Friday, June 30, 2023

It's all over, no use trying about climate


Yes, the way the media measures things, we can say that there is no hope.  The influencer climate has gone over the top.  Might as well cancel all the windmills and burn coal.  

But wait, if we cancel everything, then how will the influencers make money?  This is a problem, so I'm sure there will be a way to save Fantasy Earth, if only we pour more money into it.  We have to wait for next week.

Meanwhile, with Physics Earth, we are getting colder.  We'll have to burn more coal to stay warm.  It's all the same....

Mucky stagnation over North America


Stagnation produces big heat waves when the Sun is directly overhead.  Sure as the Sun rises in the morning to heat us.  No other explanation needed, but we'll get it anyway.  :)

This is called 'Stewing in your own juices".  The smoke adds a little extra spice.

Physics of glacier fracking


This is exciting.  I did a lot of work on this in my younger days.  It was related to continental glaciation and the effect on granitic bedrock.  I concluded that there will always be major fracturing down to 1 km, and below that, extremely high stresses.  Thus, no granitic site will be suitable for nuclear waste.

I loved sites that had compressed limestone on top, thus protecting the granitic base.  Neat.  It was all ignored with subsequent attempts for nuclear waste.

The above article is old news, the Greenland glacier has always done this.  They go on that the glacier is losing mass, but they can't know that.  Whether a glacier is gaining or losing, it always presents melting at the edges, because it is dumping out to sea.  We can only assume that the total volume is tracking the volume increase of the Arctic ice mass.

But, this is Summer, so let's celebrate that the ice is melting...

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Pickering NPP to be extended forever


I'm just going to give the faintest hint of 'blah' about this news.  It's better than killing square miles of land under solar cells, and killing all bats, so we get West Nile, with windmills.

However, the whole world is endlessly involved in stupidity, and this isn't any worse.  In the old days, it was a very hard 'no' to have a total disaster at the 10-3 odds.  We always wanted 10-7.  At Japan and other disasters, it has become the norm to dance at 1 in 1000.  

I'll bet that every German nuclear plant that was shut down at Poot's request was at 10-7.  Neat.  Pickering is at 10-3 because of the chance of a huge earthquake at the Hamilton Fault Zone.  That's just a crank calling it.  The regulators have been gutted by past issues that conflicted with the government, so they are just happy people, smiling and nodding.  

Nevertheless, I think we are killing more people with the trillions wasted for clange, than will ever die in the huge nuclear disaster.  So, cheer on current era of no physics, and have a beer....

A climate change summer

 We are into Summer and it's hot in the North Hemi.  This is proof of climate change.

Any drought, flood, or storm is proof of climate change.  "Why is it hot, Daddy?  -- Climate Change, and shaddup'.  Does the world accept that everything is due to climate change?  It used to be God.  A long time ago, people were concerned with mechanisms -- as in how does God actually do things?  And we had Science, as defined by the Scientific Method.  

We now have the Coming of El Nino as a total no-show.  Does that put a dent in the groupthink -- no.  This winter could be horrendous -- and that's climate change.  The world temperatures are staying flat at the top of the long cycle and soon it will be dropping.  

I have no argument with clange -- in fact it is impossible to argue against it, and that's good for the summer.  I sit outside and drink beer, and never think of things....

ps.  sorry, El Nooa is here...

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Clear spike clears Toronto smoke


Yeah, we're sending our smoke to Europe!  The Arctic blob narrowed and squeezed itself to just hit Toronto.  That's cold and clear.

ps.  looks like it is just missing us.  Lots of smoke right now.

pps - Ha, the smoke has cleared with our fresh air prong.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The desperate search for Summer heatwaves


In the Deep South, we have had heat waves.  This year, there aren't so many, and it becomes difficult to find them.

This map lets the influencers find heat waves.  The Deep South one is barely there.  In fact, heat waves are rarer than hen's teeth.  Nevertheless, there are warm spots in the summer.  They have now limited themselves to just '5 times more likely' as opposed to a previous '600 times'.  They try to run from the fact that such a declaration means there are 5 times more heat waves, but this isn't the case.

If you find that you are in a one-day heatwave, please give The Guard a call.  That's the decent thing to do.

More on the Search for El Nooa

 Nothing to report.  It's all exactly the same.  It's the Walking Dead of ocean events.

