Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Atmospheric physics finds increased chance of sunburn at 80 below


Yeah, they blew the story that ozone is at a record low when the Arctic temperature is at a record low.  At one time this was regarded as more of a hazard than the Carbon Warming Hypothesis.  We were all going to die at 80 below because of sunburn, and all those lovely lettuce plants would suffer.  That's why they made up all sorts of stuff, and got lots of money.

These people are investigating.  Unfortunately, they are constrained by the PR department on what sacred cows they can attack.  We won't be hearing much more from these guys.  

ps.  this also shows why nobody can use the Scientific Method.  A great hypothesis would be that the hole varies with stratospheric temperature.  They could study and prove or disprove.  Instead, they are 'observing' and going 'La, la, big ozone hole, give us money to look at it more.'  :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Time to Harvest Cannabis

 This is exciting, my one plant is huge this year, it has a 2 inch stalk.

The little hairs are now slumped.

You can see the difference on a few buds left that are still going.

But these will slump in the cold weather.  

This has 2.4K views.  I expect this will now take me a full day.  This variety is medical.  The young uns (30ish)  made some cookies with it at the cottage and expected to have an all-night big party.  They were all asleep by 8 pm.  They felt great in the morning, but this is not a party drug.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cottage report -- September 24, 2020

 We've gone up on Thursday because of the really nice weather.

The colours are just starting.  

Friday we gathered mushrooms

We walked to the quaking bog, but I didn't catch any fish.

This tiny bog-lake has fish that are all the same age.  Right now they are only 6 inches.  That's because fish are their only food.  In past times, the fish all got big before they starved themselves out.  You could just cast and catch a fish.  It needs a few more years, and it probably has regular oxygen starvation in the winter.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ocean patterns indicate a standard 80's Autumn

 We'll have a nice fall, with no Halloween.  Summer is the time that all ocean plume activity stops for Canada, and we get the 'dead air' summer.  This is nice, warm and dry.  We'll only get water when the Gulf of Mexico decides to send some humid air.  I can't complain about this summer.

The West Coast gets dry when no plumes are hitting it, as we have right now.  

It's fun to say 'la la la climate change', but no real effort is put into that.  The Pacific is now quite cold, and that means the tropical plumes must start from the far west.  

Winter is the time when the tropical plumes sail through.  Last year the middle Pacific was hot, and we had a mild winter.  Not now.  I find it strange that everybody is predicting a cold winter, but spouting about carbon warming at the same time.  I suppose that year after year, everything will be blamed on the jet stream.

Buy your winter clothes early, could be a rush on them.

Right now we are getting direct air from the west.  When that changes to north-west, then brrrr....

ps.  The guardian will have to turn up the heat as they go on and on about carbon warming.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How long can remote work last?

 Let's imagine there is no more office, and everybody works remotely.  How long can this last?

As I have mentioned, offices used to be held together by mountains of paper.  For the last ten years, offices were essential for gigabit ethernet and internet.  Now what?  In our neighbourhood, the semi-boomers are fleeing to the remote woody-woods, selling their houses, happy to rely on high-speed connections.  30 years ago, the Economist called it 'The Death of Distance".

The office symbolized cohesiveness.  Everybody suffered the same things:  bad traffic, jammed subways, nasty office politics, etc.  Always something to grump about.  Lots of flirtation, lots of marriages, lots of gossip.

These people are scattered and can hold together for another year.  They can't even have parties, because nobody can interact with masks on.  No smiles, no nudge-nudge, wink-wink.  It was always the office against the world.

These people in the woody-woods are exactly the same distance away as somebody in India.  Will the companies start hiring through zoom?  They actually do, since that's how my son was hired.  The future belongs to the companies who can figure all this out.  With the young-uns, the dream was to have a downtown job, now what?

I remember when the old company moved the office to the boonies.  We all had to go, and work in a truck yard.  Can you still do that?  All the new employees were sleepy locals with a short commute.  

I'm just saying that this is something to watch for the next year or so.  The only commonality that we Canadians will have is a horrible winter.  All the new employees won't have that.  The country will break apart with everybody yelling at each other.  Wait!  We already have that.  :)

ps.  the tax definition of an employee is someone who sits at a desk in the office.  We always had to get rid of these people after a year.  What is it now?

Darlington Unit 2 running at full blast

 Well, I was wrong.  I thought that a total disregard for physics would make the Darlington refurb a total disaster.  But, they managed to hide the overruns and fired it up at a piss-poor 850 MW.  Wonderful.  At one time we thought to get 950 or 1000, but it was derated a few times because of the vibrations, and the horrible fuelling machine problems.

It lasted 30 years with constant fixes to the heat exchangers, and now it will last another 30 years.  Bravo to all those people.  My pension is secure.

