Sunday, March 31, 2024

Arctic enjoying record cold

 The Arctic is not going away, like it should.

The temps are in record territory.  

The ice extent should be curving down by now.  

Since I want to garden, I'm not that happy.  The only fun thing is to wait for the 'official explanation' after the fact.  I'm sure it's going to be the Dancing Jet Stream.

ps. the Arctic is still draining all over the UK area.  I'm really surprised at the volume of air.

ps artwork Arctic record cold

Return of the codpiece for old men


(yum, says the dog, a bone!)

A blue pill a day keeps the Alzies away.  We old guys need to take this, but there is one problem.  Fortunately, we can have a needed fashion change.  Just keep the dang dogs away!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

State of the oceans - March 30, 2024

 The ocean current map has changed it's format to be less dramatic for me to use.  Probably, some pressure.  They are now updating every two days, and five days late.  Another one of my geophysics sources falls by the wayside.

The Gulf Stream has completely turned at Svarly.  This is why that little upper patch is freezing.

The Pacific is unbelievably turbulent.  The energies would be amazing if anybody bothered.

The Pacific belt is now very cold, but it is too soon to declare La Ninny.  That would be too impolitic, and might actually raise questions.  They have to wait until June.

The tropical heating event is over, and the world temps are diving.  

ps. I found this 'hack' for cleaning the alzi-dust-bunnies from your brain.  -- Get the 'things' movie that won the oscars in full 4k, for the giant screen in the basement.  Invite friends and  break out the good Scotch.  Count how many OMG's ring out.  The Scotch is to gloss over the plot holes.  Go to bed after with a huge dose of Cannabis oil, to knock your brain down.  Wake up in the morning with the clearest head you ever had.  I never did it.

Eclipse in a snowstorm

 This is a fun battle - fantasy vs. physics for the long-term forecast of the eclipse.  The fantasy is invoking cold air in Asia, and physics invokes the fact that the Arctic is deflating like a stuck balloon.

The Pacific plumes are stuck in the same pattern we have had for weeks.  This new one hitting Alaska looks like it could set up a clipper.

The Arctic looks like a shrivelled prune, but we saw it come back last week.

All the Arctic air is pouring near the UK, which is saved from freezing by a weird plume eddy from Africa.

If you want to make a fortune selling phoney eclipse glasses on the street, you want our standard Spring pattern of plumes breaking over the Rockies.  That gives us a nice dry Spring.  Not going to happen.

Very difficult to come up with art for this.

The huge snowstorm comes on rapidly, causing people to run and drop their glasses....

Friday, March 29, 2024

The physics of looking at the Sun

 Every time we have an eclipse, the wackies come out and give the impression that there are weird rays that will blind you during the eclipse.

This is one of the roots of the anti-physics movement.  

Humans evolved on the plains of Africa with the equatorial sun.  We do not go blind.  That's because if you look at the full sun, you get instant tremendous pain, so you don't try that again.  

However, for a few minutes with a total eclipse there is a window where idiots can overcome the pain and damage their eyes.  That is a very narrow state and very rare for damage.  Also, idiots can push the pain.

I got the fancy glasses for decoration, but you can count on Toronto being cloudy and rainy in April.  We'll probably have a big snowstorm.  So, don't worry about 'extra rays' killing your eyes, just be normal.  I am uncertain whether there is a time where the natural defences of the eye are 'fooled' by the eclipse.  I doubt it.  When they talk about 'boiling the eyes', they invoke magic.

Arctic unstable

 Just yesterday, it was resurgent, and today there is a huge drain over the UK.

Still cold in Toronto, but yesterday I put on my parka and pruned the apple tree.

ps. art work of Arctic unstable

ps.  and the world temps oscillate down again.  If nooa catches the down at the end of the month, they will be sad.

ps and it is news today that nova zemla (sic) is finally iced in.

Svalbard is almost iced.  This hasn't happened since the Little Ice Age.  However, the Gulf Stream seems to be full blast up here, fighting it.  Can't wait for it to wobbled again.  If that full section fills with ice then we have arrived.  So much fun to have things declared as clange, while we have a full ice cycle.  I would never declare anything against the mythology, and nobody reads me anyway.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Schools sue social media, parents next


This is the lawsuit of the century.  When I was a kid, I watched way too much tv.  Then my boys played too many computer games.  Now the schools are suing.