All the equatorial currents are stagnant, including the Atlantic.  The Totally Fabricated Anomaly Map is exactly the same.  You can go to bed tonight, knowing you'll be safe tomorrow.  I expect that all the news of the Coming Heat Disaster of El Nooa, will slowly fade away.  Since I totally believe in the Idea of Climate Change, I know they will come up with something else.

ps.  not a speck of news on the progress of this thing.

Handy-dandy battery reviver


When you use batteries for Christmas lights, and you just remember them, then you are in trouble.  The rechargeable NiMH batteries don't like being abandoned in candles and lights.  They drain too much and then the charger just blinks.

I was using a car battery, but just one second, and you feel that the battery is about to blow up.  Do not do this at home, kiddies.  I just found that an old 12V charger works just as well.  Hold pos to pos, etc, for 6 seconds, and then they work on the charger.  I never found there was a problem afterwards.

I just use rubber gloves to hold the wires to the batteries.  All safe and dandy.  I think you are just putting a few electrons in the anode, to make the battery conductive again.  Then the charger can take over.

Arctic air blob pushes heavy smoke on us


In the short decade or so that we had this map, I've never seen the blobs attack us in the summer.  

This is pushing the heavy smoke on Toronto, and NYC.  It is funny that they will call this proof of climate change.

The good news is that there will be rain up in fire country, due to the cold air meeting warm.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Cottage Report - June 26, 2023

 Interesting mix of weather.  Hot yesterday, but endless parades of thunderstorms.  This is a true 70's summer.  Got a lot cooler today.

We had a relative from Europe visit, and she went into what we call the hot tub, which is a nice little waterfall.


The usual hazy picture.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Endless blobs of cold air and more smoke


For me, it's ironic that the smoke is blamed on other things, but really, it is just a weather cycle.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

US bridge collapses


Yeah, our sub implosion goes against a US bridge collapse.  All due to fatigue.  I have studied fatigue for many years, and it is fascinating.  Totally misunderstood.  And you can't get close to understanding it without physics.  

No physics, no liability, nobody cares

 In Canada, consumer protection is provided by hard standards.  If a company meets those standards, then there is little chance of a liability lawsuit succeeding.  In the US, there are effectively no standards.  If the Feds approve Roundup, it has no meaning in California.  All companies, governments, and institutions arrange things to minimize liability lawsuits.  Everybody and their dog sues everything.

The most important thing to protect oneself is the 'Stupidity Defence' and paid-off scapegoats.  Let's say an imaginary space institution comes out with a wooly idea about ozone.  They make big money on it.  But, in the basement, some people are doing physics, and pronounce that the wooly idea is impossible.  What to do?

Well, you eliminate all these guys, burn the lab, and wipe all mention of it.  You do this because you can.  Then you are in a pickle because you effectively eliminated all physics.  You can blunder on for decades.

So, I think there is a world movement to eliminate all checking of anything.  You can take tourists out in a cardboard boat, provided it is 'new cardboard' with no idea of the physical properties.  Yeah, what a nice trip!  No physics whatsoever.

We have this around the world.  The Scientific Method is dangerous to the power-people, and it is killed.  Everybody just lives with lip-flapping debate.  We'll just see more disasters, and we'll shrug our shoulders.  A perfect world.

ps.  there was a big tender ship for the sub.  I thought they went out in a rowboat.

State of the Oceans - June 24, 2023

 In general, everything is stagnant.

The Pacific Belt is just churning, and the North Atlantic is maintaining its pattern.  

The famous sea temperature anomaly map is not changing at all.

The equatorial belts get colder.  The big question is the state of the Gulf Stream around the UK.  This will determine the winter weather in Europe.  

I am happy that the ocean current map came out.  However, we live in a world where there is no physics, and I'm constantly worried how much longer this map will exist.  

In summary, the physics is showing a world where the heat energy is running down.  I'm still predicting an Arctic spill that will freeze the Thames, but there is great uncertainty about the Gulf Stream.  If that water north of the UK continues to cool, then it's a go.

El Nino just lives on the temperature anomaly map and that appears to be frozen.  If it is not growing, then it is dead, but doesn't know it yet.  

ps - the dead ocean allows more Arctic blobs to hit us.  Lots of rain and cool weather for NA -- blah.

pps and here's a picture for Toronto, the tropical rainforest.

pps - the fact that the anomaly maps are frozen in time, is a physical impossibility.  In reality, the maps reflect the subtraction field to calculate the anomaly.  We can never see this, but it is peeking through when the ocean temperatures are relatively cool and uniform.  Something that we'll never know.