This ends any bitchin' I have about the station.  And here I thought they were keeping horrible Pickering going longer because Darlington wasn't working out.  Wrong again.  Since I am constantly wrong, I feel that all the nasties can ignore me.  Thank you.

A face shield is good enough for Covid

 The covid response was always botched up by a lack of physics.  It just joins the long list of screw-ups in our world without physics.

Today, at Costco, they were obligated by their local idiot health inspector to tell people that face shields weren't as good as masks.  This crap comes from cough tests with dummies, by dummies, which shows that droplets can swirl around the mask.  Hello?  Can you use the mask afterwards?  It is splotched by gob. Who is going to cough or sneeze uncovered with a face mask.  All the spread is from gobby speakers with particles shot directly into the eye.  The virus has a half-life outside in the air.  Do they know what a half-life is?

I finally cleaned our face shields, which we got from a car-parts company which turned to face shields during the worst of it.  All the gobs (very difficult to clean) were on the outside.  Can you imagine what your eyes endure every day?

One little particle shot with force into your eye is sufficient.  People who wear glasses don't show up in hospitals.  It's probably a thousand times less chance to pick up a gob through your nose, or on your hands, because there is a lot of action against that.

We are into a second wave because of physics-less stupidity.  No Christmas parties.  Pooey.  If we just got eye coverings for everybody who wants to go to a party, we wouldn't have all this trouble.  You can flirt with a clear eye covering.  As we are going now, everybody is going to shoot each other by the end of the year.

Red light for Red Eyes


After several months of testing, I am proud to state that red light in the eyes works for old people in the wintery north.  It's about the same as lying in the sun with your eyes closed.

For me, it has resulted in better vision, and less trouble with dry eyes that I get with any screen work, or using my ereader.  I used to go through a lot of eye drops, and now I hardly use that stuff if I remember my routine.  I'm going 3 minutes with strong red light in the morning while I update my Linux computer.  I'm on Debian Unstable, and that's a lot of uploading each morning.

Then I put on my blue light for depression.  I can't put it all together with white light because the iris of the eye doesn't react as much for red light.  Probably an evolution thing.

A red photon hits the mitochondria in the eye and makes them younger.  Quite amazing.  Since nobody ever reads this, I won't go on about the equipment.  I just feel good broadcasting it from my pulpit in the deep woods.  :)

If I am at the cottage, with no sun, I am back to the eye drops.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Cannabis Check


By now, the flowers are nice and juicy.  You can see all the little spots on the leaves if you zoom.  This is 'Hash Plant', about 5% cbd and 12% thc.  This is the ultimate curing plant, makes all those other herbs look useless.  It cures anything 'weird' that is due to inflamation.  Most doctors can't handle that, and if you go to downtown Toronto specialists, they'll give you a big dose of steroids, that make you sick as a dog.

If you got covid, you have to down a ton of the processed oil.  All those weird after-effects are due to inflamation, and covid kills by over inflamation.  We have cured 'old crone' disease, and countless pains and tingles.  If you want to die young, have some chronic inflamation, those free radicals cook you from the inside.  Goes well with the cheap wine from our wine guy, since it probably stops liver inflamation, although if you are a saint you can stop drinking the wine on a cold winter's day.  It's either this oil, or the old 'Don't do anything!'.  :)

By the first of October, or a hard frost, the white squirmy things should be wilting and it's ready to harvest.  Growing your own is a hundred times cheaper than buying, but if you are buying, then get high-cbd buds (with thc) and make your own oil.  We have found that the purified oils are useless, since you probably need all the minor things derived from buds.

**no diagnosis, or claims are made here, and I'm not selling anything.  Have a nice day.

ps.  you drink a lot less wine if you give this oil about 2 hours ahead of time.  A double benefit for the liver.

Explanation for weird weather


This is the 120 hour view of mimic, precipitable water.  It shows how I froze the past week, and now we are getting nice Pacific air.  First, a high tropical plume hit the Yukon, and cold air came down on us.  Next, we have the rare event of a mid-plume smashing into the West Coast, and getting over the mountains.  This is what we'll have soon.

You can also see the hurricane Teddy-Bear.  It is being kept away by the strong north and western plumes. Last winter's pattern saw the plumes axing down and raising the Gulf air.  We now have to see what plume pattern sets in for the winter.

ps.  everybody uses 'magic' as an explanation for the weather.  Weather people use 'La Nina', warmies use the carbon hypothesis, and anti-warmies use sunspots.  No physical mechanisms, because they can't physics themselves out of a paper bag.  The fun part is that all the magic in the world can't stop us from getting colder.  I think it is time, like the UK, to ban all combustion keeping us warm.  :)

pps. and we should give out safety glasses at illegal covid parties.  Physics would indicate that 90% of transmission are gob-bullets shot directly into the eye.  Forget masks.

