Sunday, March 3, 2024

Good physics - the MH370 crash


This has all appearance of a good article.  However, they could be making up half the stuff.  Who would know?  Does the media have any honour now?

It rings true for me.  I was one of those who thought the pilot did it, but lots of investigations show there was no physics for this.  It was most likely a lithium battery fire.  If it's only one in a million for a spontaneous lithium battery fire, then if you stack millions of them, you got something.

Sounds like no back-up power for the radios and such.  The fire blew out a hole and then continued to eat all the power cables.  The pilots had a chance to make the first emergency turn, and then died.  It's amazing how long the plane could keep flying after being gutted out.  Like an old wooden ship that had a fire but could still float.

The crash area is full of mud volcanoes.  I can safely say they will never find anything in an area with high-speed sedimentation.  Now, everyday, we have stupid lithium fires, and they pack the GO trains and subways with e-bikes.  Next on the menu will be everything packed with hydrogen.

ps.  the big thing for nuclear plants design was fire following the power cables, along the insulation.  So much work went into modifications for this.

pps. since all the investigation that can be done has been done, you cannot formulate a hypothesis.  You can just do thought experiments.  The hollow-out husk of a plane hit the ocean at high speeds.  Everything was broken up into itty-bitty bits.  These were scattered and sunk, and buried quickly by volcanic mud.  You cannot find anything because the noise field exceeds the signal.  

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