Friday, June 23, 2023

The Submersible who wanted to be a Submarine

 There's nothing to say about the sub.  There were no measurements and no black box.  It was all a 'handyman special' and the captain went down with the boat.  

As proven by the shuttle-like disasters, there were many single points of failure that combined to give a the odds of catastrophe at about 1 in 100 per trip.  What if the whole thing were engineered to meet safety code, like window washers?

As I've seen with industrial safety, every local shop is perfectly happy with 1 in 100 odds.  However, there are so many shops that somebody would die every other week across Ontario.  This is bad for government and the economy.  So, Society has dictated this is unacceptable, and the odds are forced to be 1 in 10,000.

That's a tough slog and requires lots of inspectors.  Everything gets an added backup, like finger-guards, signage, etc.  

What would we do for a sub?  Early subs all went down like stones in a pond, until more safety factors were added.  Airplanes in the 50's lost wings because of fatigue.  This sub had a shell of carbon fibre, and I was surprised about that.  An engineered sub would be 5 times more expensive.  For commercial operation you only want components stressed to 10% of capacity.  If you go more, like racing cars and fighter jets, then you need a comprehensive monitoring and replacement program, which is all even more expensive.

I'm sure the sub shell went 'crunchy crunchy' every time it went down, and that was shrugged off.  But that's the sign of fibre fatigue.  I would have had that all monitored, since you can't replace the shell.  However, this is all moot, and we don't learn a thing from this.  Since there is no physics any more, we can expected lots of learning with the next big earthquake.

Climate gets serious


And we have 'Big Jane' declaring war on everything.  If she went after 'Evil Physics' then I would run.  As it is, all geophysics is being slowly ground down to extinction.  I don't have the ocean current map any more, and if the nooa world temperature maps get any colder, then they will go, as well.

When all the geophysics is wiped out, then we just wait outside and see what happens.  I will make no predictions, as we sink into the stone age...

And this is what happens when the wrong people want to become influencers.  First of all, they look deeply to see if you ever touched fossil fuels.  Then, they go after the debate, and use ugly pictures.  It's amazing.  And everybody is talking through their hat, because no new physics is being measured.  

The war is on to wipe Alberta off the map, and they deserve it.  Just a few million on physics would have protected them.  They could go on a rant about the Scientific Method.  But no, stupidity lifts all boats.

Mucky weather for us


Arctic cold blobs coming down and meeting the warm Atlantic plumes.  That's our weather again.

Europe has a powerful blob attacking, but it might not wash away the heat.  

If you are in the business of cherry-picking heat waves, then you have to go to Asia.

This is our stagnant-air summer.  

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Linux - getting Zoneminder to work -- no images on the web interface



Get this mini-pc to run Zoneminder.  

Anyway, the big secret this time was to install libapache2-mod-fcgid  and then
a2enmod cgi

Debian changed the name of the mod, 'new and improved' and nobody knows about it.
Once this was done, it worked, after the usual install.

My old minipc of about 5 years, died, and I got this new one.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The odds of dying


Every day you go through things that have a chance of killing you.  If you have first-hand knowledge of a friend of a friend dying while driving on the 401 to the cottage, then the odds are set at 1 in 10,000.  Stunt odds are about 1 in 1000.  Pouring gas on a fire with a plastic can is about 1 in 100.

Flying is about 1 in 10 million per trip.  The old space shuttle was close to 1 in 100 by practice.  

Engineering failure of a single component, like a clamp is about 1 in 10,000 for aircraft and nuclear-grade parts, and about 1 in 1000, for non-controlled parts.  If you want to engineer something with lower chance, then you avoid single points of failure causing death.  That's why window-washers have an extra rope.  The odds of two independent failures multiplies the single failures.  For ratty-tatty window washers, it's 1000x1000 or one in a million.

In the old company, I found a lot of 'handyman specials' which have a 1 in 1000 chance of failure.  For nuclear plants we want to get up to 1 in 10 million.  There are much fewer nuclears than airline flights.  They want the odds at 1 in 10 million per flight because there are so many of them, and one airline crash suppresses travel plans.

