Friday, June 30, 2023

Physics of glacier fracking


This is exciting.  I did a lot of work on this in my younger days.  It was related to continental glaciation and the effect on granitic bedrock.  I concluded that there will always be major fracturing down to 1 km, and below that, extremely high stresses.  Thus, no granitic site will be suitable for nuclear waste.

I loved sites that had compressed limestone on top, thus protecting the granitic base.  Neat.  It was all ignored with subsequent attempts for nuclear waste.

The above article is old news, the Greenland glacier has always done this.  They go on that the glacier is losing mass, but they can't know that.  Whether a glacier is gaining or losing, it always presents melting at the edges, because it is dumping out to sea.  We can only assume that the total volume is tracking the volume increase of the Arctic ice mass.

But, this is Summer, so let's celebrate that the ice is melting...

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