Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ocean patterns indicate a standard 80's Autumn

 We'll have a nice fall, with no Halloween.  Summer is the time that all ocean plume activity stops for Canada, and we get the 'dead air' summer.  This is nice, warm and dry.  We'll only get water when the Gulf of Mexico decides to send some humid air.  I can't complain about this summer.

The West Coast gets dry when no plumes are hitting it, as we have right now.  

It's fun to say 'la la la climate change', but no real effort is put into that.  The Pacific is now quite cold, and that means the tropical plumes must start from the far west.  

Winter is the time when the tropical plumes sail through.  Last year the middle Pacific was hot, and we had a mild winter.  Not now.  I find it strange that everybody is predicting a cold winter, but spouting about carbon warming at the same time.  I suppose that year after year, everything will be blamed on the jet stream.

Buy your winter clothes early, could be a rush on them.

Right now we are getting direct air from the west.  When that changes to north-west, then brrrr....

ps.  The guardian will have to turn up the heat as they go on and on about carbon warming.

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