Friday, June 16, 2023

Projects can only succeed with good physics

 For some reason, all the world AI's are hitting my AI-written site.  No human is writing this, because he is hiding, under threat of ticktok stomping death.  This is a fine example of AI destroying the groupthink with physics.  The world is not safe.

For a long time in my career, I had the benefit of internal political support for projects with good physics.  I am the last die-hard 'Scientific Method' fan.  Everybody else likes to diddle around, 'exploring' things, and making ridiculous extrapolations, based on observations.  This is classic 'momentum investing' and is always a disaster.

My last, well-supported, project for the old company was to deal with the assertion that there was a big fault under a nuclear plant.  This was supported by a lot of yelling and press articles.  With huge financial support, I did a physics experiment that I set up to be as neutral as possible.  The hypothesis was simple:  a big fault would disrupt the limestone marker beds under the plant.  I set the hypothesis as 'no disturbance', and set out to do a lot of drilling.  As with all good hypotheses, it could go either way, and I was willing to take that bet, since it was no sweat off my nose, and I was confident.  

Needless to say, all the marker beds were as flat as a billiard table.  Yeah!  But, success just put me out of a job.  New management believed all the crap I put out, as 'no chance for earthquake'.  Internally, and now, I do not have that hypothesis  They are merrily ignoring all the earthquake threats.

I had other projects that put me into the crazy house.  These were ones that had political rules that destroyed the physics.  Blah.  I only remember the good projects.

Now, we have every single big project in the world without physics.  A project with good physics can be destroyed by political interference, but a project without physics will always fail.  My biggest condemnation is 'this has no physics'.  These things never succeed.

Things without physics

  • Climate Change
  • Fusion Power
  • Battery electric cars
  • Quantum computing
  • Solar and wind power
All of these could enjoy some new physics, then the groupthink would align with the Universe.  Unfortunately, nobody with an agenda to push wants to deal with the Scientific Method, and the chance they will fall flat on their face.  I have nothing riding on anything.

ps.  Al the AI left off himself on the list.  Since nobody reads or writes any more, all my AI readers are training on AI-produced writing.  This is equivalent to a new species eating its own poop.  For a billion years, every animal species has evolved methods to avoid their own poop.  My dog only eats goose poop.  

pps.  I just write to avoid the fate of the nosa engineer who could only say that using the o-rings in freezing weather was 'not good'.  He was killed and kicked out after the fact, by all the stupids who said he didn't try hard enough to convince them.  The stupids went on to more success with ozone and carbon warming.  


Neil T said...

Incestious AI... well we all know how regressive genes play out so I presume the same will happen with LLMs and they'll just get dummer.

No physics solar... I run on 100% off grid solar and no nothing about electricity... I'm still alive.

Fusion... Yup any decade now. LOL.

Spain still dry.

Harold Asmis said...

Since nothing grows on your farm, there is no wasted land beneath the solar panels. :)

Anonymous said...

Cheeky! They are actually on the roof... Couldn't get a permit to put them on the ground..I've been nature reserved when I wasn't looking.

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, you need a stand-up routine! It's so dry that they made a nature reserve for our endangered dust....