Monday, June 5, 2023

State of the Oceans - June 5, 2023 - All the world is a stagnant mess

 I'm just catching the June 1 ocean currents, but they aren't doing anything.

The Pacific belt currents are just goofing around.  No heat energy is being created or moved about.  

The world wind patterns are just swirls.  UK keeps hoping some hot weather will drift up from Africa.  

This was my weekend at the cottage, with smoke so thick you could smell it.  It's generally horrible, so I'm not going up for a while.  The lake had no activity.  The weather people are bringing back that old hoary chestnut -- The Omega Block.  It doesn't do anything, it's an effect, like the Jet Stream, but it's all part of the Groupthink.

Physics predicted this, but you always have to wait for after the fact to get the 'other' explanation.  I don't deny anything.

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