Wednesday, March 30, 2022

End of physics

 Sorry to my few readers, but Mr. Giggle has caught up to me.  I was sending a movie to my son through gdrive, and they scan the files to keep the movie police off their backs.  I must assume they will cave to the group-think police, and they will scan everything.

It's been a nice run, but you can't go with physics forever without getting hit.  I'll leave the blog up for a while, then I'll shut it again.  Hopefully, I can write to the dead blog, but I assume that I'll be sent to the gulag.

We'll get colder and colder, and the 'scientists' will make up more fantasy stories.  I like fantasy, and I'll never know why I took up this cause of the Scientific Method.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

At least two more clippers coming


That means snow and cold until the middle of April.  Between the cold clippers, we'll have our one day wonders of heat, which the warmies can celebrate.

However, it's a long, cold spring if those Pacific plumes keep hitting high.  We need them to hit straight in if we want a nice spring.

Russia follows the plan

 That's the plan that I predicted.  It's full mud season, and Russia may leave a lot of metal.

It will be a hey-day for scrap dealers.  Every cruise missile launched is something they can't replace.  A loss of 15,000 soldiers is less to feed.  Ukraine will cede the warlord territories, and they can bask in Russian poverty.  

Putin can declare victory and go home.  He can be a great hero, since he writes the script for this farce.  Ukraine is better off without useless nato.  They got enough missiles now to kill the russians ten times over.  

This is the classical end to all despots, sooner or later they try to take Russia, and this is ironic because it's Russia trying to take Mud City.  

Monday, March 28, 2022

Nailing the fluttering butterfly

 It's a philosophical given that a fluttering butterfly can cause a giant storm, or climate change.  This is a gross extrapolation of chaos theory.  Or how you can never smack into a brick wall because you will only halve the distance, and keep on halving it forever.  People like me hit brick walls all the time.


This is on cbc.  I like the support, and I really want to know how long we can call things 'temporary'.  The problem with butterfly philosophy is that you can't measure the dang thing.  This puts it out of the realm of physics and the Scientific Method.  We need to nail that trouble-causing butterfly to the wall, and look at it.

The original carbon hypothesis was just a dream from nahsa.  Like their freon dream, they just threw it out there, and then it became politically important for funding.  The hypothesis was a thermal blanket, like a greenhouse, hence the hilarious concept of an insulating greenhouse with no glass.  There can be no 'greenhouse gases' in a highly convective atmosphere.  Sure, the idea came from Venus, but those are thick, smothering layers.  

The original hypothesis fails with evidence of declining temperatures, since the blankets only do one thing.  And every time there is a measurement against global warming, nahsa always comes up with a new explanation.  Einstein turns over in his grave.

Ocean current report - March 28, 2022

 The current map is dated March 27. 

We have the most beautiful Pacific belt current, but it doesn't mean anything right now.  

That's because it is still very cold.  After a few years of this, they won't call it La Nina any more.  The Atlantic belt is still disorganized.  We'll have a short but hot summer this year, with lots of heat wave stories.  That's because we have no heat energy in the oceans.  It's funny that the colder we get, the sillier the phillies get.  Bidenarmy won't have any natgas to send to Europe, it will be needed to keep the US from freezing.  And 4 billion dollar battery factories will be gathering dust.  

ps.  readership is up to 26 around the world.  Physics is on fire!

Hot and cold waves coming


The plume that gave us this weather has slashed down and started a Gulf plume.  However, another Pacific plume is hitting high.

The good news is that the cold air might finally be breathing its last.  A few more hits and it will shrink back like a ruskie invasion.  

You can see that the surface air from the Gulf is already coming in.  Where it meets the cold, there will be big storms.

ps.  boy, was that brutal on the dog walk this morning.  My fingers are still in pain, since my body has given up on the cold.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

The end of the lithium dream


The warmie philosophical dream involves shifting dependence away from the ruskies and on to China.  We give them enough money and they can invade Taiwan.  Oh joy!

Working with the muskie himself, they are cornering the lithium market.  He'll be a trillionaire, soon.  Yeah!

