Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Europe is Texas


Funniest story of the week, thanks to Electroverse.  If you like Philosophical Science by stories, check him out, and pay the poor guy.

So, a long time ago, Pootine funded the euro-left out of his own Panama Pockets.  He felt sorry for them, and they closed all the perfectly fine nuclear plants.  Now, he trickles out natgas to keep them from freezing.  This allows him to have all sorts of fun, invading countries.  If Europe says anything, they freeze.

Right now, all the gretas are huddling over their coal fires, the only thing left to them.  They pay a huge tax, which comes back as subsidies.  A wonderful life.

ps.  since none of these protesters are employable, they must live off welfare, or get money.  I'm thinking of a 'Protest Portal' where you shove in bittycoin.  The first line you get to choose - "Left" or "Right".  The left is for pootine, the right is for the cokey guy.  Trumpyguy is broke.

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Penny said...

"European utilities are using more coal as natural gas inventories are unusually low for this time of the year due to a cold snap in late winter and early spring"

Cold snaps. So if it was "human forced global warming" this wouldn't be a problem.;)