Friday, September 11, 2020

Dinosaurs are coming back!


This chart is quite interesting.  If you look at the data, you realize we are in an interglacial.  Yeah!

But then they just tacked projections onto the end of their chart.

And you have to question the resolution, since it is not showing the other ice advances and interglacials.  Weird, as the geology clearly shows large effects for the past 2 million years.

Anyway, the main point is that they getting out of their element with the projections, and it shows we are entering a new Mesozoic.  These things don't happen without the continents smashing together, and massive volcanism.  See my backgrounder.

Our friend just bought an old Hummer-2.  That's dinosaur-enough for me.

ps here's a chart of glacial cycles.

We have really big swings at 100,000 years and the smaller ones at 10,000 years.  

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