Alberta better work on the new 'Institute of Anti-Nasa-ism."  It's the only way out.

Full clipper slide


Wow, this is mid-winter weather.  

It's all coming down on us.  The weather people keep ratcheting down the temps.  The prancing ponies of the polar vortex are really busy.  

We might even get another one for April, because the Pacific plumes are hitting high.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Solar Maunder Minimum appears on nearby star


Some people think the Maunder Minimum is extremely important to the Earth.  My opinion is that it has no physics.  That's the same opinion for clange.  For some reason, Sun-like stars enter this phase of no magnetic activity.  Our Sun had this mag hissy fit in 1600.  There is no reason to believe it results in less Solar Flux (heat energy power rating).  There is just philosophy about it.

Our sun is not anywhere near this sort of thing but another star is.  That means we can detect it happening, although never predict it.  It is merely defined as a stoppage of sun spots, which are magnetic disturbances.

I love philosophy, but it's no good for the major questions of the day -- Is the Earth getting colder?  Can Europe survive with no ruskie gas?  Will Toronto have more snow?  These are important questions that only be really answered with physics, although the lip-flappers will always have a go at it.

Poots eases off, you can breathe now

 We now have official word that the ruskie advance has been a complete success, according to themselves.  They just wanted to end the aggression against the lands they stole.

Poots underestimated Western World racism.  They did this to lots of countries, but those guys were Muslim.  He could have done it to any country in Africa, and nobody would have cared.  Previous governments in the 'crane were corrupt commies, and nobody cared when Poots stole the lands.

But they elected a charmer, and became a force.  They were killing young white kids who could sing.  This was worse than killing fluffy white seal babies with cartoon eyes.

It was huge miscalculation and now they want to slink away.  The anxiety merchants are still trying to pump things up by saying the ruskies will start carpet bombing, but they don't have the ability in a field of Stingers.  Any sort of cruise missiles are horribly expensive.

The West will have to throw them the fish of keeping the stolen lands.  They're just full of anarchy and war lords, anyway.  The ruskies have kidnapped 400,000 people and will want some sort of ransom.  This is a game of politics now, and not nuclear war.

The murky world of energy rebates

 It's amazing how often this comes up.  Nobody has looked at the basic physics, or forces driving this whole insanity.

Although I have everything up to date, my other person answered the phone.  No matter how much I scream that nothing good comes over the phone, she had a delightful conversation with a charming lady, scoring very high on the charisma scale.  My other was convinced that this was an official government thing, and that somebody from the government was going to visit us.  Man, what a fight we had.  I hope nobody goes through that.

As I had said, the visitor was an energy auditor.  We had a nice conversation, and I threw him out.  Like the phone lady, he dripped sincerity, and was only paid by the hour.  He was perfectly honest.

So, I looked at the whole thing after the charmers were gone from our lives.  Seems that in order to look good, the gas company has been providing these rebates for some time now.  The physics is that the rebates are too small to be of any use, and they have an onerous burden of needing an energy audit, before and after.

That energy audit takes up the whole rebate, so where's the money?  It's in selling new furnaces, and such, with a huge markup.  No reputable installer touches this.

It continues -- Nothing good comes over the phone.

Cold air blob becomes a monster


I think the weather guys are in for a surprise.  They aren't taking this seriously.

This is every last speck of cold air pouring down on us. 

As predicted, this is cold, clear with a lot of momentum.  It will knock the socks off of natgas prediction.  

ps.  the 1 day forecasts are diving.  These guys are hopeless.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Natgas finally zooms


Those traders only look out their window for the temperature, and they totally believe the gretas.  I always thought that's why they would be caught.

Storage is still diving to the bottom of the tank.

When this huge cold blob hits, watch it go right down.  At the same time, the lng shipments are increasing to save Europe from Russia, but I don't think that's significant compared to cold.  This cold spell will zoom things, and heaven forbid there should be another one after that.  I think it's likely.

The degree-days will be high this year, and higher next year.  And the warmies have stories, which are more powerful than physics.  

