Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Time to Harvest Cannabis

 This is exciting, my one plant is huge this year, it has a 2 inch stalk.

The little hairs are now slumped.

You can see the difference on a few buds left that are still going.

But these will slump in the cold weather.  

This has 2.4K views.  I expect this will now take me a full day.  This variety is medical.  The young uns (30ish)  made some cookies with it at the cottage and expected to have an all-night big party.  They were all asleep by 8 pm.  They felt great in the morning, but this is not a party drug.


Penny said...

how tall are these plants?
and do they smell?
neighbour issues?

Harold Asmis said...

This variety doesn't smell until you are right up to it. Some varieties really stink, but I think that's the high-thc type. I kept them trimmed, so they are only the legal 1 m height. The oil is a fantastic healer.