Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fleeing Toronto

The young neighbours have sold their house to flee to the north.  Another neighbour bought the house for his son.  Right now, there is a weird pattern to housing.

Our young people visited extreme vegan friends who have located in a huge plot of rock-forest north of Bancroft.  They won't eat anything fertilized by animal manure, and are having trouble finding things to eat even at wholefood's prices.  Wow.  Vegan at 40 below, in the middle of nowhere.  Anybody else would live off the bears.  The bears would love to live off vegans.

Just plain organic food is a lie, and super-vegan is impossible.  There is not enough nitrogen in the world.  I suppose the next ad would be "Fertilized only by the Sahara dust".  Try growing veggies with that.

They are eating white bread.  Perhaps they forget 'organic' and go 'pure chemical'.  That would be tons of pesticides, and nitrogen from the ammonia plant.  Good stuff!  No animal products.

Anyway, all these warmies going north to enjoy a tropical Arctic might get frostbite.  I wish them luck.

ps.  another ad:  "Come to the North!  The Next Florida"  Gives new meaning to 'Snowbirds".  

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