Last of the 50 below air on the move


The last clairslide, or cold blob is on the move and heading to Toronto.

That Pacific plume did not slash down, but stayed up.  This acts as a big ice cream scoop.

That surface air shows a lot of momentum.  There's nothing to stop it. So, don't put away the snowblower yet.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Pop-up Weddings

 Neat.  The end of covid brings up the accumulated wedding situation.  Now, we have 2 hour weddings on the clock, like time sharing.  Some of the kids are thinking of this, it's a great party.  Amazing.

Ocean current report -- March 24, 2024

 The currents are dated March 22.

We have the Atlantic belt as non-existent, which continues from last week.  When something this weird happens, you think it isn't real, but if it persists, then it's real.

The Pacific current is still strong, but all the heat is up against Central America, and that's disorganized.  The current is still bringing up cold water.

The sea temperatures show that the Atlantic is warmer than the Pacific, but everything is under attack from cold southern waters.

There is a little heat zone in the east Pacific, but it's not a full mechanism to bring up world temps.  We can expect world temps to be down again.  Noaa doesn't splash world temps any more.  There was a splash on Arctic ice as '10th lowest'.  Ha.  I have noticed that they don't go beyond 10.  That would be just too silly.  :)

ps.  if we don't want an ice age, we are looking for 'heat mechanisms' of unusual physics.  When these things show up, we have a bump in world temps.  I've seen the full length (2016), half length (2019), and quarters.  The Pacific is getting colder and colder, and has gone beyond the definition of 'La Nina'. Most likely, both ocean belts are going to get fed with Antarctic water, and this will be a major ice cycle, such as the Little Ice Age.  Thus the global temps become as defined as earthquakes, meaning we can look at energies.

The City of Toronto got 'overwhelmed' by snow this year, and they want to 'predict' future snow loads.  This can't happen with 'clange' which only describes things after the fact.  If the world believed in physics, then I would tell them we are back in the 70's, and it's time to build a new super-snow-melter, but make it electric -- Ha!

Ugly mess of winter coming down


This is the messiest.  We have a 'wet clipper' coming down.  All winter we've had standard clippers, which are cold, clear air.  We want to have Pacific air coming straight west, which drowns BC but leaves the rest of us dancing.  Now, everything is mucked up.  Neat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

New work model out of California

 This was inspired by the kids showing up from callie.  The old work model in the East, and the old company, was to stollinize the technical ghetto by making it more and more miserable.  They got rid of cubicles and went to 1800's school benches and work houses.  All the computers lined up in a row, with 2 feet per person.  This was a disease factory, and I wonder if they'll go back to it.

Then there was a total separation of 'power people'.  These people could advance by sucking-up, and frequent job changes.  The techies could never change jobs.

This abuse is shattered by covid, and, as well, it gave rise to great stupidity.

The power people hoarded their schmoozing and company lunches.  They met with sales-schmoozers and made horrible decisions.  Under this model, the techies want to just zoom, and be replaced by people around the world, who hardly speak English.

I would propose giving the techies social and schmoozing lessons, and let them meet clients and vendors.  It would get them back into the office.  This would also allow a career path.  It may be that a company doesn't want to always wallow in stupidity.  Unless they have a Canadian monopoly, then it doesn't matter.

New pattern for Pacific plume


This is combination of a penetrating hit, combined with downward slashing.  So, it will be a combination of cold and warmth, with a big storm, again.

Right now, Toronto is getting hit with cold from an Eastern Swirl, which is a Gulf plume that has turned back on us.  Somewhat rare, as these nearly always go to Europe.

The 50 below stuff has been pushed back by heat energy, and should not bother us again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Costco credit card turnover becomes a nightmare

 This was confirmed by the nice costco lady.  If you have a costco mastercard, it is being switched over to the cibc mastercard.  blah.

So, all my automatic payments on that card are being turned back.  You can't buy anything on the internet with this card.  cibc has a system to reactivate the card, but it doesn't work.  You only have your landline on the file, and they keep trying to send a text to it for the security code.  They claim they can do a voice message, but it doesn't work.

