Monday, March 4, 2024

Violent air causes trouble

 In Toronto, we are in a nice stagnant pocket of warm air.  Elsewhere on the continent, it is a violent swirl.

That is a lot of air movement.  California still gets the cold stream.

So much cold left in the Arctic, and no real tropical plumes.

The Pacific is taking a holiday.

I don't get much from the video, other than a big mess.

ps.  speaking of violence, on the dog walk today, a pitbull puppy got out on the street, maybe 6 months old, all bouncy.  Stopped all the traffic and knocked an old lady down.  Roxy diverted it with a lot of snarls and I slipped on the leash and said we'll take it.  All the old ladies (right by the home) couldn't handle it.  Such strength!  Such a beautiful love-you-to-death puppy!  Then somebody shouted from the window 'That's my dog!'  I thought thank god, what would I do with it?  Big young male, mob enforcer type.  Pit bulls are bred for too much natural testosterone.  Very nice now, but wait a while.  Then some dad with his kid was saying my dog was off the leash, while watching the whole thing.  Really?  I said I think my leash got wrenched holding that other dog.

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