Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A face shield is good enough for Covid

 The covid response was always botched up by a lack of physics.  It just joins the long list of screw-ups in our world without physics.

Today, at Costco, they were obligated by their local idiot health inspector to tell people that face shields weren't as good as masks.  This crap comes from cough tests with dummies, by dummies, which shows that droplets can swirl around the mask.  Hello?  Can you use the mask afterwards?  It is splotched by gob. Who is going to cough or sneeze uncovered with a face mask.  All the spread is from gobby speakers with particles shot directly into the eye.  The virus has a half-life outside in the air.  Do they know what a half-life is?

I finally cleaned our face shields, which we got from a car-parts company which turned to face shields during the worst of it.  All the gobs (very difficult to clean) were on the outside.  Can you imagine what your eyes endure every day?

One little particle shot with force into your eye is sufficient.  People who wear glasses don't show up in hospitals.  It's probably a thousand times less chance to pick up a gob through your nose, or on your hands, because there is a lot of action against that.

We are into a second wave because of physics-less stupidity.  No Christmas parties.  Pooey.  If we just got eye coverings for everybody who wants to go to a party, we wouldn't have all this trouble.  You can flirt with a clear eye covering.  As we are going now, everybody is going to shoot each other by the end of the year.


Penny said...

"As we are going now, everybody is going to shoot each other by the end of the year."

Lots of hostility around thanks to all that fear mongering media coverage...

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, Canadians are really being un-Canadian, sorry. A good hard winter will fix that. :)

Harold Asmis said...

This is a mercer-rant. It's more popular than most of my articles, but it makes me feel bad.