We've got ruskie tanks stuck in the mud, but Canadian computer systems rival that.  Good thing I have an amex card as backup.  You need two separate cards as backup, because the scammers are always hitting one card or the other.

All giant Canadian computer screw-ups never hit the main news, because it happens all the time.  We are immune to cyber-warfare because nothing works.  :)

ps.  omg, it takes 20 minutes of their effort early in the morning, and they can't do anything.  You have to show up at a branch, and who knows if that will work?  I'll wait.

Alberta is Doomed


This is just an excuse to dump my Alberta stories.  First, I've had the highest hope for Alberta.  My most favourite geophysics professor moved there, but then he just got sucked into oil exploration.  Too bad.

Just as oil crashed a long time ago, I went to Calgary one summer to do geophysics.  That picture is the liveliest place at 5:01 pm.  All us young people went out in the evening and the only places were stadium-like bars, where the draft glasses were 25 cents.  Afterwards, I would jump on moving cars and get thrown off - ouch!

The only salvation was to camp in the mountains on weekends.  

All the media lives on doom-scrolling group-think.  Natpost just goes with grouchy old men like rexxy.  It doesn't make things better for bright people.  If the place had somebody with two sticks to rub together, they could shed the group-think, and go for 'Pure Scientific Method Rationality'.  

But they are doomed to follow this crap.  Just think that one million dollars in 'anti-nasa physics' could save them.  And then they could research disk-polymer greenhouses, and push an 'all drugs' policy.  Calgary would be the king of plant drugs.  Then young people would stay, and maybe, even more move in, but that's a bit much.

ps.  I call this the 'old grouch death spiral'.  It's happened in one of the southern states.  Once a big telecom research place, it had great vitality.  Then the bust, and everyone left, but it went super-trumpy.  Now, all the young people can't stand it, and leave.  No people of colour coming in, no immigration, just old grouches, male and female.  

Medium-high plume hit portends cold


Like I said, one or two snowstorms left.  This will give moderate cold, a higher hit might bring down the real freezies.

Still, lots of cold air around the pole. 

ps.  we don't have much time until the Big Freeze

Monday, March 21, 2022

Linux - Hdhomerun on a Google wifi subnet

 Yeah, finally got it all working.  This is the simple hdhomrun connect 2.

First test the dang thing on the most plain vanilla network you can set up.  I got one unit that would not work with any antenna, the tuners were doa.  I sent that back to ammie.  Nothing is worse than getting these little devices on a Friday.  No support service at all.

I think they must be scrambling with the chip shortage.  I tried a tablo and it was crap, as well.

The second unit worked.  You can just use the http interface, and then copy the link for the channel.  Then put that into VLC.  Works!

I tried using the Kodi Linux addition on 'apt'.  It only works with a local network.

Then put it on the gwifi.  You just use the ethernet port, and then you check G Home for the ip address, and then put in a static lease, so the ip number is always the same.

You use ghome to 'port forward', ports 80 and 5004 

You have the ip number of the gwifi unit that is attached to your router.  I just connected mine to a simple port, and I fixed it.  Now you can just use Chrome to go to the ip and it will automatically forward to the hdhomerun.  

Then you see the simple web interface.  Do the channels and get the link for the channel, on 5004.  Put it on vlc streaming and change the ip number to the gateway.  Neat.  all works.

The automatic discovery will never work through the subnet.  I tried everything.

ps you do this because the tv is in the basement, and you hang the antenna upstairs.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Crooks on Cajeejee

 This is just a lesson for the future.  Distant relatives bought a maple bed frame on cajeejee and the women all settled with the old lady for 3 hundred.  She sent the goofy young man to pick it up, and then disappeared.  He loaded it all up in the suv, which was a miracle, and then they said it was 400.  She was gone.  He paid and left.  

