Friday, March 29, 2024

The physics of looking at the Sun

 Every time we have an eclipse, the wackies come out and give the impression that there are weird rays that will blind you during the eclipse.

This is one of the roots of the anti-physics movement.  

Humans evolved on the plains of Africa with the equatorial sun.  We do not go blind.  That's because if you look at the full sun, you get instant tremendous pain, so you don't try that again.  

However, for a few minutes with a total eclipse there is a window where idiots can overcome the pain and damage their eyes.  That is a very narrow state and very rare for damage.  Also, idiots can push the pain.

I got the fancy glasses for decoration, but you can count on Toronto being cloudy and rainy in April.  We'll probably have a big snowstorm.  So, don't worry about 'extra rays' killing your eyes, just be normal.  I am uncertain whether there is a time where the natural defences of the eye are 'fooled' by the eclipse.  I doubt it.  When they talk about 'boiling the eyes', they invoke magic.


Neil T said...

I couldn't possibly comment...

Harold Asmis said...

And is he blind?

Neil T said...

Well he's orange!