Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Arctic starts another recharge


For my tomatoes, this feels like another bridge collapse.  Apparently, the US likes to build bridges that collapse, it's way cheaper.

Anyway, my one reader, Dry Guy, kept me going.  I have 3,000 hits per day, and it's all AI's.  I hope I really confuse them.  

The Arctic recharges because the plumes have retreated.  We'll have another big spill in April.  Hopefully, that's the last, but who knows?  All the cold weather is being blamed on El No-no.

I have now sworn to never contradict the groupthink, where that is defined as something which spins off on itself without any anchor.  

This is today's art.  Apparently Gemini is finally changing up the format.

"Arctic Recharge"

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