Just say no.

more:  subtitle -- Rain Triggered by Rain


or maybe -- Rain Triggered by Wet Dogs

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Carbon warming is a failed hypothesis


We live in fun times.  In the beginning there were 2 charts, rising global temperatures, and rising carbon dioxide.  As well, we had the flood of satellite data, which was all new.  (See the backgrounder to the right)

The original hypothesis was boring and broken.  It merely stated that the rise in co2 would act as a thermal blanket and we would have uniform global warming.  That failed, and they continued to 'modify' it, which is not allowed.  Now, it is extreme differences, which means hot and cold, dry and wet.  It's like saying 'black can be white, or even orange.'

This is a good basis for media stories,  but you wouldn't want to build a nuclear plant on that type of logic, but they are anyway. :)  Anyway, this article confirms that on Tuesday, global warming is dry, and on Thursdays, it is wet.  Other times, it is hot in Siberia, and then cold in Canada.

Everything is after the fact, and is useless to predict anything.  Every day they extrapolate, and the day after, they change it.  Global temperatures are going down, but that's the Evil Jet Stream.  I love it, and hope nobody bothers me.  However, I would never 'deny' their religion of the day, too many people are making a ton of money, and they would 'Hamilton Mob' me in a minute, while drinking the blood of dead babies.  :)  (I put in that conspiracy for Pens).

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cottage report -- Sept 16, 2020

 I'm living through a succession of cold fronts.  I am up by myself with the dog.  I know the family misses the dog.   Our North-west pattern of cold fronts has come back with a vengeance.  Right now it feels like a big one coming in.  Yesterday I was so cold I couldn't do anything outside, and stayed in with fire.  To heck with CO2!  

It is excitng that all the media is reporting 'a long, cold winter' while gushing about the carbon warming hypothesis over the California fires.  Is there a disconnect?  Like I've said before, we'll be 10 years into the ice age before somebody is going to go "What the heck?"

thurs.  stinkin cold

Saturday -- temp is -5 at Bancroft.  The lake saves us.

ps.  neighbour had fishing buddies over.  This is a 2 pound smallmouth bass they gave us.  I cooked it perfectly, which is difficult to do.  It was great.  These fish are gamey and one second over or under cooked, and it's not great.

They then caught a 4 pounder, and released it under his dock.  Cooking that would be tough.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Arctic ignores California politics


We love this.  What is real reason for California fires?

After years of partial El Ninos, and beetles, the burn inventory has gone through the roof.  And everybody has to have illegal covid parties in the middle of the woods.  And finally we have our old California drought pattern, which usually means 7 years of drought.

The Arctic ice is coming for us!  That's the temp right above, and the tropical plumes above that.  Look at my backrounder to the right.

All the justifications that we are getting warmer come from the old stuff.  It's cute.  Too bad those extreme right people are so dumb.

ps. darn cold at the cottage.  Cold air is coming down and fueling the hurricane.  blah.

pps.  anybody who questions the carbon hypothesis is now branded a "Climate Assassin"  mass killer of babies.  I'm hiding for now.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Cottage report - Sept 12, 2020

 Darn cold up here.  I have to do a lot of work.  All summer, it was too hot to do anything, and now I'm freezing.

Talking to the neighbours, they are Canadian upper middle class, we are middle-class.  Their daughter goes to a US private vet university, and has friends with US upper middle class.  There is an order of magnitude difference between the levels.  I am amazed.

Sunday - heavy rain.  Hope the electricity stays up.

Friday, September 11, 2020

California fires


Ha, I just did this and had to zoom to the cottage.  I was just thinking of the crusty usgs guy who last year said that these fires have nothing to do with climate.  He was probably kicked out.

ps.  here's the link for the old pushed-out guy

Dinosaurs are coming back!


This chart is quite interesting.  If you look at the data, you realize we are in an interglacial.  Yeah!

But then they just tacked projections onto the end of their chart.

And you have to question the resolution, since it is not showing the other ice advances and interglacials.  Weird, as the geology clearly shows large effects for the past 2 million years.

Anyway, the main point is that they getting out of their element with the projections, and it shows we are entering a new Mesozoic.  These things don't happen without the continents smashing together, and massive volcanism.  See my backgrounder.

Our friend just bought an old Hummer-2.  That's dinosaur-enough for me.

ps here's a chart of glacial cycles.

We have really big swings at 100,000 years and the smaller ones at 10,000 years.  

Bruce nuclear fun starts all over again


I'm not saying much about this, since it is the same old.  And the guy is a nuclear engineer.  