This submersible can't be any better than the old space shuttle.  You can see the backup -- there isn't any.  A submersible should have a large tender, and several redundancies.  A failure of a simple connection is death.

ps.  a catastrophic implosion.  Sounds like fatigue, but we'll never know.

Increasing spread between two ocean maps

 The ocean currents map is horribly late, but it never really shows anything beyond the thermal maps.

This is the anomaly map.  They never show the base map, which subtracts from the 'pure' temperatures.  Without that, I can't figure out what is going on.  This map shows the oceans getting hotter without affecting the global temperatures, which is nuts.

The 'pure' temperatures are showing everything getting colder.  Both the Atlantic and Pacific belts are sucking up Antarctic water to an amazing degree.  I'm going to have to declare the anomaly map to be 'fudged'.  Ha.  

We continue our run to the amazing situation that I predicted -- All maps and charts showing increased warmth, while everybody sticking their heads out, and wondering why it is so cold.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Arctic ice slow to leave


Last winter, the Gulf Stream wobbled and warmed up the section along Greenland.  This stopped any Arctic cold air spill from hitting the UK and stopped ice formation.

The winter before, that whole section was filled.  So, this winter started quite low on the ice extent, but the total volume was up there.  That means the ice spread out less, but was thicker, and now is slow to melt.  This will cause Arctic cold blobs of air to come down on Toronto for the early summer.

The Gulf Stream is not doing this now, so we can expect more ice in that zone, and the Arctic air spill channel is now open.  I expect a spill over the UK this winter, and it will be something.  Or not.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Happy bird father's day


The Merganzers have a nest under our dock.  The other day, the father took offence at a Blue Heron, and just strutted all over our dock, quacking away.  He then went on the two other docks beside us.  We think he was announcing the new babies.

This is Daddy Peregrine Falcon who was quietly carving the chicken for the two babies.  That's a low number this year, they normally have 4.

Thermacell for the cottage



That's the link to buy and give me some money for the drone-flyaway fund.

Also get these to fill it.

thermacell refill

You can sit on your deck in the daytime, and it keeps everything away.  It gives off this cute little 'electric train set' smoke that was on my Lionel set from the 50's.  This will banish all the horrible screen porches, and it just uses synthetic pyrethins, which don't bother any mammal.  The dragonflies are smart enough to stay away.  The humming birds love it like incense.  :)

This bit of influencer magic was inspired by my getting my first 5 bucks from the associates, after 5 years. Neat.

ps.  the refill times are optimistic and they have this fragile ceramic wick.  If you are an engineer and never read the instructions, you will break the wick trying to get the plastic off, with your gorilla frustration.  A smart person just pinches the middle and carefully takes off the plastic.  blah.

pps.  and get this for cleaning.  I just poke two little holes in the sealer.  You only need a dribble in water to clean the bathroom.  And put a dribble in the toilet overflow pipe (take off the cover), and dribble in the toilet to get rid of the minerals.  


A dribble in the shower drain and a dribble on the darn shower faucet pull.

Battle of the Presidents


It's becoming a race to Looneyville.  Who will win?  

ps.  A big happy to the one who bought something I recommended on Ammie (I don't remember what). I got a few bucks to put into my drone fund.  Now we need Alberta to put a few million into my imaginary physics fund.

pps.  This will be an interesting election - One running from jail, the other from the Alzie Wing.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Perfectly healthy-looking tree falls over in a light breeze


Our city tree just fell over, totally rotten at the base, but looking healthy.

I'll have to give this a thousand to one odds, and it's time to buy lottery tickets.  All due to climate change.

How to attribute opposing events to climate change


Droughts, storms, wildfires and heat waves: Extreme weather around the world is becoming more intense and more frequent. 

This is a nice article showing the logic of attributing all hot extreme events to clange.  Have they ever not attributed these things?

I like the Siberian heat wave which was followed last year by an Arctic spill all winter, and caused the California rains.  This was never reported.  However, the heat wave was 600 times more likely due to clange.  If you use 'earthquake logic' then this means they will occur 600 times more often than before.  Is that happening?

I'm glad that people believe all this, and it reinforces the doomer groupthink.

And now the doomers are after my pension ---

Pension plan collapses are 600 times more likely now, and any day now.

I don't deny any of this.  It will all happen, one day.  When Hell freezes over, but all that extra coldness has to go somewhere.

