Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cottage report -- Sept 16, 2020

 I'm living through a succession of cold fronts.  I am up by myself with the dog.  I know the family misses the dog.   Our North-west pattern of cold fronts has come back with a vengeance.  Right now it feels like a big one coming in.  Yesterday I was so cold I couldn't do anything outside, and stayed in with fire.  To heck with CO2!  

It is excitng that all the media is reporting 'a long, cold winter' while gushing about the carbon warming hypothesis over the California fires.  Is there a disconnect?  Like I've said before, we'll be 10 years into the ice age before somebody is going to go "What the heck?"

thurs.  stinkin cold

Saturday -- temp is -5 at Bancroft.  The lake saves us.

ps.  neighbour had fishing buddies over.  This is a 2 pound smallmouth bass they gave us.  I cooked it perfectly, which is difficult to do.  It was great.  These fish are gamey and one second over or under cooked, and it's not great.

They then caught a 4 pounder, and released it under his dock.  Cooking that would be tough.


Penny said...

I've eaten small mouth bass and it was pretty good-
but hubby thought we had smaller one at that time
I'm not sure? I just recall a corn meal/flour dredge frying and yummy

Harold Asmis said...

This bass was better than the lake trout, or even the splake in the lake.