Thursday, June 8, 2023

El Nino is officially here


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Thursday issued an El Nino advisory, announcing the arrival of the climatic condition. It may not quite be like the others.

It formed a month or two earlier than most El Ninos do, which “gives it room to grow,” and there’s a 56% chance it will be considered strong and a 25% chance it reaches supersized levels, said climate scientist Michelle L’Heureux, head of NOAA’s El Nino/La Nina forecast office.

“If this El Nino tips into the largest class of events ... it will be the shortest recurrence time in the historical record,” said Kim Cobb, a climate scientist at Brown University. Such a short gap between El Ninos leaves communities with less time to recover from damages to infrastructure, agriculture, and ecosystems like coral reefs.

I am very proud to see this officially called.  I feel somewhat attached, since it is a ghost, which has great meaning for me.  Expect more announcements about all the ghostly effects.  

ps.  and noaa has released the US temperatures - about 30th warmest May.  This won't make the headlines.

pps.  I shall officially name this 'El Nooa'.  And it exists the same way that the Jet Stream does.

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