The lesson is to never do anything for a woman.  Or, get it in writing.  Or, settle up before loading.  This could be a case of faulty memory -- ha.  The women gave him a smirky face.  Poor guy.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Ocean current report - March 19, 2022


The Pacific has a huge band, but it's cold.  You can see the huge feed from the south pole. 

The powerful current probably scrapes some more heat to the extreme west.  This has started a plume which could give another shot of winter.

I have never seen the Atlantic belt look so pathetic.  Sad.  We can expect the next world temp chart to go down further, in stealth mode, so that nobody sees it.

Now, the Atlantic belt catches a cold


Our last hope for warmth was the Atlantic belt.  They don't even have a cute name for this.

The Pacific belt is now showing a uniform current along the length, but it sucking up the cold water from the Antarctic.  The Atlantic belt is starting to do this, as well.  This pattern will settle in for at least 20 years, and maybe more.  It is a true 'ice cycle'.  I have trouble with naming this, but I will leave 'age' our for now.  I'll reserve 'ice age' for continental glaciation, which we can't have for another 10,000 years or so.


Friday, March 18, 2022

Switchblade tank killer drone


Now, this is physics.  Javelin warhead but 10 times better.  

US natgas storage takes the curve


The horse tail is just starting the flick the fly off.  Dodged the bullet by the lack of one more clipper or cold blob attack.

There's just a hint of a powerful plume that might hit Alaska.  and that would mean a cold blast.  

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Poots balances the scales


So, he kills a bunch of 'those' guys, he kills a bunch of his own to balance.  If he just kills the single protester, then that's something.  If he goes after any 'inner circle' that could stop him from pressing the big red button, then it's worrying.

If you are an insider, then don't go to him and say "Gosh, that's quite a botch up over there, what?"

ps. apparently, this is his swan song for the disaster.  It was just a training exercise that killed 6,000 troops. Anyone who says otherwise, is toast.

Pacific Plumes Showing Full Spring


This happened very quickly.  The plumes are going straight to Vancouver.  They'll get lots of rain and the warmies will go nuts, but we get spring maple sugar weather.  During the warming cycle, we never really got a spring.  I remember it always went immediately from the furnace to the air conditioner.  

There is a good chance we'll get one or two 'high hits' of the plumes, and that will bring snow and cold.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Calling the bluff

 There are calls from old generals to 'call the bluff' with Poots.  I'm still using codes to stop being on tikytok.  If nobody can find me, then I'm invisible.

Poots has no control over his starving, murderous soldiers.  They'll machine gun a bunch of old ladies so they can get to the front of the bread line.  The armed forces are totally corrupt, and stuck in the mud.  The big question is what the US will do.

I am writing this in jest, because I think there are other forces in play.  They just can't let a Mr.  Murder-Suicide guy have control of the button.  Even trumpypants couldn't end the world because he had an argument with the wife.

So, suppose that poots decides to kill everybody in 'that' country with chemical warfare.  This is the speech by the US president that will end the world.

A madman has taken control of nuclear bombs.  This was always the possibility with two countries that keep all the news away from their people.  When the tyrants are cornered, they would rather kill everybody than give up.  We've seen this again and again.

Poots has made the mistake of personalizing the fact that he killed a million people.  There is every possibility that he will continue his killing streak, and nobody can stop him, or he'll press the button.

Well, we'll stop him.  We are preparing to go into Ukraine and kill every Russian there.  There is no Geneva convention when they kill mass numbers of civilians.  We can do that in 5 minutes.  At that point we'll stop and wait for poots to launch.  If he does, we will not launch nuclear missiles ourselves.  We'll go right to the krummy and dig him out.  He'll be bombing himself to try to stop us.  

When we go, we will stop all stock markets.  The western world will be under martial law.  Those whiner Albertans will have nothing to say.  Yes, the ruskies will explode their damp-squib missiles, but we'll recover.  The Chinese can choose what to do.  

We move in a few days.  We expect 2 billion deaths in the world, but poots will be dead.  God speed, and damn the torpedoes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

War Mud Forecast

 If you want to know what's going on with the war, look no farther than this forecast.