Please enjoy your pension responsibly.  I finally got my OAS sorted out, after a massive Covid failure of the system.  blah.  Now I can enjoy more whiskey and drones, although the whiskey tends to make me lose the latter.  Man, can those things fly off!

**as always noted, I do not deny clange.  However, if you want an accurate long-term forecast of future weather, you need some physics.  Clange effects are always explained after the fact, which most people are quite happy with.  The opiate of the masses.

Pacific air and an Arctic blob


This is giving us a forecast of cool, clear air for a week.  Normally, it is hotter, to warm up the cottage lake, but I'll take it.

The smoke forecast for Toronto looks light, so it's all nice weather.

ps. both the Pacific and Atlantic belts are getting colder, which sets up a nice 1716 winter.


Friday, June 16, 2023

Toronto's big earthquake fault - The Hamilton Fault

 All lively cities live under an earthquake threat.  There is something about the possibility of massive destruction that juices up things.  Are earthquakes more of a concern than imaginary carbon warming?  Maybe.

My main hypothesis is that you need water infiltration to have earthquakes in the continent interior.  That's probably true even for plate-edge earthquakes.

We have linears along the lake edge, and the west end of Lake Ontario is rising slowly, due to the isostatic uplift of the outlet, over by Kingston.  We did a lot of seismic reflection work, which is now hiding in the academic libraries.  Nobody wants to make the effort to get it.  Sad.

We have a huge fault under Hamilton that exhibits all the characteristics of a fault that goes every thousand years or so.  We did massive seismic scanning of the lake bed, and found it to be very disturbed by seismic motion.  This is an active fault, fed by water.  We are talking about an M7, albeit at remote odds, beyond the living memory odds of 1 in 100.  There are many other faults, all outlined by minor seismic activity.

Who cares?  If it is out of living memory, then people assume there is no chance of earthquakes.  However, all the destructive earthquakes are at the 1 in 1000 odds, rather than 1 in 100.  If the earthquakes are really frequent, then people build accordingly.  They suffer when the rare earthquake hits.

That is why I say that all cities of the world are at risk for the 1 in 1000 earthquake.  Early warning systems only work for trivial earthquake ground motion.  I have written scenarios for an M7 earthquake here, and it is not pretty.  Nor is it accounted for in any emergency scenario.  That is why Toronto is so lively, compared to a totally safe city, like London, Ontario -- blah.

ps. OMG, my brain is too active.  I suffer from my definition of the Brilliantitis gene, which was given to us by the Vikings.  It is the ability to burn the brain candle at both ends, but at 40 you better be a lush, or you'll kill yourself.  All the great people of the world have this -- Putin, Musk, etc.  For strongmen, they spend the brilliant part killing everybody in their way, and the depressive part killing more people to defend themselves.  Think Hilter, etc.  I have to hit my brain with a stick about this time of day, so I can sleep.  

More depressing smoke for Toronto and NYC

 "This is climate change in action."  In reality, we are in a stagnant mess because of no ocean heat energy.  The good news is that a Pacific plume is blowing away Alberta smoke to Europe.  Then, they can have fun with it.  The smoke only ends with rain, which stops the fires, and rains out the smoke particles.

We are back to the 70's when this was common.  Yuck.

Projects can only succeed with good physics

 For some reason, all the world AI's are hitting my AI-written site.  No human is writing this, because he is hiding, under threat of ticktok stomping death.  This is a fine example of AI destroying the groupthink with physics.  The world is not safe.

For a long time in my career, I had the benefit of internal political support for projects with good physics.  I am the last die-hard 'Scientific Method' fan.  Everybody else likes to diddle around, 'exploring' things, and making ridiculous extrapolations, based on observations.  This is classic 'momentum investing' and is always a disaster.

My last, well-supported, project for the old company was to deal with the assertion that there was a big fault under a nuclear plant.  This was supported by a lot of yelling and press articles.  With huge financial support, I did a physics experiment that I set up to be as neutral as possible.  The hypothesis was simple:  a big fault would disrupt the limestone marker beds under the plant.  I set the hypothesis as 'no disturbance', and set out to do a lot of drilling.  As with all good hypotheses, it could go either way, and I was willing to take that bet, since it was no sweat off my nose, and I was confident.  

Needless to say, all the marker beds were as flat as a billiard table.  Yeah!  But, success just put me out of a job.  New management believed all the crap I put out, as 'no chance for earthquake'.  Internally, and now, I do not have that hypothesis  They are merrily ignoring all the earthquake threats.