Thursday, September 10, 2020

La Nina Declared

 With the physics of heat flow, this is a non-event, but the weather people go nuts.

The temp anomaly shows cold.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

After a year, change your UVC light

 The covid virus can't stand to be dried, or exposed to oxygen, and/or UVC light.  That's pretty much the same for all viruses, they have various degrees of armor coat.  They are happy in gobs of snot that you spit out into somebody's eyes.  From the physics, I am sure that 90% of covid infections come from a loud-mouth moist speaker into the the other's eyes.  Only one virus needs to make the trip.

It is much harder to pick up the virus through your nose, or touching a surface.  But I address that through uvc air filters.  I have converted two big air filters to uvc.  Air filters are like printers, they are cheap, but the expendables are ridiculously expensive.  I use sheets of electrostatic filter cloth from ammie as the filter, and I install a cheap compact uvc light from ammie.

You can improve the performance of the uvc light by having it shine on titanium oxide, or Titania.  That's a great catalyst for donating electrons to break up globs and destroy critters.  But these bulbs only really last a year.  Technically it's longer, but the glass tubes get really dark.  The only smell is a sense of fresh air.  Don't get the bulbs that produce ozone.  They are for smoky hotel rooms, and you have to get out, since ozone attacks the lungs.

Doing all this probably cuts down the chances of contagion by 5%, but I like the healthy feel of the place, like opening windows which you can't do during ragweed season.  Have fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fleeing Toronto

The young neighbours have sold their house to flee to the north.  Another neighbour bought the house for his son.  Right now, there is a weird pattern to housing.

Our young people visited extreme vegan friends who have located in a huge plot of rock-forest north of Bancroft.  They won't eat anything fertilized by animal manure, and are having trouble finding things to eat even at wholefood's prices.  Wow.  Vegan at 40 below, in the middle of nowhere.  Anybody else would live off the bears.  The bears would love to live off vegans.

Just plain organic food is a lie, and super-vegan is impossible.  There is not enough nitrogen in the world.  I suppose the next ad would be "Fertilized only by the Sahara dust".  Try growing veggies with that.

They are eating white bread.  Perhaps they forget 'organic' and go 'pure chemical'.  That would be tons of pesticides, and nitrogen from the ammonia plant.  Good stuff!  No animal products.

Anyway, all these warmies going north to enjoy a tropical Arctic might get frostbite.  I wish them luck.

ps.  another ad:  "Come to the North!  The Next Florida"  Gives new meaning to 'Snowbirds".  

Old tropical plume pattern is BACK!


This is our standard plume pattern from before the warm spell.  The plume starts from the Western Pacific, zooms up to the Yukon and comes down on us cold as a w***'s t**.  (Can't say that anymore, must rename a mountain).

Unless the Pacific Ocean currents change suddenly, like the one-in-million change last year, we are being set up for one Alberta Clipper after another.  Hope you like 40 below.

ps.  this is the pattern that dries out California until the next El Nino.  Forest fires are on the down-drop of moisture, then there is nothing left to burn.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Cottage Report -- September 4, 2020

 Quite cool up here.  We are thinking of an inside fire.  Winter is coming.

Sunday - had the fireplace going last night.  Did lots of repairs.

by 3 pm it's freezing outside.

Monday:  Successive cold fronts.  We are inside with the fire, will probably go home early.

Toronto's thin housing market is shooting up


The housing market is really thin.  For the few houses turning over in the neighbourhood, we are getting peak prices.  The fashionable thing is to sell in Toronto, and go up North.  Did I ever tell anybody we are going into an Ice Age?  No?

Some of these people think they'll be able to grow grapes in Bancroft, and get Toronto wages for working at a country home.  This paradise cannot last, but people should sell their Toronto house before the banks all run out of deferral money.

A little house around the corner was sold right away and bought by some rich people for their son.  Meanwhile, condos are tanking -- very weird.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Global temperatures static

 Once again, my tide gauge predicted the results exactly.  Global temps are static.

The n&s hemispheres are following their seasons.  There is nothing going on.  The Arctic ice volume is continuing its big cut into historic curves.  It is going to be very difficult for the warmies to come up with something dramatic, except the usual fires and hurricanes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Rotten Dentists Want Money for all Their Troubles

 Wow, the dentists are tacking on another tax for PPE.  I went in for a cleaning and didn't use any PPE, nor caused anybody to don extra masks.  It's all done after your insurance pays.  I was going to slip out the door but they caught me.  It's like a double collection at church!  

Tide gauge shows static temperatures

 This wonderful tide gauge shows all the warming and cooling trends since the 30's

Right now, it is a perfect predictor of the world temperatures that come out on the 6th.  The temperature will be flat, neither rising nor falling.