Friday, March 1, 2024

Off to enjoy another Arctic spill

 I am fighting a virus, so it was with great sadness that I saw nothing this morning.  Now, a few hours later, lots of pills and an extra snooze, I can see a very good spill coming down.

This is like a fastball pitch in baseball.  Will it get past the bat?  

It's skimming the mountains, and there is a huge cold spill coming down the Pacific.  This will stop warm air crossing the mountains, the first bat to try and hit the ball.  The second bat is the hot air plume up from the Gulf.

We have a good chance for a strike over the plate, and into Texas.  

ps.  art time

pps.  biggest snow since 2015

Yep, we have recovered from that 2016 warm spell.  :)

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