I had other projects that put me into the crazy house.  These were ones that had political rules that destroyed the physics.  Blah.  I only remember the good projects.

Now, we have every single big project in the world without physics.  A project with good physics can be destroyed by political interference, but a project without physics will always fail.  My biggest condemnation is 'this has no physics'.  These things never succeed.

Things without physics

  • Climate Change
  • Fusion Power
  • Battery electric cars
  • Quantum computing
  • Solar and wind power
All of these could enjoy some new physics, then the groupthink would align with the Universe.  Unfortunately, nobody with an agenda to push wants to deal with the Scientific Method, and the chance they will fall flat on their face.  I have nothing riding on anything.

ps.  Al the AI left off himself on the list.  Since nobody reads or writes any more, all my AI readers are training on AI-produced writing.  This is equivalent to a new species eating its own poop.  For a billion years, every animal species has evolved methods to avoid their own poop.  My dog only eats goose poop.  

pps.  I just write to avoid the fate of the nosa engineer who could only say that using the o-rings in freezing weather was 'not good'.  He was killed and kicked out after the fact, by all the stupids who said he didn't try hard enough to convince them.  The stupids went on to more success with ozone and carbon warming.  

Another fine thing


I have a connection to this.  At one time, Ontario was a possible host site.  They first wanted it at Bruce, but I said that was the worst rock in the world, and would never hold the huge excavation they wanted.  At that time, they actually listened to me.  I said, go over to Darlington, and they did.

However, this was a boondoggle of boondoggles, and the prize went to the country that was willing to waste the most money.  Not poor little Canada.  We only have enough money for battery factories.

The physics is against fusion reactors.  As I have written, you need to hold the fused atoms in a 'quasi state', in order to get enough energy to be worthwhile.  I wrote what was needed for a 'fusion rocket' or torch.  If you allow the individual fused atoms to pop at any time, then the first one destroys the party for the rest of them.  That's the trouble with compressive explosions, like diesel engines, you have to hold until everything is ready to pop.

So, fusion is off the table for another 30 years, if that.  You can't diddle with one atom at a time.

North American weather mess


We have a nice cold blob, aimed right at Toronto.  But the big news is that a Pacific plume has breached the mountains.  This could give rain to the West.  

Only a single Pacific plume, being generated so far east, it is practically on land.  The Pacific Belt still looks generally dead.  Europe is a stagnant mess.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

War of the Charts - Anomaly vs. Naked


This is the simple Haywood chart put out by nooa.  It shows that the world is cooling, no ifs, ands, or buts.

This is a weird chart from the same source.  It plots just the months of May.  There is no reason for this chart to exist, other than an option, if it shows global warming.

This is the real chart, month by month.  This was always the 'go to' chart, before they got fancy.  The 'hockey stick' was based on this chart.  However, this is called an 'anomaly' chart, because they subtract a single number to change the baseline.  And they do this for clarity.  Otherwise, you'd have a big huge whitespace underneath.  This is as far as I would take the concept of an anomaly chart.

But you can go nuts with an anomaly chart, especially with maps.

This is the world ocean anomaly chart.  It is not a single number to subtract, but rather a complex map of averages, over time, and seasons.  Look at the North Atlantic!  It's practically boiling.  And, of course, we have elnooa starting at the wrong place, and at the wrong time.

This is the world temperature 'clean' chart, without all the complex manipulation.  Wow, the N Atlantic is freezing, and the Pacific Belt is cold as a snitch's teeth.  Quite a difference!  What to believe, what to believe...

For physics, we look at heat energy, and there is nothing in the Pacific.  For the press, they'll look at anything they like.  I'm not going against the groupthink here, that cuts me off of all readers.  The ticktok dancers will come over and stomp me into the ground.  Physics is giving a clear indication of a long, cold winter that will knock your socks off.  The groupthink only does things with 20/20 hindsight.

I'm now reading a novel of 1716 in London, when the Thames froze over.  Looked like 20 below, and a great story.  We will see what happens this winter, when the Siberian Spill roars through the Greenland spillway.  For now, it's summer, and for two months, you can't tell the difference between a hot or cold cycle.  That will come in September, and big snow in November.  

Now, this is a really bad, mucked up chart, that is still in the press.  It's 60 to 60, and downplayed by a scientist in nooa itself.  It has no meaning, but the press loves it.