Saturday, June 17, 2023

How to attribute opposing events to climate change


Droughts, storms, wildfires and heat waves: Extreme weather around the world is becoming more intense and more frequent. 

This is a nice article showing the logic of attributing all hot extreme events to clange.  Have they ever not attributed these things?

I like the Siberian heat wave which was followed last year by an Arctic spill all winter, and caused the California rains.  This was never reported.  However, the heat wave was 600 times more likely due to clange.  If you use 'earthquake logic' then this means they will occur 600 times more often than before.  Is that happening?

I'm glad that people believe all this, and it reinforces the doomer groupthink.

And now the doomers are after my pension ---

Pension plan collapses are 600 times more likely now, and any day now.

I don't deny any of this.  It will all happen, one day.  When Hell freezes over, but all that extra coldness has to go somewhere.

Please enjoy your pension responsibly.  I finally got my OAS sorted out, after a massive Covid failure of the system.  blah.  Now I can enjoy more whiskey and drones, although the whiskey tends to make me lose the latter.  Man, can those things fly off!

**as always noted, I do not deny clange.  However, if you want an accurate long-term forecast of future weather, you need some physics.  Clange effects are always explained after the fact, which most people are quite happy with.  The opiate of the masses.

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