That's right, mud is everywhere.  And the ruskies are stuck in it.  They are forced to use their rare cruise missiles, just to make a point.

Mud is maple sugar weather, warm in the day, and freezing at night.  The frozen earth stops the water from draining.  I am using all code words for this, to appear invisible.

The minimum temperatures are freezing.

And the max temps are high.  That's a good crop of mud, but we need rain to be really good.

No rain for a while.  They need a collision of a plume with a cold blob.

So, in summary, lots of mud for the ruskies.  A heavy rain would be good.

I have hope for a settlement.  The ruskies can offer to ship in lots of soldiers for rebuilding.  :)

ps.  cruise missiles are ridiculously rare for the Russians.  They have to use stolen electronics.  Much cheaper is the WWII stuff, old tanks, and old artillery shells.  

pps.  I think the main purpose of the war is to kill off their own soldiers that they have to pay, and get rid of the old crap.  Did you see the stuff they're bringing in?

State of the Oceans -- Beware the Ides of March, 2022

 This week I'll have to do it without my ocean current maps, he sometimes goes on vacation.  The temperature maps are more useful, and when they shift, then you look to ocean currents.

Noaa is now hinting that La Nina will be a 'three peat', which means three years in a row.  This is very rare, the most recent being right after the monster El Nino in 2016.  It is even more rare to have a 'hat trick' without a monster warming period.

With the world temps going down, I'm expecting noaa to say that La Nina is causing all this, and will soon be over.  This, however, puts them in the situation of saying that ocean currents are important.  And, much like the now-deceased polar vortex fairies, they still believe that wind fairies drive the ocean currents.  Thus, they could say that 'climate change' is driving the currents because 'hotter is windier'.  

The sea temps are showing that there is no heat signature with the Pacific belt.  This has not happened since I've been watching the maps.  But I'm the only one watching.  The Gulf Stream has a slight heat signature and may be moving the warmer blob closer to the UK.  

The obvious inference, using physics, is that the Pacific is staying cold for a while.  The warmie press is reduced to talking about the Antarctica ice extent.  

Monday, March 14, 2022

NOAA shows world temperatures diving


This is always exciting in that there is no 'official' hockey-stick plot from these guys.  You have to make up your own plots.  So, when a guy on cbc says that temperatures aren't falling, you don't have anything to rub their face in.  That's sad.

The Haywood plot shows things diving below their top group.  It's all diving, but nobody sees it.  That's the fun of group-think, you don't see things you don't want to.  

Let's pretend that spring is here


It could be that the Pacific plumes have turned, and are coming straight in on Vancouver.  That gives them lots of rain, and it means spring for the rest of Canada.  However, there is still a lot of cold air up north, and a plume only has to veer north to give us another clipper.  

Whether a plume goes north or not is fascinating physics.  If the plumes are weak, and the north Pacific air is warming, there is less chance of penetration.  And there are a zillion other combinations.  noaa hasn't released the world temps yet, so the unholy alliance of the 'two n's' continues.

So, it's time to give China another trillion dollars for windmills and solar cells, and go 'la la'.  

ps.  for my 'Let's Pretend it's Spring' event I planted the tomato and pepper seeds under the lights, where it is spring.  My onions and can-bis are up a half-inch.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Full clipper for March


Another brutal full clipper coming down.  The Pacific plumes are slashing down, so we should get a day of warmth.  Still looks like a very late spring, so I'm in agony wondering about when to start the tomatoes.

Friday, March 11, 2022

NOAA easily handles coldest February


These guys are the best.  Incredibly cold February, but they just munge it with the rest of the winter.  Whereas, last month was a star, this month is buried.

If they were reporting on the war, it would be "Ukrainian fields ideal for wheat."

They are having trouble again with the world temperatures.  It takes longer to hand draw the curve.  We shall see their great work of art next week.

Natgas to zoom up again


It's hilarious how this only zooms when cold air hits NYC.  Otherwise, they are total believers in philosophy.  Must be all young people.

The storage report continues to show a steep dive.  You would expect a change in slope by now.  There's always next week.