This is fun.  Our leftwinger schools want everybody to have climate anxiety.  They will go after parents who don't fit into their schemes.  And then they can sue all of society.

I feel for the poor judge that gets this thrown on his desk.  

Arctic settles for full recharge


Nothing going on.  Minor spills are going over the UK and Asia.  I'm surprised that we might get the white light on Greenland, this late in the season.

The Arctic temps are oscillating.  No idea what any of this means, but we are heading to another big April snowstorm.  Don't put away the winter tools yet.


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Polar Vortex Fairies causing trouble


So, the pvf are causing trouble these days.  El No-no was a no-show, and they need charts.

What everybody does is confuse the spin-dance of the tropical plumes with the pvf.  The pvf only live in near-vacuum.  That's why they are so weak, they work like I do - oh my back!

The pvf are also blamed for the biggest ozone hole ever, but we know it's just the cold.

Next, it will be the Dancing Jet Stream, even though it is the same fantasy.  

They'll work though this, and next it will be La Ninny.

Arctic starts another recharge


For my tomatoes, this feels like another bridge collapse.  Apparently, the US likes to build bridges that collapse, it's way cheaper.

Anyway, my one reader, Dry Guy, kept me going.  I have 3,000 hits per day, and it's all AI's.  I hope I really confuse them.  

The Arctic recharges because the plumes have retreated.  We'll have another big spill in April.  Hopefully, that's the last, but who knows?  All the cold weather is being blamed on El No-no.

I have now sworn to never contradict the groupthink, where that is defined as something which spins off on itself without any anchor.  

This is today's art.  Apparently Gemini is finally changing up the format.

"Arctic Recharge"

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Bridge made out of toothpicks collapses


First thing in the morning I'm thinking this is fake.  Who could build a bridge like this and have ships zooming under?

But it's real, and you are seeing what would happen in an earthquake.

ps. artwork

ps.  great fantasy tale here.  Let's say there was a place that dropped all mention of physics, and just lived with stories.  They spent trillions of dollars to embellish the stories for things that were physically impossible.  The real threats, as determined by physics, were left alone.  What if there was a person who used physics to outline these threats?  They laughed him out of the room.

ps.  I have decided that for my sanity, I will assume this is an AI fake.  Can you imaging if something like this was at rush hour.  5000 dead.  So, I reject it, and will sleep at night.  No more comments.

ps. and this is funny.  Used to be they purged all the engineers.

ps.  the new ceo -- "We have to focus on the physics.  The mechanism of climate change is physically impossible, and pigs cannot fly."  He would be out in a second...

ps.  the ship issued a mayday and they could shut the bridge.  Only the pothole guys were there.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Gardening in the time of icicles

 We leave the hurly-burly of people shouting forecasts at us, and enjoy a pastoral scene.  Unfortunately, we have nothing but cold ahead of us, and my gardening is under the lights in my garage.  Today, I transferred some tomatoes out of the seeding flat to the containers with tiny spots for each plant, bought at the dollar store.

These 2 inch partitions assure that the root is confined, and that the plant will not go gangly even if I miss the planting day by a few weeks.  This year, I am fairly sure of a late planting day.

The Arctic has decided to drain and break up over Canada and the UK.  That's because the Pacific plumes are dead.  After January, we had a Mother of All Plumes hit us, and it was the last gasp of our year-long heating event.

We now live without heat.  I have renewed my micro-greens under the lights, and I think we'll be needing them for some time.  

From now on, I will not contradict nosa and nooa about the weather.  They are all about promising more warmth, and they don't even need charts to know that this is true.  They can't live with it any other way.  I am now going out to take in the plants for another freezing night, with lots of rain.

Here is the latest art for my upcoming visit to Yonkers, with the family and dog.  We have a bat mitzvah to go to.

You can see a black and white dog peeking around the corner.

ps. good news that the Arctic has not gone through the graph, and is tickling up a bit.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Weather forecasts end for now

 It's been very cold today, for spring.  I've decided that I will go along with all the groupthink, and set my brain on the shelf like everyone else.

Spring will eventually come.  We'll have stagnant winds and things will be hot.  I will enjoy going to the cottage, and endlessly trying to catch fish.  

