Monday, September 21, 2020

Explanation for weird weather


This is the 120 hour view of mimic, precipitable water.  It shows how I froze the past week, and now we are getting nice Pacific air.  First, a high tropical plume hit the Yukon, and cold air came down on us.  Next, we have the rare event of a mid-plume smashing into the West Coast, and getting over the mountains.  This is what we'll have soon.

You can also see the hurricane Teddy-Bear.  It is being kept away by the strong north and western plumes. Last winter's pattern saw the plumes axing down and raising the Gulf air.  We now have to see what plume pattern sets in for the winter.

ps.  everybody uses 'magic' as an explanation for the weather.  Weather people use 'La Nina', warmies use the carbon hypothesis, and anti-warmies use sunspots.  No physical mechanisms, because they can't physics themselves out of a paper bag.  The fun part is that all the magic in the world can't stop us from getting colder.  I think it is time, like the UK, to ban all combustion keeping us warm.  :)

pps. and we should give out safety glasses at illegal covid parties.  Physics would indicate that 90% of transmission are gob-bullets shot directly into the eye.  Forget masks.

Just say no.

more:  subtitle -- Rain Triggered by Rain


or maybe -- Rain Triggered by Wet Dogs


Penny said...

Interesting sentence from your linked article:

"These results strongly suggest… that these things can occur out of the blue due to internal variability in the climate system,” Dr. Miles said."

I can't argue that there is lots of variability in the climate system. Most of it probably poorly understood. Did you think there to be an error in that and if so, why?

Harold Asmis said...

Honestly, this is the first warmie article where they mentioned variability. Normally they are so certain.