Cold weather has settled on the lake for a while, and we went home.

Very cutie falcons this year.  We stay 50 ft away, but they are happy.  This is a very successful breeding pair, always 2 or 3 every year.  The yearlings stay close for the summer, giving out a lot of noise, and hoping to steal some food from mama.

There are no seagulls around the place.  Mama can bring in semi-live rabbits.  The babies seem to double in size every day.

Monday, June 14, 2021

NOAA reports a cold May

 May is way down in the global temps.  

However, they will broadcast in their monthly report "May is 7th warmest on record!".   Then, everybody will be happy.

ps.  it was a close shave for 6 or 7, but they went with 6.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Arctic ice lingers


This is exciting.  The melt curve is defined mostly by solar input and tropical plumes.  All lines are parallel at this point.  This time, however, the lines are crossing, and that hasn't happened in a long time.  That\s because the Arctic is much colder than normal.

We are due to get some of that soon.  Hope it doesn't kill the cucumbers.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sea level rising -- not!


The only stable noaa tide gauge shows sea levels plunging.  Yet, they continue the myth because it makes money.  Truth or legend -- print the legend.

This is the only warmie news right now.  Everywhere, it is cold.  We had a June heatwave that didn't make the news, and now it's back to a cool June.  

We are all cold.  Northern Russia is warmer than normal, but it is still freezing.  My 2 sites for world temps are slow.  When I see the noaa results, I'll predict their warmie report.  :)

Cottage Report - Gypsy moths clear out the leaves


That's our nice white oak.  All the leaves are gone.  Most of the oaks are the same.  We had this 30 years ago.  The oaks have put money away for a rainy day, and will recover.  The moths will get attacked by fungus and parasites.  That's why we planted a lot of pine trees 30 years ago, so we would have some shade when the plague came again.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Alberta goes to the deep end


I was always hoping that the alberts would embrace the Scientific Method, and go with hard physics.  A mere million could deal with the false concept of greenhouse gases.  Then they could merrily sell their oil and gas by pushing methanol fuel.  

But no.  They were consumed by conspiracies, and now have taken the plunge into la-la land.  Sad.

ps.  the schemes have no physics.  It's just something to get money out of the feds, who don't do physics.  That's the thing about all the warmie schemes, they lack physics, because, to throw in physics is the end of everything.  :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

NOAA national plots show cold

 They only have the nationals out right now.  The world temps will be out in a day.

This plot shows continued cold.  That's why the cucumbers froze.  For most of the month, the US showed cold temps on the world anomaly plot.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Russia destroys the Internet

 Ha, not really, why would they kill their cash cow?


But they are desperate for cash.

For something completely different that was not worth its own article, the Pacific current is starting up again.  It's been starting in fits and starts for a while now.  If the engine starts up, then the cold spell is minimized, the alternative is difficult to think of.

ps.  all fixed now.  No sign of Russian involvement, although they'd be too afraid to say.  :)