I will be peaceful and accept all the stories that they tell.  It is the way of the people.  The doomers will continue to extract money from the anxious woke.  All is as it should be.

My 3 readers will have to find something else to do.  I am playing a game on my new phone.  They should do the same.

Goodbye for now.  Remember that no amount of cold can change the groupthink.

State of the Oceans - March 23, 2024

 Ocean maps from March 21.  Pacific turbulence increases.  Gulf Stream still strong.

The Pacific belt has wild turbulence.  No return currents at all.

The Pacific belt is incredibly cold, but they can't declare a phoney La Ninny yet, it's too soon after the phoney El No-no.  They need to wait another month or two.

This is the map of the straight temperatures.  Very werid.

The Arctic dailies are still plunging.  Will they go right through the whole graph?  The weird tropics heating event is collapsing with no effect on the rest of the world.  This confirms my thought that the tropical heat is collapsing on itself. 

I do not envy the warmie PR machine.  How are they going to find one-day heatwaves now?  

ps.  and here is the art of the freezing Pacific belt

ps.  geez that was cold on the dog walk.  And you can't joke with anybody "Loving that Climate Change", because the articles come back with "No amount of cold will disprove clange."  Ha, no amount of anything can disprove it.

ps Rio was a true one-day heatwave, shot heard round the world.  Day after, it is cold and rainy.

Arctic spills and the last gasp


And the UK gets the same.

I can't see the Arctic coming back from this, but who knows?

Friday, March 22, 2024

Snow for Toronto


Yeah, I'll have to get this tomorrow.  Will use the snowblower.  Much more carbon taking me to the hospital.

Google AI starts to fight climate change myth

 Google is predicting river floods, which requires physics.  So, I asked Gemini a question.

Heat transfer from the Earth's surface primarily occurs through convection.

Here's a breakdown of the two mechanisms and why convection dominates:

Radiation: The Sun's radiation heats the Earth's surface. This absorbed heat then radiates back outward from the surface. However, the atmosphere traps some of this outgoing radiation, contributing to the greenhouse effect. While radiation plays a role, it's less efficient for large-scale heat transfer within the atmosphere.

Convection: As the Sun warms the surface, the ground heats the air directly above it through conduction (transfer by direct contact). This warmed air expands, becomes less dense, and rises. As it rises, it cools and transfers its heat to the surrounding air. This continuous circulation of warm air rising and cooler air sinking is convection. This large-scale movement of air masses is much more effective in redistributing heat throughout the atmosphere compared to radiation alone.

So, although radiation initiates the process by heating the surface, convection is the primary driver of heat transfer from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere.

This is so much fun, can't wait to ask more questions.  All people in atmospheric physics have been destroyed by the warmies, only the AI is left standing.

ps.  from now on, google gemini will write my posts.  Much less work that way...

Toronto at collision zone of cold and hot


We would hope this is it.  I have garden work to do.  However, most likely we have a bit of a rest and then more cold.

ps.  long  cold spring

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Linux - Google News doom-scrolling bug finally cured

 However, I have said this before.  It seemed to be a memory leak, and affecting only a certain number of people.  It was fun looking at all the comments, and googs denying everything.  My cpu regularly zoomed to 100%, and the fan screamed.

Nothing now with the new chrome release.  I hope it sticks this time.

ps. and I just bought the glasses

Media creates more anxiety about anxiety

 I call them 'Merchants of Anxiety'.  

Number one is the guard.  They must create anxiety to live.  

Of course, we have this.

Luckily, a new study confirms that my cannabis oil is the cure.

The study is all into 'pure cbd', but I found that pure cbd oil does nothing.  You need that raw oil with all the extras, and a fair hunk of thc.

So, all you poor woke people.  You've been played for money.  Chillax with the good stuff, stay away from the Scotch, and know that everything has to be cycles or you wouldn't be here to get ulcers.

ps.  here is my art of the day, showing the woke media becoming extinct because none of their readers will have children.

Cold air bounces off the States


Just too late in the season to get down to the states.  This cold is all ours.  

The Arctic is drained and will go into recharge.  But, summer will attack.  No more 50 below.

I don't see a classic Spring pattern yet.  The Pacific plumes seem weak.  

ps.  Calgary has ended its 'One Day Drought Doomerism'.

pps.  everybody is happy